Lazy Man Doing Lazy Stuff

I have just completed the last of my open freelance assignments and received the payment yesterday. I guess I will have a bit more time to blog and to focus back on my novella for now, until I get another job. But today, I don’t feel like doing anything.

Nothing productive anyway. I don’t feel like blogging seriously, I don’t feel like searching for more freelance jobs, and I don’t feel like working on the novella.

Maybe I’ll show you some engineering works that I did to my room.

1. You know I used my big table in the kitchen, and I need another table in my room to place my laptop and whatnot. I have 2 wooden coffee tables that I brought over, so I stacked them up. Top layer for laptop, bottom layer for my keys, wallet and other things. It will probably not be a permanent thing, but it works for now, so I’m inclined to use this for a bit.


2. I don’t really need curtains in my room for the most part. I’m on a flat, and there’s no other tall buildings around. The only peeking that will happen here is me peeking down from my window and not the other way round. But the sun does come in in the morning and on weekends, it is messing with my sanity. I don’t want to drill holes through the wall, so it is hard to install a proper curtain. Don’t worry, I’m an engineer, I’ll figure something out.

IMG_20141123_134832 (759x1024)

I sticked 3 hooks on the wall, poked some holes the the bamboo mat that I have, and hung it on the hooks. It doesn’t cover the entire window, but it does enough to block the ray from affecting me.

Okay, that’s about as much as I will blog about today. I’m going to go back to re-watching Rurouni Kenshin anime series with some sushi that I got from Jusco supermarket just now.

IMG_20141123_134844 (1024x759)

They’re not from expensive Japanese restaurants, but still..

IMG_20141123_134745 (1024x759)

Oishii de gozaru yo!


Then maybe I’ll go nap when I feel tired enough…


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate finishing up a freelance job and getting paid as well. I love the idea of using two coffee tables to make a higher table to place your laptop on – multi-purpose furniture! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your cartoons and your sushi – the perfect reward if you asked me.

    And note to self: I really should start looking for some freelance work as well. BTW, is it hard to find and is it demanding?

    • It is harder if you are just doing this on the side. Even though they are project basis, most freelance jobs demand full time commitment. When I’m taking up jobs, I basically have no life, after work, I basically rush home, get a rushed dinner, then work on the freelance stuff until midnight.
      I started with Elance, that’s a good place to start if you do not know where to search for freelance jobs. There are many job categories and you need to focus on one which you are passionate about. Like most jobs, it is harder for someone new. You need to charge low and offer extra value for money to land the first jobs and build your profile.
      Most prospective employers want some concrete evidence about your abilities before giving you the jobs. If you are interested in Writing and Translation, I suppose having a blog helps (it helps in my case), as you don’t have Completed Jobs and Ratings in your profile yet. Once you get going, it gets easier. If you do a good job, you could get return job offers 🙂

      • Wow! That sounds like a lot of work but as long as you enjoy it and get your foot in the door, more work will come your way. I am sure it is like anything – the more time and effort you put into it, the more rewarding it is. Thanks so much for the info!

        I was actually thinking about doing it, but I have too much on my plate now. I am in the process of writing a book which has been an amazing experience so far but it eats up a lot of my free time.

        • I would say, complete your book first. You can’t write a book and freelancing on other jobs at the same time, unless you are really a workaholic and can time manage superbly.

    • A lot meh? Okay okay lah, it is like 4 plates of sushi in Sushi King or Sakae Sushi only.. now you see, now you don’t 😀

  2. well, I won’t say that is lazy man doing lazy stuffs.. from another angle, it’s actually a smart guy improvising on what he has got for what he needs!! and it’s not easy at all to come out with brilliant idea out of a sudden!! haha.. 😀

  3. Oohh I love those sushis! Yep I know Jusco and Giant have these at their front counter.. Jusco has nice juice big fat sausages too! Cheese sausages, black pepper sausages, capsicum sausages, yummzzz! Nice spending time alone like that, I like it too.. I usually do it once a month.. Take mc, buy my favourite nasi lemak and karipap sardin, stay at home, watch Astro, without the kids and my hubby.. Oops, shhhhh… 😀

    • I know, but I can’t find curtains that do not require me to drill holes to the wall. Drilling holes is a no no, when I return the house to the owner later, there might be unwanted disputes 😐

  4. Today I am home alone, doing some blogging and definitely I would do some houseworks, a must for me, is to sweep the floor everyday, happy weekend to you

    • I sweep the floor everyday too… the floor in my room. The rest of the house? Weekly 😛
      Enjoy your weekend too! 😀

  5. That’s the life! Eating sushi and watching anime. At least you do know how to spend time at your leisure when many do not know how to pass time leisurely. 🙂

    No. 1 is a good temporary solution. Works but I would be worry about the laptop – are the stack up tables sturdy enough?

    No.2 good enough solution. Some people would use newspaper to cover the glass but I guess that would not be very homely.

    • Well, I doubt many people do not know how, to them probably sitting there doing nothing is bliss 😀
      Yeah, I have the same concern with No #1 too, it will probably last a few months, if not weeks. I’ll use my engineering skills to judge when it is going unsteady and apply appropriate measures 🙄

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