House Moving In Progress

I’m tired. I’m super duper uber tired. The weekend had been a depressing juggle between checking in to the office to get some work done in the morning, and moving some stuff over to the new place in the afternoon. I actually only started moving things this weekend, previous weekends were cleaning, laying PVC mat on the floor, and going back to KL.

I’m not sure if I was wrong about the housemate going back to hometown, or he actually came back early this morning. When I got back from work and lunch, his car was gone. Maybe he thought Sunday is still weekend of Nov 8th and 9th, as long as he gave me a few hours on Sunday evening then it still counts. Oh well..

toyota myvi
Now I can park my car on the porch and load my stuff more easily

One of the perks of driving a Toyota Myvi compared to sedan cars is that, I can fold my rear seats down and create a bigger boot space. This was how I was able to carry the fridge and washing machine and will later carry my bed.

Since the housemate finally became semi decent (I hope it is not because he read my blog somehow, oh gosh), I shall be decent too. Instead of going to the floor,

old place
Their clothes now go to the smaller hanging rack that I have

Apart from some emergency errands and walking down memory lane, another important reason I went back to KL last weekend was to visit this place.

Can you guess where this is?

Hint: this place has a cafeteria that is famous for meatballs. Most if not all Kuala Lumpur people will know this place. You can scroll down to the comments section to get the answer.

No, I did not get to try the meatballs. I never had. Look at the stupid queue and crowd. And it was 9.30AM! Bloody place has just opened for business! And anyway, I don’t eat beef when I am in Malaysia if I can help it.

I came here because I wanted to buy a specific item. I could not find it in the hypermarkets or departmental stores, and the conventional furniture shops sell very expensive versions. I saw one version that I liked on the website of this place, so here I came.

Mixing and matching my goody

Oops, I just revealed the answer with this photo, didn’t I?

Back to the present. So, fridge and washing machine and water heater installation taken care of yesterday. Today’s task is assembling the item that I bought. Yes, the only things that I can afford from IKEA are those self assembly things.

Wood surface table

I am not planning to install a proper kitchen cabinet. Heck, this is a rented place, I would not want to install anything permanent here. And I have to consider that whatever I bring here has to be able to fit in my car. If it cannot fit in my car, it is not suitable for me.

I am planning to get another banquet table, similar to the one I currently have in my room, to place the oven and induction cooker and whatnot. But I feel that I need something with a wooden surface to be the work table when I cook, because it will get wet.

The reason this particular table from IKEA caught my attention was because it is unlike other self assemble furniture. You know how if you buy those self assemble wooden furniture from the hypermarkets, they cannot be taken apart again. For example those wooden wardrobe, once you take it apart, you cannot just screw the thing back, the whole wardrobe will collapse.

With this table, I get 3 components.

1. Wooden Surface
2a. Metal harness
2b. Metal leg

Instead of screwing the metal legs directly to the table surface, You screw the harnesses to the table. See the puting/tetek/nipple/I-don’t-know-how-to-call-this on the top side of the metal leg? It is actually a screw. You screw the leg through the hole that you see in the harness.

Like this..

And the table is done!

What this means is that, when I move away again in the future, I can dismantle this table easily without ruining it. Remove the legs only, move and then screw the legs back.

Shit, I think the horny uncles will make inappropriate comments on this post

If you are interested with this table, the product IDs are shown above. You need to buy the table surface and the harness/leg set separately. The table surface was RM 99, the harness and leg is packaged together and was RM 35 (I think it was discount item, I saw RM 45 slashed off on the price tags), so the total cost of this table is RM 99 + (RM 35 x 4) = RM239.

So here’s what my kitchen/living room looks like as of now.

new place

If is still not completely setup, obviously. Oh, the chair is from IKEA too, RM 75.

More importantly though, I regained ownership of my drying rack, muahahaha!! 😀

new place
Spent some time dismantling and re-assembling this too

Actually I don’t have grand plans for the communal area. It will probably be just like this. Kitchen + drying area.

Next week I will move my other things over bit by bit. I have not decided as yet when to move my bed over and actually start living here. Technically, I am supposed to be the last to leave the old place because I am the main tenant, and it seems like the housemates are intent on staying until the last day of the contract. Oh well..


  1. No matter how you look at it, moving sucks!! Good luck moving the rest of your things (if you already haven’t). When my husband and I moved into our house we had about 5 truck loads!!! It’s hard to believe I came to Taiwan with 2 suitcases and a backpack!

    • 5 truck loads! Oh dear.. I’m glad you left them behind when you moved to Taiwan!
      If I had a choice, I wouldn’t move either. Even with what little I have accumulated over the 6 years, it is still a bloody tiring affair. I’m almost done though, there’s just a few little trinkets left to contend with. Good thing is all my possessions are small enough to fit in my car, and I have 3 weeks to move 3 miles away. I didn’t need a truck.
      I hope you’re having fun in Taiwan 😉

  2. I also got two furniture from Ikea, one of it a chest of drawers and the other one is a computer table, still using them until now, it has been 10 years

  3. You have a TOYOTA Myvi! Fuiyoh! Macam special!

    I dont even like the IKEA meatballs but I super duper love their currypuffs! Oooooo..drooling already

  4. eh, u r still sleeping at ur old house? coz u mention the bed is not move into the new house. New place looks better and new compared to the old house.

    • Yeah, so I won’t begrudge them that. It is not wrong to stay the full tenure of your contract anyway 😉

  5. You should be a lot more comfortable at your new place. Moving is tiring and a big headache. The longer you stay at one place the more stuff you collect. I am sure you’ll plan to buy your own one day 🙂

    • I actually have no plans to buy a house in Penang. Maybe that will change if and when a girlfriend comes into equation 😀

  6. I am in the midst of moving office also.. and three trips to IKEA and I know we cannot go there on a weekend else you spend more time on shuttling between crowds and lining up to pay than you spent on shopping!! and it’s a whole day thing, every hour is peak!! hahaha~~

  7. better to keep things simple and convenient now as you’d have 1001 things to do and settle.. only slowly add on after you have settle down, yeah??

    • Nah, I will probably be too lazy to add anything. I don’t plan to, I already have everything that I need. Anything else that I add would be want and not need 😀 .

  8. Ikea meatballs! I still have 2 packets of meatball gravy chucked away in the cabinet.. Too lazy to boil the sauce when I cooked the meatballs lastime.. I feel eating there is nicer than cooking on our own lor.. Gip me 5! Most of my furnitures are from Ikea too.. Children’s play tent and toys too.. 😀

    • They even sell prepacked gravy? Amazing! Eating out is always nicer than cooking on our own, easy and relaxing. I’ve never eaten there before though, the few times I went was always alone, and it was so crowded that I can’t be bothered.
      Everybody loves IKEA huh. I always wonder, how can it be possible, this place has been open like, for how many years now? And still everyday their cash registers are just non stop collecting money. I have been there once on a weekday, it is less people but still crowded. Amazing 😀

  9. You’re new place looks like it’s starting to come together nicely 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pics when everything is all set up! Hope the rest of the move goes well 🙂

    • Yeah, the heavy things are all moved and set up. What’s left are mostly little trinkets here and there 🙂 .

  10. You are really a very decent guy! Can start introducing girls to you already (erh, sorry, not that I know any girls that are eligible, younger than you and looking for a decent guy).

    I like how your new place looks. Very neat and clean.

    Haha, can guess it is Ikea already since you are moving. More than half of the furniture in my current house now is from Ikea.

    So the last day is end of Nov?

    • It’s neat and clean because it is new and still uninhabited. Two months and it will be different 😀
      Last day is 19th actually, we started the tenure on the 20th. This is another story. When we initially rented this place (with other friends, not these 2 current fellas), we assumed the rental starts on the first day of the month. The landlord gave us the keys on the 20th and said we can take a few days to move our things over, since the house is already empty. We thought he was being kind, until he brought us the contract. He said: “Yeah, rental starts on the 20th, since you guys already got the keys and moved things in.” >.<

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