I Hate Shopping With Crowds

I always do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, before the crowds arrive. I really hate shopping in a crowded environment. Every time I do that, it really feels like every thing, every human being, in fact the entire shopping mall conspires to set up obstacles for me and make my life a chaotic and miserable hell.

When I was doing my last minute grocery shopping last night, I had this scene from the movie 300 playing along in my head in parallel as I was pushing trying to push my shopping cart up and down the aisles.

Of course, the dialog are slightly modified for the predicament that I was in..

Me: Run along, get lost so that I can buy chicken and broccoli, before I go crazy with impatience.
Imaginary auntie: No.. not chicken. My mom will buy the chicken.. His son, her daughter, even their grandmother will buy the broccoli! But not you. By closing time later, you will go home empty handed.. A thousand toddlers of the mommy empire descend upon you! Our trolleys will blot out your path (to the chicken and broccoli)!
Me: Then I will buy okra and fish..

It’s true. Last night, I just wanted to buy chicken and broccoli. But as I was pushing the shopping cart along, I just could not make my way to those items. Every turn I make, there will inevitably be little children running around in front of my cart, forcing me to stop and wait. Either that, or some morons decided to park their carts in front of me and take their own sweet time to look at grapes or sweet potatoes, forcing me to turn another way. By the time I reached the chicken section, an auntie snatched the last box of chicken breast. Then a dating couple and an elderly woman grabbed the last two of the fresh looking broccoli right in front of me.

Frustrated to the max after 10 minutes of squeezing around, I just grabbed the pack of okra that was staring me in the face, then turned back to grab a packet of frozen dory fillet and got the hell out of AEON’s supermarket.

IMG_20141116_221832 (1024x759)

These won’t last me the entire week. I guess I will have to make do with eating out again for a few dinners. Shucks!


    • I can’t even stand 20 minutes of shoving in the supermarket, how do you think I will fare with waiting for few weeks for my sayur to grow? 😀

  1. Very rajin to cook ah, RG! Good de… I admire men who knows how to cook! And most well known chefs are males! Yes, sure wont last one week.. maybe a meal or two.. I bought some garlic during lunch time just now… bought 10 cloves of them for RM1.80 so cheap.. the other day I went to sundry shop, bought 2 cloves for nearly a ringgit! Really terrible.. next time I go AEON to buy.. so much cheaper…

    • RM 1.80 for 10 cloves VS RM 1 for 2 cloves? That difference is too much! Is it the AEON person made mistake?
      I only shop at AEON. Not because they cheap, but because their fresh produce are fresher compared to other hypermarkets.

  2. Well, it’s inevitable to get crowded environment when that’s the time people shop…

    I usually opted out from using the cart preferring the bakul.

    But then again, I don’t usually do cartload of grocery shopping. 😛

    • LOL! 24 hours supermarket? That’s wonderful! NSK… this wouldn’t be the place where Jib found his RM 1 chicken, would it?

  3. I feel your pain and I know exactly how you feel. Try shopping at Costco on a Saturday and Sunday in Taiwan and it is much worse. People leave their carts everywhere so they can line up for samples and it seems like Costco is a family outing with at least three generations represented. Milk is (or used to be) one of the popular items to buy at Costco and one my friends even caught a woman trying to steal the milk out of his cart while he was looking at something else he wanted to buy (there was no milk left in the fridges). I could go on but I will stop here.

    Hope your fish was worth the effort!!! 🙂

  4. Me too! I will go to Aeon and make sure I reach there at 10:00am sharp and get the hell out of there latest by 11:00am. It is not only the crowd that gets to me but the supermarket staff. They only start stocking/sorting out the perishables on the shelves at 10:30am. So imagine a legion of shoppers and Aeon staff squeezing around each other with trolleys and big carts. I mean, why can’t they do the stocking up before the supermarket opens for business?

    And some shoppers really make my blood boil. They hog the shelves, standing there and staring at the goods for the longest time. Some are in a group of 2 or three and they start chatting without thinking that other people actually need to buy the chicken/fish or whatever. And of course those who park their trolleys right in the middle of the aisle 🙁

    • Exactly! Sometimes they just stop all of a sudden for no apparent reason too! Stand there staring at the strawberries from afar.. don’t know what they want!
      Aeon’s loading bay only opens at 10 am sharp, sometimes if the fresh stocks arrive by truck, then they got no choice but to wait. 10 am unload, that’s why about 10.30am only they can start pushing the items out on the shelves.

      • She buys whatever she wants…and I’ll just use whatever I can find in the house. She enjoys it – even the two or three shops round the corner – can spend a very long time there…every day. Not me, thank you very much.

        • Hahaha just like my mom. She will go into a tiny shop and still able to spend 1 hour inside, scrutinizing every single item the shop has to offer, I suppose.

  5. Haha, I like your post, especially how you write about it.. Full of expressions wor.. Yau wooi kam ngam, the chicken breast and broccoli snatched up so fast geh.. I also don’t like shopping or walking with crowds, aiya who likes la.. So the next post is about whipping up a meal of dory and ladies fingers? Baked in oven with tomatoes and lemon juice ahh?

    • Not exactly fast, I was late, I went at 9PM, almost closing time.
      No next post about the fish la, I don’t have any fancy ways to cook it anymore. I will just bake it like I always did 🙂

  6. arghghghgh! I know what you mean – I’m exactly the same. I cannot stand crowds. When we lived in Dubai, I’d always try and get up early to beat the crowds. I’d rather not shop than have to put up with loads of people barging into me…

    • I suppose your life is better now as a traveler? Since you don’t have office hours anymore, you can always go shopping at off-peak hours 😉

    • I hate queuing at the cashier too! I don’t know if it is just me, I never have any luck with the queue! Every time I try to queue at the shortest lane, or lane where people’s carts are empty, there would be someone who causes a fuss and holds the line up! And I end up being in the slowest lane after all! 😐

  7. i definitely hate ANYWHERE that is crowded!! haha.. when i see crowd, i will avoid.. when i see people queuing for something, i will not get interested.. i just do not like to waste time waiting, i just want to get my stuffs, done and gone..

  8. I go grocery (not exactly the vege thing grocery, is the household thing grocery) shopping with my mom almost Sunday, she likes to go on every Sunday morning at Tesco, because it opens at 8am, pretty early and no ones, she likes the to shop before the crowd so usually we went around 8am and leave around 9am, very fast and efficient!! =]

    • That’s how I like to do my shopping too. Weekend mornings when the place just opened, without the crowds yet. Last weekend was a rare case.

  9. Me too! Before I went back to the workforce I had such a good time doing grocery shopping during weekdays. Now it has to be weekends and I do it early, at 10am.

    You should just park your trolley somewhere and pushed your way to grab the last pack of chicken breast and broccoli. Anyway dory fish and okra sounds good too, grilled assam fish in foil came to mind but then it won’t last you the whole week, that’s true.

    Maybe like Nuv X says, you can go buy grocery again during the weekday night to cook your dinner unless you have to work late so just eat out like I do, lah.

    • Now you remind me of another scene, where Leonidas tells his men: “Spartans! PUSH!!!” 😀
      No assam ingredients unfortunately, and I probably will just eat out alternately..

  10. why not try on weekdays nite? weekends are normally crowded especially the kids are not schooling. I avoid weekends outing at any malls or supermarts..that’s crazy hell!

    • I did it once, but the food items didn’t look too fresh. I think they don’t have fresh stocks daily on weekdays.

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