Freebie Giveaway: Results

Okay, my Freebie Giveaway event is closed for participation. It is now time to do the big reveal.


Answer 1: The Phone

As I mentioned, I did not think to get a receipt, so there is no proof with this, you will just have to trust me for it. I will highlight to you my conversation with the salesgirl that led to me buying the phone on the spot. She is a lovely salesgirl, with a very sweet smile. 😳

I spotted the phone over the front display, and was shocked with the price tag. But when the salesgirl approached me, I managed to keep to poker face on, I think..

Me          : Eh, RM 55? Got discount ah? I want a cheap phone, use few days only!
Salesgirl: Got got got! Wait, let me check..
She went inside to check on the computer and came back after 2 minutes.
Salesgirl: This one is the last one, I give you good discount lah, RM 48, good number! ^^
Me          : Okay, I’ll take it!
I took my wallet out to get the cash, and discovered a problem.
Me          : Shit! I don’t have enough cash! Can you hold this phone for me? I come back tonight. What time you close?
Earlier in the day, I was doing a cards cleanup for my wallet and somehow forgot to put all my cards back in, including my credit card and debit card.
Salesgirl: Huh? Like that ah? Er.. how much you got with you?
Me          : RM 45 only.. Unless you want to sell it to me for RM 45, then I take it now..
Salesgirl: Erm.. Like that ah..
She went back inside to check with someone, presumably her supervisor, and came back after 30 seconds.
Salesgirl: Okay lah, RM 45 lah, boss said okay! ^^

So, Answer 1 is RM 45. I thought the price was too cheap and didn’t even think of bargaining further. I suspect I could get it for 40 bucks if I played my cards right. But I didn’t. I guess to a certain extent, I was hypnotized mesmerized by the salesgirl’s lovely smile.

Answer 2: The Powerbanks

This is a bogey question. I expected almost everyone to go to Xiaomi’s website to do the math of items price + shipping cost, and I was right. For this answer, I have proof. Let me show you what really happened.


If you read about how I got my new phone, you would have known that Xiaomi tried to arrange for the courier to delay the delivery of my phone. Until today I have no idea why they would do that. It took a strong worded email from me to their customer service to get the delivery released.

A couple days later, I received another email from them, apologizing for the cock-up. As a token of apology, I was given a RM 50 discount code to use for my next purchase. This is the strange reason why I would buy two power banks when I only needed one. I wanted to spend the discount voucher, but I didn’t want to spend another dime on top of shipping fees for Xiaomi products. They didn’t sell mi3 screen protectors, so the only logical way was to buy two power banks for RM 25 each.

So, Answer 2 is RM 15. I paid nothing for the power banks themselves, all I paid was the shipping fees.


There are 11 participants for this. It is more than I expected actually. I thought I would probably get 5 sets of answer, maybe 7.

As I mentioned, the person with the closest Answer 1 wins. Answer 2 only serves as tiebreaker. Here’s the list of participants and their respective answers.

Participants Answer 1 Answer 2
1 Princess Ribbon RM45 RM65
2 Mun RM50 RM60
3 SK RM48.90 RM78
4 Libby RM40 RM80
5 Heather RM35 RM1
6 Twilight Man RM48 RM72
7 Merryn RM39 RM70
8 Nux V RM30 RM75
9 Reload Food RM48 RM78
10 Catherine RM42 RM60
11 Claire RM40 RM60

And the winner is: Princess Ribbon!

The first person to answer is also the person with the accurate answer. Yay! Congratulations!

When I saw the first answer from the princess, I was dumbstruck. My immediate thought was: “What the… Is my question that easy??!“.. I was already worrying about the possibility of people getting both Answer 1 and Answer 2 right and panicking over what I should do in the event of the double tie. Fortunately, no one else guessed the same answer.

To my lovely Princess, I have sent you an email requesting for shipping details. Please check your email and get back to me as soon as you please. But don’t wait until next year lah if possible.

So… I guess that concludes my first ever giveaway event. Thanks for all the participation. Here’s to more unexpected goodies coming my way and hopefully I can conduct more of such events from time to time! 😉


    • Haha, so funny la Arthur.. I never kena-ed in my numbers before.. Tried my luck in Toto Supreme too, 6 numbers, lagi gila, but never kena even 2, let alone 3.. Oops, is it right talking about numbers+gambling here?

    • Not kidding, I dreamt 4 numbers and 5 numbers the night before, means on Tuesday night.. The 4 numbers one I can see 1 and 6, whereas the 5 numbers one has 5 & 8 at the back, something like that.. But I didn’t buy any numbers coz our lunch gang did not go to the numbers place that day.. Huhuhu..

      • Aiya like that susah la, I need to buy iBox, too mahal. Next time u simply ngap a 4 digit number for me 😉

  1. Morning morning.. Wokeup and fed G milk and saw your post.. Wah, I’m tbe winner ahh? Can’t belif it leh.. *rub eyes*.. Still so early, I think I must be dreaming.. What ??? You paid nothing for the power banks? Lucky boy! No wonder you purposely buy two pieces, just to use up the discounts right.. Ok will check my mail when I reach office, now I have to wake up and prepare the kids’ stuffs okie 🙂

  2. Congrats! This Princess Ribbon really yao yuen with you lah! Your contest also she wins by giving accurate answer somemore.

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