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I have been a user of Maybank’s Petronas credit card for quite a while. Not because I pump Petronas petrol though, but because it has Visa payWave, and is free for life without any credit card tax and service tax, no strings attached. When the card was nearing expiry, the banker called me up. I was offered a choice of renewing the same card or upgrading to Maybank Petronas Platinum card. Don’t get the wrong idea, it is not difficult at all to qualify for platinum card nowadays.

After I was shown a sample of what the cards will look like, I chose the former.

maybank credit card
I feel this looks more beautiful than the platinum card

The banker was surprised that I refused the chance to upgrade to platinum card. He was even more surprised that I chose the card based on the card’s design. He kept insisting that the platinum card will remain to be free for life with no strings attached. He also kept insisting that there is a plethora of benefits only accessible to platinum card holders. I thanked him and promised him that I will look for him if and when I decided that I want those platinum privileges.

The thing is, I don’t need a platinum card. Even with the normal card that I am having now, the credit limit is already 5 times my monthly salary. Yeah, I am a lowly paid engineer, now you know. I don’t use even 10% of the credit limit as it is now, I sure as hell do not need a card with a credit limit of 10 times my monthly salary.

And those platinum card perks? I was a platinum card holder with another bank for a few months, so I kind of know what’s the deal. They gave it to me for free after I got housing loan from them. After holding it for a few months out of curiosity and ego, I terminated that card.

As far as I know of, there are mainly 2 types of benefits if you hold a platinum card.

  1. You get periodic invites to stay at high end luxurious resorts/cruises at a discounted price.
  2. You get a really expensive gift (watches mostly) if you spend more than a few hundred thousand ringgit in a year.

Yeah… I have no use for these stuff. So the platinum card is rather pointless for me, isn’t it? Might as well go for a beautiful looking card instead.

I left the bank with a distinct impression that the banker felt that I am an idiot for passing up the opportunity to get increased credit limit and platinum card bragging rights. Apparently I am the first person that refused that ego boosting privilege. I am interested to know, is there anyone else who thinks like me with respect to credit cards?


  1. so far i only stick to my one and only citibank credit card which has been with me for quite a number of years. That bank frequently calls for upgrade or some seasonal package (insurance kinda thingy) but mostly i denied them. Nowadays, i totally avoid picking up their call whenever i see the familiar phone number from the bank general line.

    • Yeah, recently I noticed, the credit cards start to link up with insurance. Don’t know what’s that, never waited long enough to hear the details..

  2. For me, I prefer a simple credit card, no need fancy fancy benefits or any upgrading, just promise can swipe can already, haha! By the way I hate those calls from the banks asking me to upgrade my credit card bla bla bla… Very ‘fan’!

  3. now every bank seems to be desperate for Credit cards sales. Even saw banks promotion it through Groupons.

    Anyway..if worry about credit card limit given too high, we can always request the bank to cap it max at the amount we are comfortable with instead of just accept whatever full limit they give us.

  4. I agree with you that it is not difficult to qualify for platinum card. All you have to do is just wait for them to upgrade you. It is different if you apply for platinum at entry level. Like you, I don’t need that status (am not well paid either) and I don’t need to impress anybody. After all, they give me perks that I can’t even get near, example :

    1. You get periodic invites to stay at high end luxurious resorts/cruises at a discounted price. (Even at discounted price, I can’t afford it)

    2. You get a really expensive gift (watches mostly) if you spend more than a few hundred thousand ringgit in a year. (I can’t afford to spend that much. The interest cost will kill me)

    So there!

  5. Yup, I hardly spend 10% of my credit limit (usually)…so no need for a gold or platinum card. The higher the limit, the greater the risk – if stolen or cloned…or hacked.

    • That’s the reason banks keep calling us up to offer us increased limit or loan. They have this thinking generally: “Why does this bloke not spend more? And always pays back on time? Maybe the limit is too small for him to buy big ticket items?”
      Banks want us to spend beyond our means and then do monthly repayments so that they can make money with the interests. Me and you, we are very lousy customers as far as the banks are concerned 😀

  6. I paling teruk, I don’t even own (my own) card.. My current Citi* card is supp by hubby.. I only use it to pump petrol! Or when we get into a fight and I want to spend his money next day, then I buy something using that card and keep quiet about it.. Else if I use his card to buy stuff, I will let him know and maybe give him back 60-70% of the amount UNLESS he said no need to pay back then I’ll keep quiet as well, teehee 🙂

    • Teruk? That is call genius. The rich people always say, it is best to use other people’s money to do your things 😀

  7. another reason why i am not using a Platinum Card is also because i am not qualified for it lah~~ hahaha!! talked so much as if i have one~~ 😀

  8. you are right.. i don’t see that i need a Platinum Card also, even a Gold Card is too much for me, many times i will reject their offer to increase my credit limit, and i wanted to reduce yet i kept forgetting about this..

    • No need to reduce la, if they increase the limit automatically then just leave it lah. Mine was increased a few times silently without notice.

  9. Hey..with platinum card, maybe you can go to the KLIA premium lounge for free! 🙂 I’m also using Petronas MBB card but no pay wave one.. I think I will go there and change… free for life no doubt but got to pay the RM50 govt service charge leh… some banks waive this off…

  10. You did the right thing. I am the same like you, I only want to hold my one and only existing credit card and always turn down sales call to upgrade it.

    They don’t even bill you for the RM50 government tax at all? I am surprised. I thought banks are not allowed to waive it automatically but consumers can use their points to offset it.

    • They did not use the term waived, I think they packaged it in some fancy term, cash back or sponsored by Petronas or something. I got it too long ago, can’t exactly remember.

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