Pasar Pagi Taman Muda

Apart from the mini tarts, there is something else where I live that is quite famous in the Klang Valley. Today, I shall talk about the Pasar Pagi Taman Muda (Taman Muda Morning Market).

This pasar has been around since… forever. I remember walking here with mom every weekend as a child. On weekdays she would cycle here, but on weekends she would drag us kids along and we would all walk together. It was a 15 minutes walk one way. Nowadays she still cycles here for her daily grocery shopping, but when I am home from Penang, I would drive her.

I suspect this morning market is quite famous because I have some relatives who would come here once a month to buy things that they normally could not find in the morning markets near their homes. When I say relatives, I mean relatives who live in Serdang, Sungai Long and Petaling Jaya SS2. My aunt from Taiping would make it a point to visit this morning market every morning when she comes for visit. She claimed some of the Perak grown plant items are cheaper and look fresher here compared to what she can get in Taiping! Of course, I have no idea whether this is an exaggeration or not, I have not visited any morning markets in Taiping.

IMG_20141012_095841 (1024x576)
This is the unofficial start of the market, the front yard if you may..

By the way, the mini egg tarts shop is located on this street, right behind me..

IMG_20141012_095929 (1024x576)
This soy milk stall marks the official entrance to the market..

This soy milk guy is rich. By rich, I mean very rich. If you are a KL born-and-bred, you might have heard of the Petaling Street soy milk stall uncle who owns a few bungalows, many BMWs and sent all his children to universities overseas. This guy is not that far behind. Basically, the moment he opens for business in the morning, all he does are pour soy milk into glasses/plastic packets and scoop tau fu fah (tofu pudding) into bowls/plastic containers and collect money from customers. There is no need to promote his drinks, the queue will automatically form the moment he start until the moment he sells out, EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ DAY! I have no idea why, I’ve tried his soy milk a few times, they taste just like any other soy milk to me.

IMG_20141012_095939 (1024x576)
This is the official entrance to the market..

Originally, the pasar are just stalls lined up on 2 alleys in an L shape. Then more stalls open up on the other side of the longer stretch, facing the main road. More recently, a cluster of newer stalls that failed to get space in the pasar opened up in a nearby open area. This open area is called the new pasar. New pasar and old pasar hawkers are NOT on friendly terms.

Pasar Pagi Taman Muda
Crude map..

My mom prefers to shop in old pasar. I agree with her. The fresh goods sold in old pasar looks nicer than those sold in new pasar.

For my mom, the pasar means these things.. yeah, that’s my mom in the Vegetables photo..

For some people, the pasar also means these things… cheapo shopping opportunities..

For me though, the pasar means war zone.. every time I come with my mom nowadays, it is a session of the most challenging hide and seek game ever..

You see, the routine goes like this:

I drop mom off near the entrance of the market. She will then go in and begin her shopping while I will then spend some time hunting for a parking spot. This is quite a challenge, because there are so many people coming to this market, so all the parking spots close to the market will be occupied, naturally. You will need great determination and even greater luck to be able to secure a parking spot.

When I finally parked my car, I would then make my way into the market and search for my mom among all the stalls…

IMG_20141012_100135_1 (1024x576)
Through this..
IMG_20141012_100543 (1024x576)
And this..

Sometimes, my mom would make the Difficulty Level of the game higher by going into the shops along the pasar stretch.

IMG_20141012_100603 (1024x576)
Shops such as these..

When she goes into the shops, it is GG (Good Game, the term uttered by the winner to loser in a game) for me. I would squeeze through the entire length of the pasar, not find her, then turn back and try my luck again.

I imagine she sometimes does this (going into the shops) on purpose. Every time her face would slightly light up when I found her. She would look even happier when the moment I joined her, she was talking to a hawker and the hawker noticed me and said things like: “Wah! Your son ah? So good, accompany mom to the pasar!“. Her level of happiness would peak if when I found her, she was chatting with a friend instead of hawker, and the friend said: “Lucky lah you, your son willing to accompany you to mai choy (buy vegetables)! My kids won’t even bother lah! So crowded here!

If you have noticed, all my photos are not of very good quality. It was impossible to stand still at one spot to get a nice shot. If you are not buying anything, you will basically be constantly pushed and shoved along. The photos I took were mostly on the go, or when my mom stopped at certain stalls and I stopped with her.

I’m not complaining anyway. If it makes mom happy, I’m glad to play this hide and seek game over and over again 😉


    • It really depends on what type of locals you want to be. In Malaysia’s case, markets are places where old people go mostly. The younger generations will not bother.

  1. I hardly go to any morning markets. I used to follow my mum to the wet market in KT and I actually enjoy it. There’s lot of things to see and more variety compared to the supermarket. At one time I used to go to the market in TTDI but it is quite a hassle. Though chicken and meat is lots fresher from the market, I still go to Aeon for the convenience. I guess your mum or any mum for that matter would be beaming with pride when others compliment them on their kids 🙂

    • My mom did say, moms can brag about how their kids are raking in big money or working as doctor in Australia and whatnot, but their biggest pride is if their kids are seen to be taking care of them and caring for them 😀

  2. As a mother myself, I would also feel cloud 9 when my kids follow me to the market.. but alas, only one will follow.. the other two normally will be visiting “chow kung”… hahahaa… I need one at least cos need to carry back the heavy marketing stuff!
    Yes, very nice of you to follow your mother and playing hide and seek too… this is called family bonding time with fun! hahaha…

  3. Don’t mean to brag but I’ve never stepped my foot into any pasar pagi before.. Been living in Cheras Yulek for 26 yrs and I never even been to Yulek market, haha.. Whatever I wana buy like fish, meat, veges, I buy in hypermarket when I go for my grocery shopping.. And whatever meat I can’t get from the hypermarket, I’d ask my mum to buy then I go get from her when we go back to my parents’ place every Sunday.. Oohh yes, I’ve seen soya bean uncle van getting richer everyday.. He drives an Accord and lives in a semi-D..

    • Not even when you are a kid? Oh dear.. Pork bones for one, you cannot get in hypermarkets LOL!
      Nowadays, when I am in Penang, I don’t go to the pasar myself, all my groceries come from Jusco. I only go when I am back home and to accompany my mom..

    • So far my track record is still 100% lah. If she don’t intentionally go out of the pasar, it is still possible to find her..

  4. I love markets. When small, i would accompany my mum – I carried the basket and she would buy and put everything in. Very heavy for a small boy but I enjoyed going with her. To this day, I love markets – maybe not here…so hot but overseas, I wouldn’t want to miss those Farmers’ Markets and the like. Interesting.

    Wahhhh!!!! Market people also got politics – old and new tak ngam one. Susah lah like that. Like the stall owners at Gurney Drive – sit on the wrong stool – kena bom dah!!! I can’t stand that place!

    • When I was kiddo, my mom only gave me the lighter loads, mostly the breakfast packets while she carry the main basket herself. Nowadays, I will carry almost everything 😀
      It was pretty tense with the old market vs new market at one point. Originally, some of those new market hawkers wanted to setup stall in the old market on days when certain hawkers were not open. But the rest of the old market folks were not happy with it. You know, like for example there were 5 stalls selling poultry, sometimes 1 of them rests and the business trickles down to the remaining 4, then suddenly got a new stall wanted to come in, so the 4 old hawkers tried to kick the new stall out.
      Since the new hawkers have nowhere to go, they started to setup stall in an empty area near the old market. After a while, more and more new stalls came, and it became a market unto its own..

  5. Wah your mom can still cycle to the market means not old at all lah. Hide and seek sounds like a fun game so no need to call your mom on her hand phone to ask her where she is at the moment. You are really a filial son. *thumbs up*

    • Getting older lah. There is no point in calling her hand phone, she doesn’t bring it to pasar one >.<

  6. lol on the hide & seek game! I nvr been to Taman Muda pasar although I have been living in KL the entire life.
    Nowadays I enjoy navigating thru street view on Google Map…let me ‘find my way’ to get to this morning market.

    • You can only peek inside from the main street, the Google van not able to make it inside the crowded market apparently 😀

  7. oh what a good boy!! you go marketing with your mum!! so were you really there to help your mum, or just wanted to take photos so that you can write a post here?? hehe.. both lah I think.. but then the more interesting stuffs to me in the market are those cooked food and snacks, so nice!!!

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