Strange Poses People Do When Traveling

People do strange things when traveling. By strange things, I mean taking photos with sohai strange poses that makes no sense whatsoever.

Some poses are perfectly alright and legitimate to make. For example, when you visit the Emirates Stadium (Arsenal’s home ground),

Giving the Big Canon a pat

Or when you visit Paris in France,

Make random pose with shiny Eiffel Tower at night

Or when you visit Pisa in Italy,

Pretend like you are holding the Leaning Tower from falling

Or when you visit Madame Tussaud’s in London,

Be bros with Jamie Oliver
And give Mourinho the finger

These are all proper poses that millions of people do every year. There are nothing wrong with these poses.

But then, there are some pictures that people take when traveling that makes you can’t help but wonder whether they are retards. Take for example this retard, he has some damning photos to show.

When he was studying in the UK, in Liverpool, he went to visit a friend in Wolverhampton. They checked out the art gallery, but instead of admiring the nice and creative arts,

He played with one of the exhibit items and pretend to be Lion King

Seriously, who does that?! Right??

The friend brought him to Birmingham for a 1 day tour, they were wandering around the Canalside. He saw a familiar face, and without thinking,

He immediately went and took a photo with that face

Only thing was, he was trespassing on other people’s private property! He was bloody lucky that nobody opened the door and chased him away!

He was so impressed with Birmingham that he went again with his mates. They visited the then so-called Largest Shopping Area in Europe, the Bull Ring. What did he do there? Like a villager who just moved to a big city,

He tried the clothings on the spot!

Hello! Do you know that there is a reason they provide fitting rooms??

Most people would feel sad and gloomy about being fat. Not this guy though. Not only does he not feel ashamed,

He proudly compares his round belly with anything round that he can get his hands on

Somehow this idiot managed to graduate and landed a job which enabled him to travel to Colorado in the US for work periodically. On his first visit, he went sightseeing at the Rocky Mountains. It was early spring, and part of the mountains were still covered in ice. As he was walking, he slipped and fell. Instead of being ashamed of his clumsiness,

He sat there and asked his colleague to take a fake candid photo of him falling

WTF?! Seriously, WTF?!!

In Colorado, there is always a risk of snow, every freaking day of the year. He lucked in on his first visit, there was a day when it really snowed. That morning it was 29 degrees Fahrenheit, or -2 degrees Celsius. Yes, -2. Minus 2.

So he did the smart smart-ass thing.

Went outdoors to take a picture without his jacket

The entire process took a mere 30 seconds. But when he went back indoors, his fingers started to go numb and soon he lost usage of both his hands. They only recovered an hour later. For his smart-assery, the only thing we can say to him is: Serves you right! Padan muka! Lor lei sui!

You would have thought that he learned his lesson well. You’re dead wrong. On his second visit to the States, he went up a mountain where it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 4.5 degrees Celsius. So what did he do?

Yeah, he took photo without jacket again… and look how happy he is!

The temperature was higher compared to the first time, but it was in the mountains, with strong wind blowing, so it was definitely more chilly.

Bodoh! Sohai! Idiot! 

Pray for him. Pray for him to not kill himself one day due to his lack of common sense.

LOL! Sorry to make you go through another show off post of me traveling to many places in the world, again. I did this on purpose to make you all jealous much much 😉


  1. Wakakakakakaka!!! Bodoh! Sohai! Idiot!
    My wife told friends that she had never met any fella more crazy than me. I should tell her to see this post okay. *Phew*…
    We look so alike and think alike!

  2. Hey strong man! All the pictures above prove that you are Orang Kuat.. anything also can.. Carry king kong also can… give the leaning tower a push with your backside also can… no need to wear jacket in minus degree also can… what more does a lady ask? hahahaa…

  3. I manyak jeles now!
    and missing those places that I travelled as well 🙁
    hey, u memang ‘ng zhi sei’ (tak takut mati)…everytime put ur body to test in extreme coldness!
    i remembered last time when i was in Bhutan, the temperature not even negative yet, but i was wearing 3 layers of clothes…my fingers still went numb after taking photos outdoor in less than 10 secs.

  4. You were quite slim back then, yah? I can understand that bit about being out in the open at -2C. When I was in Boston, one morning it was -5C and I went outside to walk around and sit at the hotel porch. So jakun because I loved the cold so much. But of course I had my warm clothing on lah, not like you hah..hah…

    • Yeah, my waist has been going sideways every since I started working. Stress + living without mom’s control…

  5. Woi you look so kaku in most of the pictures except a few.. Like very min keong like that.. I thought cannot see your teeth already but luckily as I scrolled down, still can see your teeth in a few.. You look so garang ahh, hehe.. But very yau sing kak, I like..

    • I am not good with the camera, I know that. That’s why I hardly take many photos of myself when traveling 🙁

        • Some say I look fierce even when smiling. Sometimes people ask me: “Eh why you show that fierce look?”, and I reply: “It’s not a look, it’s my face.”

  6. Hahahahaha, this post is your most entertaining post! Yes, I am jealous all right! 😀

    Get to see so many photos of you in various poses that will give SK’s signature pose a run for its money.

    Aiya the -2 degree photo where you almost lost your fingers, you should hold a thermometer to prove it because the little snow on the ground did not give the impression that it is -2 degree. 🙂

    • I know right? The car’s indicator showed 29 F, but it looked perfectly fine, that’s why I wanted to go out and verify with my body 😀

  7. it’s actually nice to pose differently, and if you can pose strangely so that you can have nice and funny photos!! those standing there with hands in the pocket (like me) are just so boring~~

    so do you find my “signature” pose weird?? haha.. just for fun lah, i always take one “normal” pose and then sometimes when the mood is there, do that “signature” pose lor~~ :p

    • Dey! I don’t think I have ever seen photos where you stand there with hands in pocket! But then, maybe it is because your “signature” pose is too distracting 😀 . Not bad lah, signature pose ma, people see that pose then think of SK, just like people mention Lazy Man then think of me (hopefully)..

  8. to be to Pisa and ddn’t do the ‘support the tower’ photo??!!!!!
    there’s a blog called Bad Tourist Pictures and believe me – I’ve seen worse 😀

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