Stir Fried Pasta

I’ve shown you guys my pasta in soup, pasta with red sauce, mac and cheese, and carbonara. Here’s another way I do it: pasta stir fried..

I don’t have any specific ingredients that I always use for this. Basically it depends on what I have in the fridge..

Stir fried pasta
In today’s case, broccoli, chinese cabbage and a slice of ham..
Stir fried pasta
Saute these guys in olive oil for a few minutes,
Stir fried pasta
Then add previously cooked pasta and an egg.

The smoke coming out from the pan made the shot blurry.. Sorry..

Add a bit of the pasta water to prevent the stir fry to become too dry. Season with salt and pepper accordingly. Fry for a few more minutes. Agak-agak lah, it is cooked when it smells delicious 😉

Stir fried pasta
There you go~

Simple and delicious, the ideal meal for a Lazy Man who cooks 😀


  1. Another simple meal put together with what’s available. It’s quite an idea to stir-fry pasta. I mean why not, right? I note that you usually cook with bacon or ham. I guess these are very convenient but have lots of flavour.

    • LOL! I don’t usually cook with bacon, I usually bake chicken breast with broccoli, tomato and lemon juice. But it is pointless to make 10 blog posts of this baked chicken breast, isn’t it? 😉

    • I chose it because I have it, and the reason I have it was because it was cheap. It was promotion item RM3/pack when I bought 😀

  2. Oooo…lovely! I used to fry macaroni char kway teow style but my girl is not fond of that. She likes pasta…western/Italian style…and char kway teow as what char kway teow should be, no fusion business.

  3. I don’t usually stir-fry pasta coz I’m lazy la, lazy wana boil the pasta first.. Hou mafan.. Usually I’ll just add cabbage, minced meat and some assorted balls cut into pieces, seasoned with oyster sauce and pepper.. Yours look good.. I like 🙂

    • Err, slightly mafan la. I usually use back the same pot/pan that I used to boil the pasta for the stir fry. No need to wash 2 pots 😀

  4. haha, it’s LazyMan Kitchen time again!! stir fried pasta, and i actually think stir fried ones is way nicer than just have the pasta cooked and then stir in the sauce.. and you’ve got ham, broccoli, chinese cabbage and an egg there, NICE!!!

    • The taste is different when you stir fry it vs pouring the sauce. I can appreciate both ways of serving 🙂

  5. in cooking and baking mood these days? looks great…how does it taste like? I can’t imagine the taste except it might be more towards broccoli taste & Chinese cabbage since pasta is pretty bland.

    • Yeah, that’s the main taste: broccoli, chinese cabbage and ham. Although I do cook my pasta in salted water so they are actually not that bland.

  6. I find the broccoli florets really attractive! I wanna eat them! And also the “dan fa” (egg all broken up) in the dish. Yum yum!

    Do you soak your pasta before hand? If not, wouldn’t it be very hard unless you tell me you use fresh pasta and not those dried ones.

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