Souvenir from Korea

I got an interesting edible souvenir from a colleague today. She just came back from vacation in Korea. Since it is an acknowledged fact that I suck in remembering who gave me what souvenir, I shall blog about it so that I can be reminded by reading about it from time to time.

DSCN2033 (1024x768)

Seasoned Laver. I have no idea what that means. And I have no idea how to read those Korean words. From the picture on the packaging, it looks like those dried seaweed snack that we usually associate with Japan. Kimchi seasoned seaweeds?

Sure enough, once I opened the package, I am greeted by a semi familiar sight.

DSCN2034 (1024x768)

8 seaweed pieces sprinkled with fiery looking seasoning flakes. They were awesome and freakishly addictive! These 8 pieces of tongue torturing delicacy set my mouth on fire for almost 3 hours before the heat slowly subsided!

I might have to get people to buy me more if and when there is anyone going to Korea.

And thanks for this wonderful souvenir, Miss Colleague! 😉


  1. Oh same here! I love seaweed snacks! I can munch on more than 10 packets at one go, really.. Colleagues here going on vacation will usually get us fridge magnets or keychains.. And maybe some chocolates too from the airport..

    • Chocolates from the airport? I usually get chocolates from the local supermarket, because they’re cheaper! 😀

  2. You can remember who Miss Colleague is ah after many years? Wah, you can take very pedas food by the sound of it. I can’t. I guess Laver means the volcano lava, very hot and fiery.

    • We’ll get to that after many years 😀 ! I don’t have a high tolerance on pedas food actually, I would go red and all sweaty fairly quickly, it is more that I relish the torture LOL!

  3. I think I prefer this type of souvenir. It goes down the hatch, never to be seen again unlike those that take up space, collect dust and then later thrown out 😀

  4. so thoughtful of ur colleague! normally the ladies in my office will get masks…as for guys, some edible stuffs or nail clipper whenever someone came back from Korea.

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