Sneak Peek Into My Rented House

At the risk of embarrassing myself again, let me show you what the inside of my rented house looks like. Consider this your sneak peek into a single man’s house.

Actually my main intention is to store some pictures in my blog. I will be moving to a new place (still rented) within a month from now. Might as well write something and then have a laugh when I look back at this post some time in the future.

The Room:

IMG_20141020_175948 (1024x759)

As you can see, it is pretty simple. An untidy bed, a chair, and a very messy multipurpose table. See that brownish round thing in front of the laptop? That’s where I put my meals, be it in a bowl or a plate. The exercise bike doubles up as a hanger for my shopping bag when not in use. There’s also a closet and a plastic rack container for storage. What you cannot see here is my 28 inch luggage.

The Living Room:

IMG_20141020_180007 (1024x759)

We don’t use this place much. I am not close friends with my housemates, we pretty much stick to ourselves in our rooms. The table belongs to the landlord. The clothes rack are mine, I use it for additional clothes drying capacity because there’s a ceiling fan there. We don’t dry our clothes outdoors because nobody is usually at home in the day and it rains often. Then there’s a big pile of mess known as the shoes in the far corner.

The Kitchen:

IMG_20141020_180023 (1024x759)

The house comes with those cabinets and sink. The rest are mine, including the fridge and washing machine. The housemates use the washing machine (I let them use it), but I am the only one who cooks.

The Dining Area:

IMG_20141020_190432_1 (1024x759)

Since we pretty much stick to ourselves, we don’t dine together and didn’t get around to getting a dining table. We converted the dining area into our main clothes drying area.

The Bathroom:

IMG_20141020_190444 (1024x759)

The bathroom and toilet are separated. I think this is the standard for government built housing. Yes, the house that I am renting is a government built house, and it is very old. The landlord installed a water heater for us, and the toilet is squat toilet.

I think this house was built in the 1970s when Tun Lim Chong Eu began to develop Bayan Lepas into an industrial zone.

I’m not sure if I will miss this house or not. I have been staying here for almost 5 years now, give or take a few months. Probably not, since I did not bother to make this house into a homey place. The only reason I stayed this long is because the location is superb, 3 minutes drive to the office. And I am lazy to move because I have the fridge and washing machine to contend with.

Don’t have a choice now. The landlord wants to increase the rent, again. And the latest increase is pricing me out of renewing the contract. I suppose it is unavoidable, a couple of the neighboring houses has been rented to people who converted the houses into shops, and these assholes people can generally pay more. And you know how we Chinese rolls, we like to charge based on market price instead of cost price.

Anyway, I’ll be busy with yet another thing in this coming month. House moving. Maybe I’ll show you my new place, in time 😉


  1. It doesn’t look homey but it is not bad. All you need is a roof over your head and a place to sleep. You spend most of your time at work anyway. I used to rent a room and would find many excuses not to stay home. I don’t like being cooped up in my room. So, at your new place will you be subletting or having the whole place to yourself?

    • I haven’t decided yet. It’s a low cost flat unit, so it is not too big and quite cheap. I’ll settle down first and then see if I want to sublet.

  2. Your room and the kitchen looks clean.. Ok la, can stay la.. But since the landlord is increasing rent again, and if you manage to find another (nearby) place with a cheaper rent, then why not? I have mild OCD, if I live there I’d be bz vacuming the house and scrubbing the toilets everyday, haha..

    • Maybe I need to find a girlfriend/wife that is like you, then I can sit back and relax hahaha 😀
      I sweep the entire house weekly, wash the toilet and mop the house every 2 weeks.. I hope my mom doesn’t read this, she might take the next bus up here to clean my house for me. That’s not good news, someone who needs his mom to clean his house is a loser, and I am not that. Or at least I don’t want to be seen as that..

  3. The basic amenities are all there, I am a boring person also though I have my own house, I stay at home surfing the net, youtube, blogging and facebook, I intend to downgrade to a smaller house in future

  4. actually i would have to say, your house and room is kind of clean and tidy, for a guy!! at least i don’t see clothes thrown everywhere, or perhaps you have actually tidied up the place before taking the photos?? haha~~

    • Nope, it is as it is. I don’t throw a lot of clothes around, I don’t recycle my clothes because I sweat easily, whatever I wear, I wash without “keeping” in the room..

  5. Thanks for showing us your current rented house. Do you mind sharing how much is your current rent and how much the landlord is asking for renewal?

    • You can refer to my reply to Sibu Food Mayor. I don’t wanna mention the exact new price, some potential landlord might stumble on to my blog, see it and set that as benchmark later on..

      • I think potential landlords talk to estate agents or among themselves to set the rent and not spend time reading blogs, hehehe. 🙂 Looks like the rental market in Penang is so good until the rent keeps going up. Is the house facing a main road? else why the neighbour rent it to some one to be used as a commercial unit?

        • Yeah, the house is facing a main road.
          Actually, I’m not so sure about the rent situation being that great. Many people actually bought their own houses 6 or 8 years ago when prices were still normal. Mostly the people who still rent are fresh graduates and morons like me who refuse to buy a house on this island. Apart from houses like the one I am staying now, housing rent has more or less remained the same for the past few years, while house prices has increased twofold or threefold.
          It is difficult to increase rent to correspond with the increase in house prices. The subtenants will not pay more than RM300 for a typical medium room, so to make things work, if you want to rent your house out for more than RM1200, you can only aim at families and forget about the fresh working people.

  6. haha…I just eventually got a ‘tour’ into your rented house…Looks OK, as long as those pipes, electrical plugs/cabling are still functioning…well basic necessities are met. But well, it somehow kinda boring if u dun mingle with the housemates…like u confined yourself in the room after returning from work, unless u r a sociable person who hangs out everyday after work. Can’t wait to see ur new house!

    • I am a boring person. In fact I am a boring nerd, so it is fine for me to keep to myself. Usually I spend my time cooped up in the room freelancing/writing novella/writing blogs 😐

    • You’ve found a new place? Can’t wait to see the photos. By the way, how much is the rent for a place like this in Penang? Is this a house or a condo/apartment? Just curious.

      • Landed single storey terrace. This type of house is super old, they were mostly built in the 70s, so most of them are fully paid. If you are lucky, the owner might charge you a token sum just to get some income while having someone take care of the house. For my case, I was on RM800 for the whole house up till last year, then it was increased to RM900. Then the neighbor rented to someone who converted the house into a shop and fetched almost double of what I am paying, it probably made my landlord realized the potential to make more money. I don’t want to mention the new rate that the landlord wanted, but it was enough to make me pull the plug.

      • So in this current place, you are subletting to your other housemates, that’s why you allowed them to use your washing machine as an incentive for them to rent from you.

        Is your new place a condo, apartment or landed house?

        • Yeah, you are right, every time I find new subtenants, they would come and balk at the shabby looking house. But they will loosen up when they see the washing machine and fridge and the relatively big room size. Not to mention the house is actually relatively clean compared to other rental houses. Top it off with good parking spaces, usually it would be quite easy to get them to sign up.
          You’d be surprised many rental houses are worse compared to mine in terms of cleanliness. Usually when a few strangers rent a place together, they would think that they are just renting the room and the only area they need to maintain is their own rooms. The living room, kitchen and toilet would be super dirty. When I was room hunting back then, I even came across a house where the living room’s floor is entirely covered with dust and you had to wear your shoes all the way into your respective rooms! Of course I did not take it.

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