Seoul Garden @ Queensbay Mall

A team mate is going to leave next week, so we had a farewell lunch for with her on Thursday. This is where we went:

Seoul Garden
Seoul Garden @ Queensbay Mall

Seoul Garden is a restaurant chain that promotes themselves as a Korean BBQ buffet chain. The reason we came here was not because they sell authentic Korean food though. The reason we came was because it is a buffet and it is nearby. In fact, if you ask me, the only thing Korean about Seoul Garden is the restaurant’s name and nothing else.

Seoul Garden
The stove top

Each table has one of these electric stove top, the middle is a stainless steel bowl where we get to choose a soup base and become steamboat. The sides are where we grill BBQ our meats.

Seoul Garden
Like this

Let’s show you what they have in the buffet line.

Seoul Garden
Assorted steamboat ingredients
Seoul Garden
Chicken, Beef, Fish and Squid in various marinades for BBQ
Seoul Garden
The greens and noodles for steamboat

They also have a few deep fried dishes which I failed to take a photo of, basically meant for hungry people who cannot wait until their other food is cooked.

Seoul Garden
Drinks and desserts section

That’s about all. Nothing much and fanciful to shout about, basically people come here to stuff themselves, not enjoy super quality food.

Since I’m turning into a health conscious person lately, I shall not share the meats that I took in my blog because my mom sometimes reads my blog and she absolutely cannot see those incriminating photos I actively avoid BBQ and only have steamboat food.

Seoul Garden
Steamboat food
Seoul Garden
No no no, this is not mine. I “borrowed” someone else’s to snap the photo

*Nobody will add sweet corn topping on their ice cream except you lah, bodoh! Stop lying through your teeth!*

They have this stupid rule where each customer is only given one glass to fill the drinks with. If you want to have coffee from their coffee machine, you will have to take your glass to the counter and exchange for a plastic mug. Why would they do that? The plates are free flow, but the glasses and mugs are not. They’re more expensive than the plates?

Seoul Garden
Cappuccino in a plastic mug

The meal costed RM32 per pax. Not exactly cheap if you ask me, the ingredients are all cheap and common stuff. The food is nice if you cook them nicely.

I’m not going to show you what we do to people who resigns and leaves the team. Those are Private and Confidential matters. It may or may not involve a pool or a packet of flour, depending on where we eat. Basically that’s about it. We appreciate everyone’s contribution while they are with us, so we buy them a nice lunch and then make them give a 2 minutes farewell speech. And then we take a group photo, and go back to work. That is what we do every time.


  1. I have seen this Seoul Garden in One Utama before. Now I am not sure if it is still there or not. But I have never been there because I am just too lazy to cook my own food enough like this. LOL!

    • LOL! With these self cooking going on, you cannot blame the restaurant if your food is not nice. You can only blame yourself. Fail safe for the restaurant 😀

  2. RM32 per pax? That’s cheap. We have a same branch here, located just next to the Federal Highway, nearby Wisma Pantai (I think), and the price is RM40-50+ per head leh.. I dunno if we are talking about the same Seoul place or not.. I been there a few times already, and it’s not RM32 per head, not anywhere near that..

    • I think you went for dinner gua, dinner and lunch is priced differently for buffets, and I think for Seoul Garden, Penang is priced differently compared to KL too. Mine was RM29.99++, and if we flash our company badge we get 10% discount (yeah, my company badge is quite handy in quite a few places)

  3. Well-known chain, have heard of this place. Thought of checking out one Korean place here – have not been for a long long time, still going strong…but ended up going for nasi bryani at the shop downstairs.

  4. I think all those buffet places are not really that great. My brother has been to Seoul Garden and he did mot encourage me to try it. I have been to Shogun/Saisaki Japanese Buffet and though there is lots of variety, it does not really taste all that great. So I have stopped going there. The old company I used to work for also does farewell lunches. I don’t really enjoy that ritual. But hmm… they gave me a farewell too but no speech required 🙂

    • For buffet, I still think the ones in hotels are better. Not a fan of Shogun and Saisaki, but I think Jogoya in Starhill is pretty decent.
      LOL! Why no speech? Speech is great! 😀

      • I have not tried Shogun and Saisaki because I read that the quality there is not that high. After eating Sushi King promotion of Salmon Sushi where the Salmon does not taste like Salmon at all, I told myself no more these kind of quality sushi so I don’t even want to try Shogun and Saisaki.
        As for Jogoya in Starhill, I have lifetime membership card because I always go there when it first open and the quality is good. Now I also never go there already because the quality is not what it used to be.

        • I thought Jogoya was pretty decent when I went earlier this year. So they used to be better huh.. I suppose it is understandable, the chefs in there are those Nepalese or Burmese workers, hard to inspire much confidence.

  5. Your mum reads your blog! How nice! She must have laughed so hard and rolled on the floor sometimes. I never want my family or personal friends to read my blogs as I bitched about them sometimes.

    • She reads selectively. Usually she will only read the food posts, and focuses on pictures where there is a tiny hint of unhealthy food, and conveniently ignores any sign of healthy eating.

  6. This outlet here at 1-U is always packed at dinner time with diners using vouchers. I went once and I thought the plate of Kim Chi is the only Korean dish besides the seaweed paper. I only like their fragrant coffee and nothing else.

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