Lazy Man Bakes Quarter Pound Cake

I have been reading/watching recipes after recipes on baking cakes. I resisted the urge for a few weeks, but it has been extremely difficult. My mental strength has repeatedly taken bashing after bashing while drooling over delicious looking cakes.

I must not bake a cake, it is fattening to eat a whole cake alone!… I must not bake a cake… I must not… I HAVE TO BAKE A CAKE!

*Justification mode ON*
I mean, I have the utensils, it is a waste not to use them more, right? Yes? Of course I am right, I knew it. And, I can always bake a smaller cake, I just need to halve the amount used in those typical recipes. And I use organic wholemeal wheat flour, it is better than the normal plain flour. Eating cake does not need to be too fattening, right? Right. So let’s do it.

*Back to normal mode*
So, I opened a few cake baking recipes that I have been reading, including the ones from Phong Hong, but they all have one thing in common: it is delicious to see the photos of the end product, but depressing to read the recipes and how to do it, as far as Lazy Man is concerned.

Then I read from a certain website, the most straightforward cake to bake is the Pound Cake. According to Wikipedia, a Pound Cake is made using a pound (450 grams-ish) each of four ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, sugar.

So I began to look for recipes for Pound Cake baking. They are all equally depressing to read. They all involve creaming the butter and sugar first, then add eggs, then add flour. Mix for 3 times? Isn’t that a lot of work??

*Lazy Man a.k.a cut corners mode ON*
Time to break out my cutting corners talent and create a disaster of epic proportions… again…


  • 100g flour
  • 100g butter
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 lemon

The idea of the Pound Cake is, 1 pound of each. The key point is, same amount. I am not going to make a full sized Pound Cake, it would be too big for me to eat alone. And I sure wouldn’t impose my first time effort on my friends. So I used approximately 100g of each ingredients, which is approximately a quarter of a pound. And the recipes all say use 4 eggs, so I assumed 4 eggs equals to 1 pound of egg, and used just 1 egg for what I am baking.

Henceforth I shall name my cake, the Lazy Man’s Quarter Pound Cake.


  • Take butter, egg, lemon out and let them settle in room temperature.
  • Put butter and caster sugar into a big mixing bowl and use a mixer to cream into a fluffy batter.
  • Add egg in and mix well.
  • Add flour in and mix well.
  • Put all four ingredients: butter, caster sugar, egg and flour and mix with a whisker because I don’t have those electric mixer. Mix until the batter is thick and fluffy. Then squeeze lemon juice from a whole lemon and mix for a bit more. This is worth 20 minutes of intense hand workout. And for guys, make sure no ladies are sitting behind you and watching while you do this, it does not look appropriate.

Pound cake

  • Prepare a loaf pan. Place aluminium foil into the pan (optional). Grease the surface with a bit of butter to prevent the cake from sticking later.
  • Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
  • Pour the fluffy batter into the pan, and bake in oven for 45 minutes.

Pound cake

  • At 30 minutes, begin to enjoy the nice aroma filling your kitchen. Go and check on the cake’s progress, and be satisfied that it seems to look like a cake. Feel optimistic.

Pound cake

  •  When the cake is done, let it cool for 10 minutes before serving.

I made a mistake. I did not grease the aluminium foil’s surface enough. As a result,

Pound cake
The cake still got stuck

After a few minutes of delicately trying to remove the foil, it was apparent that whatever hopes I have to make the cake look presentable has gone out the window.

Pound cake
Here’s what I have

Yeah, it doesn’t look too wonderful, does it? And the color seems off, it looks more brown than yellow. I suspect it is because I used organic wheat flour instead of normal white plain flour.

On the bright side, the cake does taste absolutely delicious. By delicious, I mean it tastes like a store bought pound cake with some lemon flavor in it. It did not taste like the disaster that it looked. and the cake’s top was crunchy, yum yums. And it seems I have enough portion for 2 meals. Brunch today and breakfast tomorrow settled.

I think I will take note of having to grease the surface more and maybe next time, I can bake a cake that I can share with friends 😉


  1. Did I miss this post yesterday? I only found out after I checked FB today and saw your update.. Err, you uploaded one post, and belum sempat I read it, and you uploaded the second post jor hai mai?
    I’ve always loved butter cake.. My style is like you, I chuck everything into a bowl and whisk, that’s all.. At least you used a whisk, I use a fork only, haha..

    • The cake I posted on lunch time, the TV series one on midnight, 12 hours gap hahaha..
      I feel that some of the recipes no need to follow exactly, agak agak will do, just be prepared to accept agak agak quality 🙄

  2. Congrats! It is the taste that counts so since your cake tastes good, then it is a success!! Baking another one soon? Since you got the ingredients. Would not want them to expire.

  3. Respect, man!!! I dunno how to bake. Correction – I am scared to bake because of all the horror stories my missus told me – this cannot, that cannot, every measurement must be accurate, this must be fresh, this must not be cold from the fridge etc…etc…etc…and last Chinese New Year, hers were disastrous!!! No mood throughout the whole festive season. So there! So clever, also didn’t turn out right. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

    • Sometimes depends on luck too, especially when lack of experience. Depends on whether the God of Baking is smiling at you 😀

  4. RG, that is why the saying.. Practice makes Perfect!! I am sure one day you will produce a 10/10 perfect Cake! Never give up and don’t be shy to show us too.. *I might do worse!* :0

  5. Wow! Now it is a Bake With Gunner post. Nice try and you cake wasn’t a disaster. You will get addicted to baking and start buying recipe books, ovens, pans, trays, mixers, special tins and what nots. Good luck funny man.

  6. wah!!! you BAKE!!! I am sure you must be the most hardworking lazy man I’ve ever known, haha!! seriously, you baked the butter pound cake!!! and that surely looks quite delicious dude!!! impressed~~ 🙂

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