Pen Mutiara @ Batu Maung

This is the first time I used my new phone to snap photos. Forgive the poor quality as I have not had the time to setup the camera settings to my optimum liking.

My American counterpart has been in Penang for 2 weeks, and he wanted to buy us dinner to thank us for all our hard work and being hospitable to him. We were tasked with finding a nice restaurant that serves halal food. The resident halal food expert suggested that we come to Restoran Pen Mutiara.

Pen Mutiara
Restoran Pen Mutiara

This restaurant is located right next to the Jabatan Perikanan (Department of Fishery) in Batu Maung, 200 meters from the Penang Second Bridge. Or is it Second Penang Bridge?

Pen Mutiara
Nice little fountain at the entrance

The restaurant is a Malay cuisine styled seafood restaurant. The seafood here is guaranteed 100% fresh. After all, the restaurant is right next to the Department of Fishery and Batu Maung’s fishermen jetty. Fishermen’s daily catches will have to go through this restaurant before going anywhere else. If it is not fresh here, then it will not be fresh anywhere else.

Pen Mutiara
Fresh fish and seafood for selection

I came here once with some friends about 5 years ago. Back then it was a relatively new and modest Malay seafood restaurant. It was getting popular because of the fresh seafood and air conditioned environment.

Today, it has transformed into a fine dining restaurant.

Pen Mutiara
The interior

Thankfully, the food is as good as I remembered. We did not do any ordering, that task was left to the resident Malay food expert.

Pen Mutiara
The food was even served in a professional manner, lined up neatly around the table
Pen Mutiara
Enough food for 5

The dishes, starting from the top right in clockwise manner:

  1. Kailan ikan masinChinese broccoli with salted fish gravy
  2. Sayur campurMixed vegetables
  3. Telur bistikI don’t know the English name for this, there probably is none. Bistique egg? It is basically omelette with minced meat and frozen vegetables topping
  4. Udang sambalPrawns in spicy dried shrimp paste
  5. UlamMalay salad appetizer
  6. Kari isi ikanFish meat curry, we requested without fish head because we are a table of 5 lazy men. The American went to choose the fish that he fancied, we did not see, so did not know what type of fish was served.

The American was bragging all day about his spicy food intake capability. He was talking about how the last time he came, he had a spicy soup that none of the Malaysian guys were able to take.

I suspect it was just a case of the Malaysians being polite and pretend to let him look good. Or maybe they were just a bunch of wuss. Well, he did okay for an American, he did not so much as flinch with the curry and sambal. However, he took a bite on the cili padi infused mixed vegetables and realized he still has some way to go to reach the “Malaysian” spicy food eating level.

The bill came to slightly over RM 200. Definitely more expensive than usual Malay food prices, but definitely worth it. The food was very good.


  1. Penang has developed so much until I have no chance to catch up with the progress except to read up the blogs from Penang. This place is now happening with the new bridge added on.
    You have gout? That’s terrible as you are so young. You know what to do to get rid and prevent this gout but I have a quick remedy that could bring instant relief on that painful spots. Buy those foot plasters that come from Japan or Korea that contains pine wood or charcoal powder that sucks out toxins effectively. Do it for 2 nights and the gout aches will go away for those unbearable cases. It will come back again cos the patient needs to flush out the whole toxins and uric acid completely. In other words, the plaster helps to flush too. My boy, exercise more and soak yourself in hot water. Good luck Gunner!

    • More like, I had gout. Not in pain anymore, but uric acid level is high, so have to bring it down. I think I am progressing well, but will do another blood test in a few months time to confirm 🙂

  2. Fresh seafood is always good and it is great that at this restaurant it is guaranteed to be fresh. I love Malay food, the spicier the better. But honestly, I am more of a chicken person hah..hah..

  3. Typical malay food, I’d love to try all except ulam, hehe, don’t like greens or salad unless it is served with loads of (creamy) dressing, bacon, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken and lots of cheese *ok, shut up, woman*
    Telur bistik? Never heard before, sounds like beef steak, bistik, beef steak, no? Ram200 in a fine dining place hai kam siong har geh la.. Only prawns and fish, others all vege and egg leh, but hai kam geh la, all masuk perut already *burrrpppp*

    • The fish was RM65, the prawns RM45, the ulam RM10, the other 3 dishes RM20 each. Plus rice and drinks. Yalo, hai gam siong har ge la, fine dining ma.
      Why shut up? All those are yummy food, it is normal to love those lah 😉

  4. My kind of cuisine, lovely place…but RM200 for 5 dishes for five people – expensive lah! Even with the fish and prawn dishes you all had, should not be more than RM150.

      • Tsk, I got a colleague that is Penang local but totally cannot take spicy food. He eat roti canai with sugar every time 😉

    • I am surprised too, but I think Americans are okay with spicy. They are used to Mexican food, with all those jalapenos. It is the Europeans that cannot tahan spicy food I think..

  5. For a fresh seafood restaurant, the 5 of you did not order much seafood wor. Only 1 fish curry dish and 1 prawn dish. The ikan masin doesnot count because masin already so not fresh lah. RM200 is just too cheap for the American when converted to USD.

    • Hahaha because we’re all worried about gout. Apparently I am not the only one with high uric acid >.<

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