What I Do With My Phone

Someone read this blog post and asked me: “What do you mean by Gunnerization??”

It is just a fancy word created by me to describe what I do to setup the phone to my requirements 😉

My phone is pretty basic when we talk about the setup and the apps. Unlike most people who install everything they can into their smartphones, I prefer to keep things simple.


Home Screen – I like my Home screen to be near blank. It makes me stressful if my Home screen is filled with icons and apps. Only the clock and a few essential items can be found here: Camera, Gallery, Settings and Task Killer. On top of the 4 default applications that sticks at the bottom.

Cold Palace Screen – The screen where I put the stuff that I mostly neglect. Cold Palace is a direct translation for 冷宫. 打入冷宫 whacked into cold palace describes the majority of the Emperor of China’s concubines. You know the more lavish emperors is always said to have 3000 concubines each, most of them is absorbed into the palace and then neglected until once in a while, the emperor remembers one of them and visits them for a night, and then neglect them again. The apps in this screen is in similar situation as far as I am concerned.

Office Screen – This is where I store the apps that I use all the time. As you can see, it is not much too.

Home screen in the middle, Cold Palace screen on the left, Office screen on the right. Only three pages, nothing more.


I don’t think I need to tell you what I do with Instagram, Whatsapp, Waze and Torch. Do I?

GSC Cinema – Ever since I have this, I have never ever ever queued up to buy movie tickets anymore. Why should I spend 30 minutes queuing up and then be assigned random seats? With apps, I can buy movie tickets from the comfort of my home/office/chair/bed, select the seats myself and arrive at the cinema just in time for the movie to start. Sometimes (most of the time) it feels awesome watching people queue up for tickets and queue up to have their tickets checked while I flash my phone out and scan my way into the halls with no queue at all.

ConvertPad – I mostly use this at work. We use the metric system, but we work with Americans who mostly still uses the imperial system. It is sometimes necessary to have an app that can do the conversions for me immediately.


Google Play Book – Book reader app for eBooks purchased through Google Play Store. The good thing about this app is, it lets you choose whether to download the books into your phone or to read it online. Do you know when you purchase a book from Google Play Store, you don’t even need to deal with pdf files, let alone physical books. The eBooks will be available through your Google account, and you can access them from any PC/tablet/smartphone in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Don’t focus on the content of that particular book and be misled, the book is a perfectly normal romance novel by an Australian author 😉 .


Over the years, I have installed and tried playing countless games. Most of them (including Draw Something and Candy Crush) did not last more than 3 months.

These are the only few games that are permanent fixture in my Android phones. They are all simple games that do not require high processor speed to play. That’s how I love it, powerful device to play simple games to get the smoothest gaming experience instead of stressful gaming experience.

Big Big BIG 2 – Also known as 锄大地 Chor Dai Dee. I love card games, I also love using my brain instead of luck to win. This game is the perfect combination of both.

No “Dee” = bad news, more brain work required.

Blocks – A puzzle game that I have been playing sporadically for the past few months. Again, this is a game that stimulates your brain. There are 3 levels: Novice, Intermediate, Expert. Each level has 300 stages. At the moment I am at Expert level, Stage 45. Don’t be fooled by the simple looks of the game, this game is properly tough! I spend an average of 40 minutes to clear 1 stage now.

2048 – This is a rather popular game. I actually stopped playing it on the Note, but since I am on my new phone now and all the records are wiped clean, I need to start over again for my ego’s sake.

I stopped here with my Note.

Basketball – Playing sports is good for your health. That’s why I play Basketball. It trains my hand-eye coordination 😉 .


Major Mayhem – This is the only shooting game that I can tolerate. I have never crashed once when on this game. The same cannot be said for the more sophisticated shooting games. I play this game when my stress level is high, getting my machine gun or bazooka to blast some ninjas’ and mummies’ heads off.

Major Mayhem

Real Steel – When I installed this game, I did not expect it to be a smooth gaming experience, but it is. It did not crash on my phones so far. The graphics are quite nice and real compared to the movie. The game is just like what the movie is about, robots whacking each other and progressing from the underground scene to the World Robot League. This is a game I play when my stress level is beyond high. What better way to release steam than to pound and whack and tear off other robots’ heads?

Real Steel
My favorite robot – custom red Noisy Boy

So, what do you think of the way I use my phone? When I am using my phone for entertainment, it is always these few lousy games, or reading romance novels. Boring, isn’t it? Nothing much happens on my phone.

I once had a girl in my car from KL back to Penang, she wanted to explore what games I have on my phone, but she was dismayed to find so few games and none to her liking. So she said “Your life must be very boring..” and went to sleep. Ouch!



  1. I only use my phone for whatsapp, facebook, blogging, youtube and listen to radio stations…big big big 2 I like this game, but no games on my phone cause I have no patience playing games.

    • Simple games like big big big 2 okay ma, it doesn’t take long to complete a game. Those that need 3 hours to finish is a bit tedious, I do agree 😉

  2. Wow, there’s lots you can do with your phone! Those games reminded me of the old days when my brothers and I would fight over the computer to play. Of course back then the graphics were pretty basic and not fierce like the ones of today.

  3. I only need one to see what’s on Facebook and check if there are any new comments in my blog…other than the once-in-a-long-while calls and smses and at times, the calculator would come in handy. My antique handphone’s good for these things…so I don’t think I need a smartphone.

    My missus has one(but so hard to get her to answer my calls and smses!!! As good as not having a mobile phone at all. Tsk! Tsk!)…and she plays online games but she got bored after a while, went and got herself a notebook for the purpose, in the end – bigger, I guess.

    • Oh ya, I can check emails on my antique handphone too, just that I very seldom do that….other than, perhaps, emailing photos to my email address once in a blue moon. Will do most stuff on my desktop…including watching youtube videos. That’s why I can never finish the bandwidth on my phone every month.

      • I hardly check emails on my phone too. It is just one of the things that I think is better done on a computer.

    • It’s not the phone, my mom too has trouble answering phone calls efficiently regardless of what type of phones she use. It is the way they treat the phone. My mom thinks the phone is just a tool for her to contact us, not a tool which allows us to contact her.
      My mom not only plays online games nowadays, she update FB status, share things on my Timeline, reads my blog, and browses Groupon @.@

  4. You went to watch Dracula movie alone? That’s boring and scary to scream alone with no one to hug! Lol
    My phone has so many games and apps but I only play Word Puzzles! I click watsap and FB the most besides the stupid biased newspapers. Every night I have to use the phone’s torch lights to catch snails in my garden!
    Your interests are so different probably due to your young age.

    • I was getting my glasses fixed, there’s 2 hours wait time, what else can a single man do for 2 hours in a mall? Watch movie lah 😐
      I don’t read newspapers anymore nowadays, not even Malaysiakini. They are either pro BN or pro Anwar, no neutral stuff to read..

  5. at least u still play games, I stopped playing games since 2012, got bored with some even after a few months. I mostly used my phone for FB, chat, take pics & read news…LOL, jst another boring person here.

  6. I like games like Block and 2048. You use your phone more than me. I just use my phone to whataps and take photos, that’s all.

    Perhaps the person who asked you about the word, wants you to Gunnerization his/her phone, hahahaha!

  7. haha, lazy to organize the screen as long as i know where the apps i use most often are.. won’t be changing also because already get used to it, the page and the position~~

    i played that 2048 game too, but now no more :p

    • To me, if you are able to find where your apps are, then the screen is organized to your requirements.
      I will stop playing that 2048 too once I reach back to 4096 😉

  8. Oohh you got lots of apps in there.. Let me see what my phone has: FB, Blogger, Yahoo mail, chat apps (KakaoTalk, Whatsapp, Wechat), kids games like Peppa Pig/Thomas & Friends games (mostly for the big boss), that’s about all.. Boring huh..

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