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Kids nowadays have it easy when it come to electronic gadgets. They get to use smartphones and tablets even before they enter primary school. And primary school kids having their own mobile phones are becoming more and more of a common sight.

I bought my first mobile phone on the Chinese New Year eve after I completed high school.

Motorola E398
My 1st phone – Motorola E398

I remember it costed RM 800-ish. I remember I paid half with my angpow money and my parents sponsored the remaining half as a reward for me doing well in SPM. Back then, the trendy phones to have were those with color screens, polyphonic ringtones and built in camera. This phone was awesome by that standard. It has a 300k pixel camera when the standard fare was 100k pixel. I loved it to bits.

I carried this phone for the entire duration of college. By the time I completed my Advanced Diploma, my phone has become a laughing stock among my friends. It was time to “upgrade” my phone before I leave for the UK. Because I loved Motorola so much, I bought another Motorola. This time a flip phone.

Motorola V3x
My 2nd phone – Motorola RAZR V3x

Again, this was a top notch model when I bought it. I think it was in the region of RM 1500 when I bought it, can’t really remember, but I do remember that I bought this phone with money I got from working. I had 3 months of free time before our summer semester in Liverpool, so I registered with a recruitment agency and did a few odd jobs.

Jobs that I remember I did:

  1. 2 weeks data entry boy/PA for a pretty consultant from McKinsey at MAS offices in KLIA – RM 1000
  2. 2 days office boy task with Fuji Xerox – don’t remember the pay, I think it was RM 200
  3. 1.5 months filing assistant SC Johnson (Mr Muscle, Glade distributor) – RM 3000.
Me & Siri
Me and McKinsey’s pretty consultant lady from Thailand.

Yeah, I’m giving you a small glimpse of a MAS office.

The V3x was, and still is, my favorite phone so far. I have a thing for flip phones, I think they are the coolest phones on Earth. And this guy’s casing is made of rubber material, so it was very rugged and scratch proof.

Unfortunately, I killed it one day after 2 years of usage when I dropped it to the ground from 2 floors up and the screen cracked. I tried about 10 different shops but all of them said the same thing: this phone is beyond repair.

I had no choice but to look for my 3rd phone. I had wanted to get a similar phone from Motorola, but at that time, they were bloody expensive and I was a cheapo. I settled for a RM 500 slide phone.

Samsung J800
My 3rd phone – Samsung J800

It was an okay phone, but I did not really connect with it. I kept comparing it with my V3x, and it came up short on all departments. So when it started showing symptoms of going bad after just 8 months in use, I secretly rejoiced while outwardly projecting an image of a dejected man. Time to hunt for my 4th phone.

It was a time when iPhones and Android phones were beginning to pick up market share. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon, but at that time I was still a cheapo. It was impossible for me to part with RM 2000 to buy an iPhone, so I bought the cheapest Android phone that I can find.

HTC Wildfire
My 4th phone – HTC Wildfire

It was slightly below RM 1000. But it was Android powered, and I was happy. In fact, I was very happy for a few months as I downloaded free apps and games while my iPhone wielding mates had to pay for their apps and games.

My happiness only lasted for a few months. My phone was the lowest end of the Android 2.0 phones. After awhile, the newer apps and games that were developed on Android 3.x and 4.x platforms came into market. I could not use them because they require higher processing capability and using them would cause my phone to be very slow or even worse, crash.

By the 1 year mark, I was a very unhappy man. I decided to screw being a cheapo and go back to buying the latest cutting edge smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note
My 5th phone – Samsung Galaxy Note

I think the full price was RM 2200 when it was launched in Malaysia. I was among the first batch of people to buy the Note. I signed up with Digi for the data plan and got this phone for a discounted price of RM 1300. I sold my HTC to a Malay lady through Mudah for RM 350.

I would say this is my 2nd favorite phone after the V3x. You know, I am a big guy, so it is only fitting that I carry a big phone. When I first flashed this 5.3 inch monster in the office, everyone was mesmerized and intimidated. I get asked the same question over and over again in the first month. How can this phone fit in the pocket? By the 2nd month however, a few of my peers started carrying the same phone. And then we started this saying: This is the perfect size for a phone, iPhone is a toy for kids!

If you look at the number of people using the Note series nowadays, it proves our saying to be prophetic. 😀

So, I’ve wasted your time going through my phone collection, but that’s not really why I make this blog post. Here I finally get to the main point.

I have been using the Note for almost 3 years now. I ran into a problem 2 months ago.

IMG_20141002_230931 (576x1024)
No, not this

I couldn’t care less about scratches and dents, I have dropped the phone to the floor countless times that I am already immune to any cosmetic defects to the phone.

IMG_20141002_230939 (576x1024)
The problem is here

You see, on a day about 2 months ago, a tiny piece of thing fell out from this charging hole. I do not know what that part is, and could not figure out what it was for, but ever since this incident happened, my phone has been charging at most 40% over 8 hours. It means I have to keep it constantly plugged in, or else the battery will konk out within half a day. My patience lasted 3 days before I decided that I need a new phone. Yup, that’s the main point of this post.

Remember I claimed that I will not buy a certain brand of phone due to their terrible marketing trick and instead donated the money? Well, I was forced to eat my words fairly quickly. You see, somewhere along the 3 years of using my Note, my mindset changed again. I no longer want to spend RM 2000 for a phone. The mi3 is the only option for me if I wanted a cheap phone with good specs.

Since they launched the mi4 in China, they stopped the stupid marketing gimmick and allowed us to order the phone at all times. So I was able to order the phone with no troubles. That does not mean there was no trouble. they still make me wait 4 weeks before shipping my phone. I got the Fedex tracking number last week. Remember I kept refreshing the tracking site every 30 seconds on Saturday? Well, the status remained the same until yesterday evening. I called up Fedex to inquire about what the hold up was. This was the reply I got: Your package is under scheduled delivery, we are only authorized to deliver to you on the 9th of October, unless the customer advises us otherwise.

WTF?! Who the fuck does that?? Why would Xiaomi do this?! I immediately sent a strongly worded email to their customer service, telling them to stop fucking about with me. They did not reply to my email,

But the package was suddenly released for delivery this morning
So here it is now

Right now, it is undergoing a process called Gunnerization, where I install all the wallpapers, apps and games that I need into it. The camera seems decent, which is to be expected of a 13 megapixel Sony camera. I have not used it nearly enough to say whether the phone is any good. Maybe I’ll write a review about it, in time. 😉



  1. My first handphone was when I was already a full grown adult hah..hah… And it was this big clumsy thing which I was very embarrassed to use. No, I did not buy it. It was a company phone. Then I finally got a Nokia. And I must be the only ancient person who is still using an auntie Nokia phone. When this one dies, then I get a smartphone 🙂

    • My parents were apprehensive about smartphones, they were grumpy when they got theirs early this year. Now they are loving it, regularly Whatsapp us and share Like our Facebook statuses @.@ . I think you will fall in love with smartphones in no time too 😉

  2. I love your granny & phoney tales. You sound like a grumpy elephant, enough to tickle my ribs.
    I had too many phones to date and I had 3 models as gifts from someone else!! My first one was a Motorola Flip from the boss of Datacraft. Later my friend went to Taipei and sent me a new HTC which is the worst phone ever. Now my Samsung S3 is a gift from my wife for winning the HLB contest.
    In between all these 3 gifts, I had bought few Nokias and Samsungs which I still prefer Samsung for some reasons.

  3. mine is S….jst bought S5 few months back. My HTC wildfire S bought in 2011 always hang…I can no longer tolerate, so decided to get a better phone.

    • Yeah, that’s what they are doing. Keep using cheap marketing tricks to mislead people into thinking they are selling like hot cakes.

  4. Wah, now more & more picture in your post wor, I like, can see you more too.. Good.. Wah, let me think.. My first hp ahh? My dad bought for me when I went to college, to check on me – Siemens dunno what model, got antenna one on top, kekekeke.. Second one? Hmm, Nokia something, with polytone, like, Nokia 6630? 3rd? I forgot, also Nokia something, very “tai kao sui” (big fat elephant), in black, but sound system very geng.. Then after that, at one time, very “hing” Sony Ericsson.. First, the walkman version, then the pink/blue flip-over (I’m still keeping the pink flip-over phone, very nice).. Then smartphone came.. My first smartphone was Samsung Mini, then changed to Samsung Hello Kitty when they launched (which girl doesn’t like Hello Kitty right? Still keeping the phone), and then about 1 year ago, pink S3, til now..

  5. Please do write a full review when you have used it long enough. You sure remember your phones. I don’t have many phones but my old phone is like huge but not the tupperware huge kind.

    • Not even my dad had those dai gor dai phones. Those were 70s or 80s technology 😀
      I’ll see what I can cook up for the review 😉

  6. So what are you going to do with the old one? Don’t lah sell it to some Malay lady for RM350. Just donate it to this old man, poor old pensioner – can’t even afford a smartphone, still using an antique handphone, already falling apart, so kesian. What goes around comes around – do a kind deed and you will be abundantly blessed.

    • On second thoughts, no, thank you. I got a smartphone a couple of years back from my friend who came over from NZ. She said they would buy any new releases so they had lots lying around the house. OMG!!!! I did not even know how to open that darn thing – a HTC. Had to go to the shop to ask…and the battery ran out before I could even manage to figure out anything…so in the end, I just gave up, No need. Old man…just stick to old things, good enough for me.

      • I won’t give that old phone to anyone lah, as I said, it is broken, it doesn’t charge well anymore. I’m not even sure if it is safe. It might explode with continued usage 😐

  7. You would make best friends with Sing … he has like 683213154136865 phones all around the house, he won’t sell neither one of them but also won’t throw away. there’s even a motorola in a box – haven’t been opened O.O

    • We’re just so Asian, gotta keep up with the latest gadget trends *full stereotyping mode* 😀 , but, why doesn’t he wanna sell them? I’ll sell them to get more phones 😀

      • claims that the value of the shipping and eBay fee would be more than he can get from them 😀 there’s even a Japanese phone with a tv, the one before you could use a normal phone in Japan 😀 TWO of them 😀

        • Oh well, I guess he’s got a point. The US is so bigggg. For me, I only sell within Malaysia, where shipping fees is like 10 bucks. Many phones have TV, Lina. Japanese phone with TV is like 10 years old technology 😀

  8. yeah, nowadays it seems like everyone is using s smartphone, or at least s mobile phone.. thus gadget has actually got us quite dependent on it now huh, can do so many things with the apps, while not having it with us for a few hours or minutes feel like we are missing something :p

    • either s or i LOL! I’m still not that dependent on smartphones, for me the laptop is still my current brand of heroine.

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