Mi3 by Xiaomi

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review, this is just my personal review of the phone after a few days using it. Fyi, I am a fan of Top Gear and Jeremy Clarkson’s way of reviewing things, so you can count on this review to be nothing short of useless.

I have to be honest, I have not really spent that much time exploring this new phone of mine. I have been busy working even over the weekends and holidays after all. For a few seconds, I contemplated whether to put off reviewing this phone until I know more. But then, I figured if I do not know much by now, I probably would not know much even if I wait for 2 more months. So, I will just tell you what I know. And whatever comparisons I make below is only between this new phone and my old generation one Galaxy Note. I was never a fan of the fruit brand and have never used their phones, so I have no idea how they compare.


One thing immediately apparent is the difference in size between my old Note and this new phone.

Not as fat as Note

The height of both the phones are the same, but the width is smaller for Mi3. This means it is easier for me to hold it securely in my hand.

Actually, I don’t think I’m going to show you how the phone looks like physically. There are so many photos doing that job out there.


I also don’t think I will tell you about the technical specs in detail. They are all boring stuff and you can read them on the official website. Let’s just say in terms of hardware, Mi3 has comparable specs with Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5.


I wanted to say dirt cheap, but that’s not going to cut it. No gadget companies will sell anything at dirt cheap price. I would say, the Mi3 is sold at a reasonable price to seduce potential customers, while still remaining profitable. Okay, screw the politically correct wordings. Let’s get to the point. Mi3 has comparable hardware specs with the Note 3 and iPhone 5, at less than half the price.


This Mi3 phone is powered by MIUI, which Xiaomi claims is developed based on Android. A lot of my peers claim that this MIUI is actually Xiaomi taking Android and trying to make it seem more like iOS (iPhone system). I personally have never used any iPhones before, so I cannot know for sure. But I do feel this phone does not operate entirely like my old Galaxy Note.


1. Screensaver


I like their screen saver. When you want to unlock the phone, you only need to slide on a small circular area of the screen. Perfect for Lazy Man, Lazy Man no like too much finger sliding movement, especially since the screen is big. And instead of just unlocking the screen, you can slide in 4 directions to get quick access to different things: Phone, Message, Camera and Unlock. I don’t remember my Note has this feature.

2. Settings

They have a General settings tab, which is 100% identical to Android’s Settings, but they also have a Quick settings tab, where the few settings that we generally use more frequently are placed.

Again, this is a Lazy Man friendly feature. Saves me more time and even more finger sliding movement to get to the stuff that I want.

3. Tools

I always love it when my phone comes with built-in tools that I like. Apps like recorder, calculator and clock are things that I use on a day to day basis. FM Radio is handy when I am traveling overseas and wants some local music. Compass is super useful on Chinese New Year’s Eve when we want to set the praying table up outside the house 😉 . It’s not like these are groundbreaking stuff, I know my Note has them, I am just glad that Mi3 has them too. Not all phones have these stuff built-in. My old HTC for one has nothing.


4. Web Browser

The default web browser on this guy does something that my Note’s browser does not, something which I need to install the Dolphin browser to get. It auto adjusts the alignment of websites that does not have mobile friendly version.


This is a very important feature for me. You know, I hate mobile version of websites. Even when viewing through phone, I prefer to view web version of websites. I like the full experience.

5. Photo Gallery

With the Note, when you press the Gallery button, it opens up the folders view, and then you select which folder you want to access, be it Camera, Instagram, Screenshots etc. With this Mi3 however, the Camera folder is loaded by default. This is another smart feature that Lazy Man approves. I mean, most of the time, we access the Photo Gallery to see photos that we shoot. If we want to view Instagram photos, we open Instagram. 90% of the time, we won’t open our Photo Gallery to view Instagram photos. So why make us work our fingers more to reach our Camera photos, right?


6. Camera

You know the photos that you previously see in my blog? Those were mostly taken using my Note. Let me confess, when I took the photos, they looked awesome on the phone’s screen. But once I transferred them to the laptop, all of them needed to go through Windows Picture Manager’s Auto Adjust before I dare to post them online.

With this new phone, I have not done that so far. The original photos does not look terrible enough to warrant that extra effort. Lazy Man will not spend extra effort to make photos look nicer unless it is absolutely necessary.

When the phone was launched, there were people who stripped this phone apart and discovered that the 13 megapixel rear camera is actually Sony’s camera. Xiaomi did not claim it on their official website though. I guess maybe only the early batch (or China only batch) uses Sony’s camera.

And then there’s the camera settings. Again Xiaomi has been smart with predicting which features we will most frequently use.

Seriously, when we snap photos with a phone, it is always Auto mode. Who cares about those stuff under that Advanced settings?


None with the phone so far. The thing that I don’t like is Xiaomi’s marketing gimmicks. I hate how they try to pretend that their devices are selling like hot cakes when the fact is they are not producing enough phones to sell. I hate how they toy with potential customers’ emotions and internet connections. I hate how they even attempts to delay my phone’s delivery by requesting for future delivery option with the shipping company. What? You think I am stupid and do not know how to check the package’s status with a tracking number?

The only reason I bought this phone is because Samsung and Apple have priced their phones out of my budget in recent years. I bought this phone not because of the marketing gimmicks. I bought this phone despite the marketing stunts.

My verdict? Yeah, I think I will like this new phone quite a lot. I hope it will stick with me for a long time without breaking down. I’m aiming for at least 2 years, like my Note.


    • It seems more popular than it really is, I think. I still don’t find very many people using them, even though Xiaomi pretends to regularly sell out more than 20000 phones every week for the past few months.

  1. sounds good.

    I wonder if Play Store will have apps that is compatible with MIUI. Coz when I go Play store sometimes i see certain apps will have to have ice cream or =jelly bean system baru can downlond. LOL..me will mostly use ebook apps.

    The screen lock and unlock is like old nokia. Not sure what is the series but theere is one which have that function. if wanna lock just circle and unlock just slide

    • Can kot, my apps are all installed from Play Store, although they are simple things. I have not tried those high end apps or games.

  2. lol on the Jackie Chan’s remark. My sis bought a RedMi but yet to explore the functions in it…she still stick to her iPhone, perhaps need some time to adjust with the ‘switching’. I agreed that HTC has way less built-in apps, but as a ‘starter’ HTC does OK for a non-heavy user.

    • RedMi is the low end model, if she is changing from iPhone to this, she might not like the “downgrade” 😐

  3. oh, finally your Xiao Mi arrived!! haha, sure you will be very busy playing and exploring your new phone.. errr, did you blog this post using your new phone?? :p

  4. This Xiaomi definitely has the best in many functions and is value for money. I have to be frank that before it arrived our shores, I had phobia seeing the mainlanders screaming while talking on these phones all over China. So it kinda scared me off having to associate them with this brand. It has to do with the branding and advertising to boost its popularity. The well heeled folks there carry other brands!
    I want to wait and see…..

  5. In a nutshell you love it! 😀 Now I just want to know how long it lasts as compared to your previous Samsung, hehehehe.

    • I hope it will last at least as long as my Note, I am keeping my fingers crossed though. After all it is a Made In China gadget, every time Jackie Chan’s reaction will spring to my mind.

  6. My colleague is using the Mi3 too, coz it’s cheap la, wat else.. When I hear Xiaomi, I kinda *yawn* coz like you said, I don’t like it when they were like so hard-to-get.. There was one time people were hoo-haa-ing about that damn power bank, that it was so damn hard to get thru and buy online, etc.. I was like duh… I might decide to get Xiaomi one day, I dont know, wait til my S3 die on me first..

    • If you want a Xiaomi, you better get it now. Their new generation Mi4 is selling at double the price of Mi3 in China, so I suspect when they launch it here early next year, it will sell for around RM 1.6k to RM 1.8k. For that kind of price, might as well go back to S phone or even Xperia.

    • It is! I mean, with S phones, the picture looks great on the phone, but sucks when transferred to the laptop. With this phone, the picture looks good on the phone, and good on the laptop.

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