Lazy Man’s Malaysian Style Okonomiyaki

So, last week, this happened:


Which something, you might ask. Well, I did blog about it too. This something:

That word UMAI (DELICIOUS) did the job of making me decide to cook this up. I mean, after all, if a Frenchie is able to cook Okonomiyaki, there is no reason why a Malaysian bloke cannot do it, right? Even if the Malaysian is Lazy Man.

By the way, if you did not watch the video, according to the Frenchie, Okonomiyaki’s definition is as follows. Okonomi = whatever you want, yaki = grilled. So Okonomiyaki = whatever you want, grilled.

So, here goes…


  • Half cup of flour. I use organic wholemeal wheat flour because I’m health conscious.
  • Some water. No fixed amount, you need just enough to turn the flour mixture into a thick-ish batter.
  • A quarter of a cabbage.
  • 1 x egg.
  • 2 x bacon strips.
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil.


1. Finely slice and chop up cabbage and set aside. Cut the bacon strips into shorter pieces and set aside.

2. Pour flour and water into mixing bowl and mix until it becomes a quite thick batter.
3. Add cabbage and egg into the batter. Season with salt and pepper.
4. Stir until the egg and flour batter is evenly mixed with the cabbage. This will be the Okonomiyaki patty.
5. Heat up a bit of olive oil in pan. Pour Okonomiyaki patty into pan. Place bacon strips on top. DON’T MAKE THE OKONOMIYAKI TOO BIG! You’ll find out why later.

6. Fry for 5 minutes, and then flip to the other side and fry for another 5 minutes.

This is what happens when your Okonomiyaki is too big for the flip >.<

7. Fuck fuck fuck! I overlooked the fact that to qualify the dish as an authentic Okonomiyaki, we need 3 key ingredients as topping. All of which I forgot to buy!

  • Okonomiyaki sauce. You can actually make this yourself by mixing Worcestershire sauce with ketchup, but I don’t have those too.
  • Aonori. Seaweed flakes.
  • Katsuobuchi. Dried and fermented skipjack tuna flakes.

So, instead of Japanese Okonomiyaki, I can only end up having Malaysian Okonomiyaki…

Malaysian Okonomiyaki – Cili Padi sauce as topping

Instead of saying “Umai!”, I have to now say “Sedap!” or “Hou sik!” or “Ho jiak!”… Well they did taste quite well to be honest 🙄


    • 2 pieces only, I cut into 6 smaller pieces hahaha!
      No worries, not many people have eaten this yet. Or if you think another way, as long as you have eaten the Chinese pancake, it counts too 😉

  1. Hee, hee! You adapt recipes too! I’d add organic whole wheat flour as well. People often ask if I’m a good cook, but I don’t think anyone would like my food much as I’m always trying to make it healthier.

  2. errrr, the first thing i noticed is that the cabbage should be shredded 10 times finer, or at least 5 times.. but i like those bacon you use and you are also using olive oil to fry it.. the end product, looks more like 菜葡蛋 than okonomiyaki to me actually.. anyway, if sedap and if that’s for your own meal, who cares about the look, haha~~ 😀

    • Haih, don’t point out the obvious lah, also said is Malaysian okonomiyaki lo >.< ... Lazy Man style, simply chop then can liao, no need 10 times finer..

    • Er, supposed to eat by itself. It is a pancake, with the flour and egg, so it is quite fulfilling by itself.

  3. Your okonomiyaki sudah jadi ‘onominetakjadi’ 😛

    But for what is worth, I googled images for okonomiyaki and yours macam not bad lah. Next time try to make the circle cantik sikit, so more presentable, less lazy man look lah 😀

    • Haha, genius, yes that is an appropriate name! 😀
      I think if I make it smaller, I will be able to flip without breaking it, then it will look like a proper circle..

  4. If fry the bacon first would be better mou? If chuck in the bacon together with other stuffs takut bacon tak cukup crispy and ‘heong’, and other ingredients hangus liao wor..But looks sedap also la, like pancake.. Very healthy too, coz just cabbage and egg.. I usually stir fry my cabbage for a long time, I like them soft.. But this one ok jugak, crunchy.. I give 5★ since you are the one who cooks!

    • Er.. I follow the recipe only. Actually I got check a few videos, they all do the same, so I just follow XD

  5. I really admire your enthusiasm for cooking new food items. Yours is quite a good attempt although you ended up with a M’sian version.

    I have eaten it at the very famous okonomiyaki restaurant called Issen Yoshoku in Kyoto but I am too lazy to even attempt to cook it at home. If you go to Kyoto, do visit Issen Yoshoku, I am very sure you would like the ambiance there. Have a read here:

    • Just trying to keep things interesting. I would go crazy if the only home cooked food I do is baked chicken breast..
      Nice restaurant, did you watch them cook the okonomiyaki right in front of you? 😀

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