Lazy Man’s Carbonara

When it comes to pasta, I prefer white sauce over red sauce. It is always either alfredo or carbonara for me. Usually, in true lazy man style, if and when I plan to cook pasta, I would just buy a can of those ready made Heinz mushroom sauce and pour some over my cooked pasta.

Times have changed now. I want to really control my food intake and avoid as much preservatives as I can. So it is time to can those canned sauce and learn how to make my own pasta sauce.

Fortunately, carbonara seems to be a fairly easy thing to D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). This is the video that I refer to, by The Chiappas sisters, another participant of Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube.


  • Handful of Farfalle – Otherwise known as bowtie pasta. I bought them last week because they were on promotion price. You can use whatever pasta you want.
  • 1 x Bacon strip – I would’ve used 2, but I only had 1 left, so…
  • 1 x Broccoli stalk – This is basically the last of the vegetables I have left at the time of cooking. I used the flowery part for myΒ baked chicken strips a couple days earlier.
  • 1 x egg
  • some grated Parmesan cheese
  • pepper

As you can see, I am cooking this using whatever ingredients I have left in my fridge. If you cook this from scratch, please use whatever vegetable that you fancy, and if you use broccoli, don’t throw the flowery part away just because you read here that you have to use only the stalk.


1. Cook the farfalle in boiling water.
2. While Farfalle is cooking, wash and dice up the broccoli stalk

3. Oh, while the chopping board is active, cut up the bacon strip into small pieces as well.

4. Crack an egg into a bowl, then add pepper into the egg, then grate some Parmesan cheese into the egg
5. Mix the stuff up using a fork or a finger until it becomes sort of a batter

6. By now the Farfalle should be almost cooked. Set it aside. Fry bacon and diced broccoli stalk with a bit of olive oil for a few minutes.

7. Drain the Farfalle, add them into the pan of bacon and broccoli and stir fry for a few more minutes. DO NOT ADD THE EGG MIXTURE AT THIS POINT OF TIME

8. Take the pan off the heat, andΒ now add the egg mixture into the pan, stir quickly and mix everything up with the egg mixture while the pan is still hot. Don’t worry, the heat will be enough to cook the egg mixture into creamy carbonara sauce.Β You don’t want to add the egg mixture in while cooking over heat because that will quickly turn the egg into scrambled egg instead of sauce.

Creamy Farfalle Carbonara done!

Look nice? Taste nice too, can’t go much wrong with bacon strips and cheese infused cooking πŸ˜‰ .


  1. Me too! I’m trying to eat a lot less processed foods. When you read the labels on the packages these days, it seems that there’s very little actual “food” in the contents – chemicals, synthetic substances and numbers – what are we really eating and what is the long term effect on our bodies?

  2. I super love Carbonara pasta with lots of parmesan cheese! I think you have just taught me to make the lazy man’s way! So easy and I will do it soon. Kam Siah! Kam Siah! Bow my head!

    • Actually I thought this is the not-lazy way, shouldn’t the lazy way be to buy the sauce from supermarket and pour them into the pasta? 😐

    • Good for you, can stay healthier. Don’t know what is really in the cheese that we can buy in Malaysia πŸ˜‰

  3. When I see the word carbonara, I thought you are going to use canned sauces, like those from P****, but boy, am so GLAD you did it the ori way! Yep, real carbonara only needs bacon and eggs (and cream).. Previously, I was so dumb leh, I cooked the cream in the wok, then add in beaten eggs leh *stupid me*, the sauce evaporated and became lumpy before I even add my fettuccine in.. Then I got to know, the real way is to let the heat of your noodles to “cook” the egg+cream sauce, toss the noodles into the sauce, not the other way round (in the wok), so yes, clever boy ahh you!

    • Cream? I did not use any cream leh, just egg and grated cheese for the sauce.
      You must be a clever woman too, since you do the same thing as me πŸ˜€

  4. Ummmm….so the egg is raw, so to speak? Like the raw egg in the char kway teow – they say just mix with the hot kway teow, that will cook the egg?

    • Yes, exactly. But you need to do it in the cooking pan, almost immediately when you take it off the heat. If you pour the pasta onto a bowl and then mix the egg, it won’t be hot enough anymore. You need the residue heat from both the pasta and the pan.

    • It’s hard to get decent pasta here unless you cook yourself or pay a premium. Since you are too lazy to cook, you only have that other option πŸ˜€

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