Ionic Detox Therapy

My mom thinks I am fat, which I agree. My mom thinks the reason I am fat is because I don’t eat healthy and don’t lead a healthy lifestyle when I am all alone in Penang, which I don’t agree. My disagreement means nothing to her though, she is convinced and stubborn with what she thinks.

So, every once in a while, when I go home, she will try to ambush me with various health related stuff. I don’t mean the usual fruits/vegetables blend or the healthy breakfasts that she prepares. I am already used to those, so I don’t count those as ambush.

Pumpkin soup
Assorted seeds/grains in pumpkin soup

Sometimes, she would ask me to fetch her to some place, supposingly to buy some unique stuff or to attend some gathering, but turns out it was to trick me into attending some therapy sessions for fatties.

On the morning that we were supposed to have that abalone meal, my mom asked me to send her to a foot massage center in Yulek (or Taman Cheras for the outsiders). She said she had a 30 minutes therapy session there as part of her efforts to treat her painful leg.

When we arrived, I started to feel suspicious. Good Way Centre Ionic Detox Therapy..

IMG_20141012_112450 (1024x576)
Detox therapy? How is that related to foot massage?

I dropped her right at the entrance and then went away in search of a parking spot. When I made it back to the shop, I checked their banner out and immediately I know I was tricked again..

IMG_20141012_112438 (576x1024)
Reduce cholesterol and diabetes, reduce body weight and flabby fat yadda yadda..

Sure enough, upon entering the shop, I saw my mom seated on a chair with her legs dipped into a tub of water, and the seat beside her was prepared for me..

When it came to this, what else can I do except to just accept this therapy?

A tub of water full of some special salt with a special electric ionizer

The electronic ionizer is hooked up to a special power plug. The source of this power plug comes from a special generator in another room that generates very low current power source. If they were to use the normal power plugs, I would have already died of electrical shock.

The ionizer is supposed to ionize the salt and water, and this ionized water is supposed to do wonderful things to my body via my feet. Or so I was  told..

30 minutes later, this was what that tub of water looked like

Apparently, this process draws out dirty substances that reside in our body. Different colors of dirt signify different body conditions. According to the health expert a.k.a the shop staff, I:

  1. Drink not enough water,
  2. Has slightly high cholesterol,
  3. I forgot what else…

And apparently, I am quite healthy for a first timer. Usually first timers would have the tub of water turn entirely black.

My mom was amazed. Although she still thinks I lead an unhealthy lifestyle and maintain an unhealthy diet. No amount of photos of healthy cooking will ever convince her otherwise 🙄 …

I am not sure how effective this kind of therapy is. After all I only did it for a grand total of 1 time. According to the staff, 1 treatment costs RM15. If you signup for a treatment package, it would be RM120 for 12 treatments, plus 1 free treatment. My mom signed up for the package and it was her 4th time that day. The treatment that I did was using the one free treatment from my mom’s package.

I think they have a Facebook page and a few other outlets around Klang Valley, but I never got around to jotting them down.. If you are interested to check this particular shop out, it is actually along Jalan Kaskas. If you enter Yulek from MRR2 roundabout, you will see a BHPetrol station at the traffic light junction with Pantai Hospital to your left. Go straight uphill, the shop is to your left, opposite Yulek market..

Crude Map
Crude Map


    • My dad signed up for the package too, but he was busy with other stuff, so he go earlier, separately. In fact, he was there when we arrived, but by the time I sit down, he was done and left >.<

    • I thought it was new, seems like it has been around for quite some time huh. Do one time, cannot tell anything one hahaha 😀

  1. OMG!!! Those electrical wires look so scary – can get electrocuted or not?

    Hmmmm…glad you’re fine. Your mum fat or not? Or were you fat before? Did she give you a lot of nice things to eat when you were small? If yes to either question or both, you can push the blame to her – all her fault! 😀

    • Well, their power source comes from a separately stepped down generator that produces low current. Theoretically, you won’t get electrocuted.
      I were, and still am fat unfortunately. I can’t pinpoint the actual root cause, probably a bit of many things combined 😀

  2. Call me jakun.. Never seen this kinda detox treatment (for the feet) before.. But sure very interesting to read this post, especially with the water turning black.. Wow then you are considered not bad jor wor since you said first timers usually have a pot of black water, hehe..

    • You are not a jakun, not many people seen this before I think..
      I am not even sure if this therapy is really doing what it claims to be doing. It could be real, or it could be another MLM trick. But let’s give them the benefit of doubt and assume this is real, so yeah, I am considered not bad 😀

  3. I know a friend who opens the first of a chain of these shops somewhat like MLM since a few years ago. He tried to get us to try it but all of us are sceptical so no one went.

    Your feet are sure clean! 😀

      • The next time you go, you can ask them to do a control for you to see – just put the current and whatever they put into the water without any feet in it and see whether the water still turn colour or not.

  4. Be thankful that your mummy loves you like a small son always!
    I had no idea whether you are fat or not until I saw your feet inside the tub. Gosh! They looked like baby elephants legs! Wakakakaka just kidding bro.
    Blame the good food in Penang if you are overweight. Anyways, try to go for long walks before sleep and see the miracle on your bathroom scale a week later.

  5. well, mom will always be mom, agree?? at least she’s health conscious and prepares you all those healthy stuffs.. and bringing you to health therapy too!! so if your water is lighter in color than hers, probably that would shut her mouth up?? hahaha~~ 😀

  6. hahahahaha….I had a good laugh 😀 Yes, I do remember this detox treatment. I think it came about a few years already. I have seen posters outside those shops and they show the various colours of the water from different people. Same as you mentioned, was black. I am a bit sceptical because from my knowledge of biology, I do not see how “dirt” can come out from our body through our feet. There must be some kind of chemical added to the water which reacts with the low current. Me and my theories 🙂 So was was the colour of your mum’s water?

    • They did explain to me in detail how it works, but I was not paying attention enough to remember. Apparently it is something to due with those special ionized salt being able to stimulate our pores to release toxins. Not sure why it has to be the feet.
      My mom’s water was same color as mine, but it was her 4th therapy session, so if based on the water, I am healthier than her it seems 😀

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