Harmony Banquet Restaurant @ Puchong

I just went back to KL barely a month ago, and given my workload, I would stretch 2-3 months before going back again.

Then my mom called a week earlier.

Mom: Do you remember when is Dad’s birthday?
Me: Err…
Mom: It’s this coming Sunday! Are you going to come back?
Me: Yes, yes, yes, I am going to go back!

So I broke my usual modus operandi and went home again for the weekend. A few days before going back, I caught sight of this on Groupon. The picture did most of the job of luring me to click on the Buy Now! button.

Who can resist this picture at 50% discount?

I made the reservation on Thursday for 1.00PM Sunday. The woman who answered my call made me triple confirm the number of headcount. According to her, the restaurant might be jam packed and no last minute adding headcount will be entertained.

Yeah right…

IMG_20141012_131659 (1024x576)
This was what greeted us when we arrived on Sunday

I suspect there will be a wedding dinner going on that night, the tables were all set. The place was empty when we arrived, and it was empty when we left. I jokingly told my dad that I 包场 had the whole place reserved just so that he could have lunch like a boss.

By the way, congratulations to Marco and Boey, whoever you may be! Sorry for using one of your tables a few hours before your wedding dinner 😉 !

On a more serious note, I was quite worried by the emptiness of the place. Maybe the food sucks?

IMG_20141012_125958 (1024x576)
First time I see potato chips is given as starter snack instead of peanuts.
IMG_20141012_132511 (1024x576)
And first time I see Vitamin C infused wet towel.

But then when I bought, there were more than 80 purchases before me. Where did all those people go?

No point worrying over something that had already happened though. Let’s just wait for the food to be served.

7 course meal

I bought the 6 person meal set, so we did not get the golden pocket. And then there were actually 7 of us. I topped up RM40 for 1 additional headcount.

Okay, let the pictures begin…

IMG_20141012_133704 (1024x576)
Two variety combination appetiser
IMG_20141012_133835_1 (1024x576)
Crab roe soup. No, there is no shark fin in this
IMG_20141012_133959 (1024x576)
Braised abalone with broccoli and mushroom
IMG_20141012_134340 (1024x576)
Steamed tiger grouper fish slices, tiger prawn in dong guai (female ginseng)
IMG_20141012_142741 (1024x576)
Chilled honeydew with rock birds nest

Forgot to snap a picture of the mini glutinous rice…

Well, the food is alright. I would say they tasted slightly above average. Typical wedding dinner cuisine. At RM 218 for 6 people (the 10 people set is RM 368), I think it is a rather reasonable price. I mean, these are luxurious ingredients, isn’t it? And did I mention if you go on lunch time, you get to experience 包场 having the whole place reserved for yourself and dine like a boss? Yeah, no regrets there.

No, this is not a paid post. Wait, actually, it is. This is a paid post whereby I am able to write about this place after I paid with my own money. But you might want to be lured to buy this Groupon as well. If you do, here’s the link.

The restaurant is located in Puchong, behind the shoplots directly opposite Tesco Extra, a bit further down the road from IOI Mall if you come from Sunway/Bukit Jalil. Do let me know what you think if you go, after you go..


  1. Aiyah… so far from Ipoh.. otherwise I might consider going there too! Nowadays I seldom online to groupon.. sure got things to buy one but then the good deals are there, right?

  2. Not bad la. Wah you managed to have booking for weekend ah. Many of these offer will give excuses say weekend full up la this and that.

    happy Birthday to your father 🙂

    • I think they won’t, since the place was empty when I went. But they did pretend that they might be full when I called to book 😀

  3. hey, surely you are not going to miss that day locking yourself in your room in Penang cooking lazyman’s dishes!! haha.. and smart!! you got a deal from Groupon and that seems like something you may not regret buying.. at least what I see on the website screenshot is the same as the photo you have taken, not just “for illustration purpose only”, so this restaurant is “honest”!! hehehe~~ :p

    • Yeah, I think this one is honest. I heard there are many Groupon deals who make people feel scammed. Thankfully so far I have no such experiences with Groupons yet..

  4. Ooooo…so cheap!!! With all that abalone!!! Here, the canned abalone at the supermarkets – kept under lock and key, precious – over RM100 a can. Those tiger prawns also not cheap – I had them in my Sarawak laksa…RM35 a kg…but when boiled with the shell removed, they shrank!!! Terrible! So pissed off!!!! Appetisers look so good – love the presentation – I wonder what those were.

  5. Wah I see abalone in your first picture! Oh yeah food looks so so good.. And yes I prefer to do lunch too for any family ocassion too.. Not so rush, especially with the kids and all. We usually start our family brunch around 11am, and done after 12pm+.. Then the kids can have their afternoon nap and all.. Eh if I have 7 ppl, I think I’d still pick the 10 ppl set one, extra 3 servings only, I think can finish all 🙂

    • The price different for 10 ppl set leh my princess 😐 . We do lunch because: 1. Dinner = paktor time for the siblings, 2. Mom disagrees with heavy meals for dinner..

  6. Your dad’s birthday is just a day after my dad’s. Happy belated birthday to your dad. Such a nice son you are, to bring them to feast like royalty with the entire place to yourself. Other people went on Saturday dy coz when they called up, the restaurant told them there’ll be a royal family dining there so the whole place is reserved…

    • You are right! Why didn’t I think of that? “Eat like a king” sounds infinitely better than “eat like a boss”!

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