Why I Hardly Go Out In KL

I hardly go out when I come back to KL nowadays. Of course there are many reasons for it. The main reason being I want to spend more time with my parents as they are getting older.

And I always come back spontaneously without much plans, so it is difficult to make plans and get the family to be available together. It is always either the brother having to work, or the sister having to work, or mom and dad have something else going on.

Another reason is that I feel tired going out, especially if it is to go into the city center. Driving into the city center on weekends is a daunting prospect. Things like this happen:

KL Traffic Jam
On the way to Times Square

Notice KL Tower and KLCC Twin Towers in the backdrop? Yeah I took my time to make sure these 2 iconic landmarks are captured. Gotta make my pictures as touristy as possible 😉

KL Traffic Jam
Still stuck on the same road 30 minutes later, having moved 200 meters.

Kuala Lumpur roads on weekends are either terrible, ridiculously freaking terrible, or slit-your-wrist terrible.

I want to rest and relax when I come home. Sleeping in for the whole day falls under this category. Sleazing on the couch flipping channels on the television falls under this category. Eating mom cooked food falls under this category too. Getting caught in slit-your-wrist traffic however, does not fall under this rest and relax category. In fact it is the direct opposite of rest and relax.

I still endure it once in a while though, like I did today, because sometimes I still need to meet up with my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy meeting up with my friends, I just don’t enjoy the process of getting to our meeting places.

In fact, this stupid traffic condition is one main reason why I have not once contemplated moving back to the capital city.


  1. and that sounds like Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door would be a great thing to have!! just walk through the door to go anywhere we want in split seconds, ah, how great!! no need to travel, no need to be caught in the traffic..

  2. I hardly or rather never go to KL unless necessary! Yah, the traffic jam is the main deterrent and I really hate it. I would rather stay at home or go shopping nearby.

    • Exactly, every time I think of going into KL, when I start thinking about the traffic, I become demotivated.

  3. Ugh… Looks just as bad as Los Angeles traffic. The other day, it took me an hour to drive 15 kilometers. But traffic in LA is usually during rush hour after work. So at least the weekends aren’t bad and we can still go see friends across town.

    • I’ve driven once in Los Angeles before. Well, I would say, imagine driving from Hollywood Boulevard to Santa Monica beach on Saturday afternoon, and then imagine 3 times as bad as that, from morning till midnight, every day. That’s Kuala Lumpur traffic for you 😉

  4. Yes, the traffic is absolutely horrendous!!! Not surprised everyone’s cracking up one by one. Been in jams during peak hours, thank goodness nothing of the sort in my little town. Quite bad in Penang too, no? That’s why I would pick a convenient hotel…and go around on foot. Will venture further if friends come and take me out. Hint! Hint!

    • Normal traffic in Penang is much better compared to normal traffic in KL. It’s getting worse in Penang, but it’s getting worse in KL at a faster rate.
      I have never experienced CNY traffic in Penang though, they say it will put KL’s traffic jams to shame.

      • I spent Chinese New Year in Penang once – same as KL. Could sleep on the road. Chinese shops all closed, nothing to eat for so many days…other than the nasi kandar shops and those franchise places.

        • Really? How long ago was it? Maybe things changed. I heard colleagues said CNY traffic on the island is horrible to the max.

  5. Aiya don’t say you la, me staying in KL all the time pun seldom go around la..If people ask me bring them go tour around KL ahh, sure fail, haha.. Chui tor drop them in MV or Pyramid let them walk around then pick them after a few hours, haha.. It’s forever jam one la in KL, but the city never sleeps.. Still very yit lau from night til morning.. Call me jakun, I’ve been to KLCC only like 4x in my life.. First time like many donkey years ago when I was around 18 or 19, then 2x during company exhibitions and the last time in 2013, to bring Kz to the Aquaria.. Jakun eh…

    • MV and Pyramid is not really in city center hahaha! I also hardly go to KLCC now, they say it already become Bangla village. If I had to go into the city, it would be Times Square or Pavillion nowadays.

  6. But good also you stay in with your folks more. Like you say, they are getting old but since you are not that old, they can’t be that old either. It is only after 80 years old then they really need to be taken care of.

    • LOL! Sometimes stay in, sometimes become ahmat for my mom. Go to pasar, or go to her Buddhist activities in PJ. Although going to PJ is easier because I can take the MRR2 and avoid city center.

      • but MRR2 is jam also what, especially at the Cheras side unless you mean you exit before Cheras to go via Fed Highway to PJ but Fed Highway is also very jam most of the time.

        • Not that bad for my use. For MRR2, the jam is terrible from Pandan Indah area towards Hulu Kelang, but I am going to other way which is not as bad. Mostly I get caught up for a bit near Bukit Jalil. Fed Highway = 24 hours jam >.<

  7. I know all about KL traffic so it is either taking the LRT to town center or go really early on weekends before anyone has woken up like 7.30am or during weekdays, the sweet spot is roughly around 9.30am to 10.30am. Any other time, you are bound to suffer the jam.

    • I have not taken the LRT ever since I started driving. My house is not within walking distance to the LRT station, we need to walk 10 minutes to the bus stop, wait for the feeder bus, take the feeder bus to the LRT station, and then take the LRT. Can’t drive to the LRT station too because no parking.
      The jam really makes me cringe! I think KL is constantly under traffic jam. I once came back from Penang on a Thursday, working day, I took the DUKE highway and exited at MRR2, it was 12.30AM, and it was jammed up!

    • I wouldn’t say so. Contrary to popular belief, I have not make plans to be a Penangite. That’s why I am still renting and have no intentions of buying a property on that island. I am still hoping that Penang will not be my final destination 😉

        • I actually just signed an S&P few months back LOL. But I won’t reveal where just yet. It’s just an investment rather than homey homey plan for now. You can buy a house in KL for investment, but not in Penang in my opinion. Penang’s housing market price does not commensurate with its market worth. The purchase price shoots up like nobody’s business but the rental price remains the same.

    • Congrats! Can’t wait for you to reveal it when you are ready and your post about why you finally took the plunge to be a house owner. All in good time. 🙂

    • They have a specific counter in 1 of the tower, you can ask for directions in the Suria KLCC mall’s information counter for directions. And they have limited tickets issued daily, so you need to go in the morning.

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