Strange Google Search Traffic

I know, I am making 2 blog posts within the span of an hour, this is too fast too furious, but… like Princess Ribbon said, my blog, my sukak lah, 你吹得我涨咩 lei chui duck ngor jiong meh? I’ll do whatever I want with my blog 😉

For the first post about my Farfalle Carbonara, press here.

Actually I was going to schedule this post for Wednesday, but I accidentally hit Publish before setting the schedule, and I am too lazy to take it down.


I would occasionally get some stray traffic from Google search. Not that I am complaining, any traffic to my blog is good traffic, right? Last week though, I am seeing a concentrated search engine traffic from a few specific phrases. When I say concentrated, I mean something like 10 in a week rather than 100 in a day. With WordPress, I am able to track what kind of search phrases people use that made them end up on my blog.

Google Traffic
Top search engine traffic for the week

The curious me began to search some of these phrases on my browser. It would make my day if I am able to see them in the first few pages of Google search. After all, I am a relatively new blogger, as far as being active is concerned.

Google Traffic
James Foo at Bayan Baru – Showed up in page 2, nice…
Google Traffic
Bittersweet Cafe Penang – Page 1! Sugoi!

Let’s face it, humans are narcissistic by nature. We take great pleasure when we look good in other people’s eyes. We enjoy it immensely when we get proof of other people’s acknowledgment. We can justify whichever way we want, but the fact remains. Don’t tell me you don’t feel even a tiny bit of pleasure when you see comments and Facebook Likes on what you share in social media. And for a blogger, one of the biggest source of narcissism is seeing our blog posts appear in Page 1 of Google Search. Agree?

I did not make this post purely out of narcissism though. You did notice my blog title, didn’t you? Now go back to the first picture and check out those search phrases. Notice one phrase sticking out like a sore thumb?

Google Traffic
Dai Gar Cantonese – This made it to Page 1 too.

I got a total of 8 visits from Google via this search phrase, over the span of 3 days. Somewhere in the world, there is someone who is searching for Dai Gar Cantonese. And he has been searching the web for 3 days.

Whatever the f**k is Dai Gar Cantonese? What does it mean? Why would people search that?? This is baffling me more than it is making my day 🙄


  1. I just looked at my traffic audience and this is what I got. Muahahaha
    – Jappenese public baths
    – my friend died of dengue fever
    – public baths for womenin japan
    – yu yu an gardens shopping
    – ah long story
    – asian baths
    – bali pool men naked

    Honestly, the majority are hamsap readers and my Public Bath House post has got over 55,000 hits today and still growing!

    • Tsk, sometimes people really interested to find out more about public baths lah, don’t lah conclude that all of them are hamsap wakakaka 😀

  2. I think yours is quite authentic search.. I got very weird flux of hit from the blogger stats, at first I thot wow, my blog has gone so famous that it went to be read and searched by people in US, UK, and even Ukraine.. I felt weird and analyzed the pattern for a couple of days only to realize that must be a glitch in the stats.. too fishy to be convinced there’s thousands of hits yet the page view number did not increase accordingly.. so what’s the problem huh?? when I screen capture the stats to advertisers, they must have thought I faked or PS the stats, muahaha!!

    • Some of them could be spam traffic, people just drop by to spam comments. But then, your blog need to rank high enough to “warrant” such visitors 😀

  3. Oh, I don’t know how to google that.. not sure where my traffic came from too.. I only check my Overview in occasionally.. and the daily visits there show around 2000… where they really come from, I have no idea …

    • It is quite entertaining when you see all those unexpected search phrases that is linked to your blog 😀

  4. Hmm, I seldom look at my search traffics thingy, that’s because I can’t be bothered with the traffics and all.. But I do check on my page views almost everyday, coz that’s the first thing I see when I come into my blogger dashboard.. One of my post has over 5000 views, but that post only has 6 comments! So yeah, there are many silent readers out there, macam-macam people got la, so don’t bother too much la, people will keep coming back for more if they are able to find what they want from your blog..

    • Roger that! I know lah, I think as time goes by, I will see more and more strange search phrases 😛

  5. i like to google what people google to get to my blog 😀 i had already:
    finding husband very irritating especially hong kong
    my chinese mother in law raped me
    just like pingpong in hong kong
    cute cat drinking soda
    sharing my
    real rap filmed my hubby
    and other mother in law rape movies O.O writing about HK cat III movies was a mistake XD

    • LOL! Well if that was his intention, he would’ve got it the first time from my post. I do have translation I think 😀

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