I Am Gadget Slave

They say you never know how precious something is to you until the day it is taken away from you. As far as I am concerned for the past couple of days, this is too bloody right. Too damn bloody right.

You may have read about my freaky friday where my phone was sent to the service center for repairs. It took me just a few hours to realize that I have succumbed to a special form of PSTD, otherwise known as Phoneless Traumatic Stress Disorder. Let me highlight a couple of incidents that made me feel like my life was a living hell.

Incident #1

Friday night. It was one of those night that I decided to eat out. I was running a few errands for the new house related stuff and it made no sense to make a detour home to cook and then come back out.

Usually, when I dine alone, my smartphone is my best friend. I would load one of my many eBooks and read it while waiting for my meal to be served. I was not able to do it this time, and boy it was boring. It was bloody boring! I just sat there, staring around, fidgeting, making eye contact with a few other patrons and get embarrassed over it, and then went back to fidgeting and generally just feeling uncomfortable until my meal arrived.

Incident #2

To avoid the stupid car park jam, I always arrive at the Queensbay Mall before 11AM on Saturdays to do my grocery shopping. I had an appointment for something at 2PM, so I thought I should catch a movie in between.

Buying tickets is supposed to be a simple process. I launch the Golden Screen Cinema app, go to FasTicket, select my seat and pay through Paypal. All done in a matter of minutes. Until I realized I don’t bloody have a phone. Crap!

No matter, I’ll just buy the ticket online and memorize the Confirmation ID and collect my tickets on the Express Lane at the cinema. It went well until the payment section. Since I was using a Maybank credit card, the system needed to send a security code to my phone as confirmation. And I don’t bloody have my phone with me. Fuck!

In the end, I did the thing that I have been laughing at ever since I start using a smartphone. I queued up with a bunch of jokers to buy a movie ticket, and get assigned a random seat instead of selecting my own seat. Fuck queuing! Fuck random seats! Fuck my life without a phone!!

Incident #3

As I was leaving the mall, I saw some nice Halloween decoration. Maybe I should snap some photos and make a blog post about them. Reached for my left pocket and found no phone. Damn!

The ear infection gave me physical agony. The PSTD gave me mental agony that in my opinion, far exceeds the physical agony. Okay, I am probably exaggerating, both are equally anguish inducing in their own unique ways.

My phoneless life lasted for 25 hours. I officially handed over my phone for repairs at 2.30PM-ish on Friday. I got myself a substitute phone at 3.30PM-ish on Saturday.

I promise, I was not actively hunting for a replacement phone. I am not that crazy to waste a couple hundred bucks to get a gadget that I will only use for a few days. This purchase happened by accident. I swear to Buddha!

You see, I had wanted to get myself a new mouse. The old mouse was getting cranky, sometimes I move the mouse left but the cursor goes right. Sometimes the left click doesn’t work, sometimes one click from the finger becomes triple clicks on the screen.

So I brought my car to a car wash near Bukit Jambul Complex and made my way to the mall by foot. I needed to wash the car anyway, and this got me sort of a free 40 minutes parking.

As I was making my way towards the computer section, I walked pass a mobile phone shop and spotted a nostalgic looking phone. It was small, had a keypad, and looked like a toy. When I saw the price tag, I was shocked! It was kind of… cheap. So I stopped by the shop and asked to check it out. Then I asked for a discount and got one. I paid on the spot and got a new little box to carry.

Keystone 2
Samsung Keystone 2

It is not a smartphone. It does not have Android, and it does not have a built in camera. It is just a small, old school mobile phone.

Keystone 2
See how small it is!

The reason I was attracted to this phone is because it looked and felt like a toy phone that I saw in London’s O2 shop many years back that was selling for £10. I always regretted not buying it back then. Now I have a similar looking one 😀 . It was a good buy too. The moment I inserted my SIM card, I got 3 notifications of missed calls from the landlord. I wonder what he wants now…


    • I can’t even imagine life without internet now. Even if I were to go to a beach, I think my idea of relaxation is sunbathing while surfing the net. Oh gosh… 😐

  1. I believe you. We so dependent to phone…if no phone is like dress not enough.

    you phone come back yet? Why your xiaomi masuk hospital. okay i better go read previous post first

    • No need to be sad about it. If you are happy enough with old school phones, then it’s good enough for you 🙂

  2. hmmm, i guess i would have also succumbed to the PSTD too!! cannot imagine if my phone is not with me when i am not at home.. so, this Samsung looks “sexy” also lah, hahaha!! at least your landlord is able to contact you, hehehehehehe ^^

  3. I am used to eating alone so there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just enjoy people-watching while waiting for your food. Even if you queue to buy tickets, you can still choose your seats. I still queue to buy tickets and get to choose my seats too. And I still use a point and shoot digital camera to take photos. And my current phone is just like your new phone:


    • The thing is, the people around me don’t call or use SMS much anymore. Nowadays we use Whatsapp. Whatsapp is basically SMS over internet, or in other words, free SMS. And, why carry a phone and a camera when you can just carry a phone, right? And, I am not sure how you do it, I can never get to choose seats when I buy over the queue. Maybe it is a Penang thing, who knows?
      Sorry, full justification mode on, LOL!! 😀
      Nice phone by the way 😛

      • Thanks. When we queue to buy movie tickets here, we will ask the cashier to show us the available seats on his display monitor (seats diagram layout) and we will point to the seats that we want. Should be the same if the cinema is GSC or TGV chain of cinemas.

        • I know they have those display monitor, but the cashier will never bring up the seats layout. When I ask for seat selection, they will always say: “Cannot select, random”. After awhile, I never bother.

  4. hahaha…hand massage? that phone is flat and hard…I prefer holding soft toy for a hand massage. So sorry to hear about ur new phone misadventure.
    This phone is kinda cute. It has been some time since i last using a non-smart phone…How much is that btw?

    • I am not going to reveal the price yet. I am going to do a freebie giveaway in the next post (not giving away this phone) coming tomorrow. Stay tuned 😉

  5. What?! Not a smartphone?? Pffff… That’s like practically no use then :p. I had dumb phone for yearrrrs and refused to get a smartphone thinking I didn’t need it and that I didn’t want to be one of those people who lives on their phone. Turns out I’m that person now since getting it less than 2 years ago! I read books off of it when I eat alone too. I don’t know what I’d do otherwise! It is boring to just sit there and wait for your food!

    • LOL! It’s just for a few days. I can’t possibly fork out a few hundred bucks for something that I will only use for a few days, can I? I’m not that extreme. And for me, it’s not just boring to sit there waiting for food, to me it actually felt more awkward than boring! 😐

  6. hah..hah…smartphone – can’t live without it! Well, I am still on ancient phone so I probably won’t miss my phone except when I have to purchase something online. Someone once said that in the good old days you can disappear somewhere and get some peace where no one can find you. But now with mobile phones, they can get you anywhere unless you switch it off. It’s just a matter of time that I will eventually get a smartphone and maybe that’s when the addiction will start….

    • A smartphone is like a car, you never really need it until you get one, and then your life is transformed and there’s no going back 😀

  7. So this was the phone you used while waiting to get your smartphone back.. If you are close to the manager of the phone shop, he would just give you a spare phone to use first, it was just for 25 hours, like you said.. But of course if you are not close to the people in the shop, and if you can’t live without the phone (I’m sure many people also the same la), then I too, would get a cheap phone to “deng ji dong”.. But then, I’m thinking, you do not have any spare phones at home meh? I have a lot of spare phones at home, like 2 of them.. The pink flip-over Sony Ericsson and my Samsung Hello Kitty..

    • Not “was”, my princess, “is”. I am still using this phone. I am only expected to get my mi3 back on Wednesday. I did ask for a spare phone, they said no. Oh well. To be honest, I kind of like this phone. It is really a handy toy to hold. I use it frequently for hand massage today 😀

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