Freaky Friday

Today is not a good day for me..

Freak #1

My bad day started at about 2.00AM. I was jolted awake by excruciating pain on my right ear, and I cannot hear sounds at their usual volume. I recognize this symptom, I had it once when I was a school kid.

I immediately washed my face to awaken myself and drove to the nearest clinic in my pajamas (tattered T-shirt and shorts). The doctor confirmed what I suspected: there is an infection inside my ear hole, beyond the reach of the finger or cotton bud. He gave me painkillers and wrote a letter for me to visit the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) in a hospital.

Freak #2

I was in pain, so I did not think about some minor details. Minor details like my shorts’ pocket is not exactly very deep, and my Mi3 phone is not exactly very small. When I got home, as I set my foot out of the car, the phone took the opportunity to set itself out of my pocket straight onto the road. Bang! It got itself a crack on the screen. Fuck!

Freak #3

The painkillers was supposed to take away the pain and let me get some sleep for the night. It had no effect whatsoever. I spent the night writhing in agony and sweating profusely. By the time it was light, I had gotten used to the pain in my ear, but I also needed to contend with heavy eyelids and a headache as I drove to the hospital.

Freak #4

I was actually not too late when I arrived at the hospital and got through registration. There were only 3 people in front of me. But when it was going to be my turn, suddenly 2 nurses wheeled 2 patients into the ENT’s waiting lounge. Apparently theirs were emergency cases, so they got to cut queue.

Fine with that. I had prior experience so I know mine is not really life threatening or what. So I waited for both the wheelchair patients to come out. Came out they did, but the doctor came out with the second one. The nurse then came out to inform me the doctor has to perform an operation and will be back in half an hour. Superb.

The doctor came back 40 minutes later. The moment he came back, 2 more wheelchair patients came. Oh god, not again?? Still, I put up a smiley face and continued the wait. About half an hour later, both of them were done. However, the doctor came out from his consultation room again and left. The nurse then informed me that it was lunch time for the doctor, he will be back in an hour.

By that time, I was struggling to contain the pain. The nurse probably sensed that from my face. She promised I would be the first in line when the doctor came back and she would not allow anymore emergency patients to cut queue. I forced a smile at her and thanked her.

I reached the hospital at 9.15AM. By the time I left, it was almost 2.00PM. The actual treatment took only about 20 minutes, the rest were waiting time. The treatment was simple, the doctor used a sharp tool to poke at the infected area, then used his suction tool to suck out whatever yellowish fluid and wax out of my ears. It sounds terrifying but it’s actually fine. Now I get to drip some anti fungus ear drop for a few days.

Freak #5

After my ordeal at the hospital, I had another errand to run. I had to send my phone for plastic surgery. The only service center in Penang is located in Prangin Mall, next to Komtar. I saw from their website, the service center is in 4th floor. What the website did not mention is that, their service center is actually Nokia’s service center. They are actually subcontracting servicing to Nokia.

I circled the entire 4th floor of the mall for 3 times before I manage to spot the tiny notice indicating “Xiaomi Authorized Service Center” printout on Nokia’s door. And then I had to part with RM 260 for the plastic surgery and was informed that since there is a crack, my phone’s warranty will be void from now on. Awesome. To make matters worse, repairs will take 3 working days, meaning from now until next Wednesday, I will have no mobile phone in my life. Some would argue this is a good thing though.


Okay, enough of bad news. Maybe let me end this post by showing you the interior of my new place. I have not moved anything over yet, I just gave the place a thorough cleaning the other day.

IMG_20141021_220629 (1024x759)
Empty house…

I already have most of the things that I need to live. What I still need is a table that is suitable to be my kitchen table, and maybe a standing blind to partition the kitchen and living room. I could be making a trip back to KL for the specific purpose of visiting IKEA soon 😉


  1. ouch! that is bad….how is the ear pain now>? better? The sucking part sounds horrible and painful.

    Adui…in the midst of that you have to deal with moving and hospitalisation of the phone.

  2. Ooops, I missed this one! What a day! As they say, bad things come in a bunch. Hope your ear is OK now and that all is well. Your new place looks neat and clean. Will be homey soon I guess especially when furnitures are from IKEA 🙂

    • Ah ah.. don’t overestimate this. I am not going to buy a lot of things. I am just thinking of getting a standing blind and a kitchen table LOL!

  3. Oh man!! Sounds like a horrible day! And your description of what the doctor did sounds SO painful!

    Good luck with having no phone for almost a week. I honestly don’t even know what we did without smart phones a couple of years ago! I’m totally one of those people who whips out my phone to play Candy Crush when there’s even the slightest time I’m just sitting there waiting for something. I guess you have to actually observe your surroundings now or something, lol!

    • It’s actually not that painful, as I was already in pain without the procedure.
      It’s only been like 24 hours now, and already I am going stir crazy without my phone. God help me!

  4. Aiyoooo! Your blog post was emoting so much bad luck until I have to chant mantra while reading. LOL
    I hope you will mandi Bunga and scrub yourself with salt to enhance yourself & get rid of negative vibes. Good luck babe!
    You bought a new apartment in Penang, right? Invite me for house warming!

    • LOL, I didn’t buy it, I rent it. Unless there is a major crash in housing like what happened in the US, I doubt I will ever buy a house in Penang..

  5. Still have Nokia’s service center now that Nokia phone section has been sold to Microsoft and rebranded into Lumia etc etc?

    • Class? Nah, IKEA is not that classy actually. There are cheap bargains to be had if you look hard enough. IKEA’s stuff are pretty but lightweight. Designed to look pretty, easy to assemble/dismantle and not so durable.

  6. Your new place looks ready to be decorated. Once you have moved all your things in, it will be a very cosy place for you to live as a bachelor pad. No need to sublet even unless you plan to sublet to girls, then ok. 😉

  7. So sorry to hear about your bad day. So the pain is caused by a cyst inside your ear that has pus inside it so after the doctor poked it and sucked out all the pus, you feel much better. I heard when people is yit hei (heaty – did not drink enough water) will get this kind of cyst.

    Last time when we have cysts as children, my mother will boil 金銀花; literally “gold silver flower” for us to drink – very bitter but good to fight inflammation. It is known as Lonicera japonica or Japanese Honeysuckle. Good to prevent more cysts from coming out too.

    • Cyst, pus.. I don’t even know these words exist LOL!
      The last time I got this, the ENT surgeon said it is mainly due to nose block. The ears will develop solid wax if you have nose block symptom, and these solid wax will eventually cause the inflammation on the ear. That’s why they are ENT, Ear Nose Throat, all 3 are supposed to interrelate.
      Your mom’s recipe is good, anything that helps with inflammation is good 😉

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