CD Pro 2

Video sharing time again!

It really surprised me learning that not many people around me have heard of 笑谈广东话. It got me suspecting that the same might be true for all the vintage videos that I enjoyed as a student. I did another experiment in office, this time with a Made in Taiwan voice-over parody. I got the same results. Nobody has ever watched (or even heard of) this parody series before.

I’m going to share this on my blog and see how many of you know what this is. The video series is called CD Pro 2, it is a voice-over parody of that Hong Kong undercover movie 无间道 Infernal Affairs. Before we go any further, let’s talk about some suggestions:

  1. For maximum enjoyment, you should have watched Infernal Affairs before, then you can be utterly amazed and confused at the same time how these guys can mix and match scenes from the movie to create a totally different story.
  2. The videos are voiced-over in 闽南语 Min-Nan language (Taiwanese Hokkien) with Mandarin subtitles, so you need to either understand the Hokkien language, or able to read the Mandarin subtitles, otherwise you will have no idea what the videos are all about and you would do better to skip this post.

A brief summary of the parody:

These videos revolve around the story of how 肚爛明 Dulan Ming failed to buy the limited edition of a sound system device called CD Pro 2 and his subsequent efforts to get it second hand from various parties. The videos are edited entirely from scenes in the movie Infernal Affairs. The voice-over is really superb. You would’ve thought it was really 刘德华 Andy Lau and 曾志伟 Eric Tsang doing the talking!

By the way, CD Pro 2 is something real! It is a Phillips device that is integrated into various sound systems.

Here’s a short preview of the parody.

Part 1

Dulan Ming relates his failure to buy CD Pro 2 to GY Lin, and GY Lin pours salt onto Dulan Ming’s wound.

So, have I got you hooked? If yes, good. Let’s proceed to the remaining videos.

Part 2

Dulan Ming tries to buy CD Pro 2 from GY Lin.

Part 3

Dulan Ming fails to buy CD Pro 2 from Mr Wong, and enlists his Big Brother‘s help.


Before we go to part 4, we need to watch this voiced-over MTV first. It highlights Dulan Ming’s struggles so far. Surprisingly, the MTV is done in Mandarin instead of Hokkien.

Part 4

Big Brother makes arrangements for Dulan Ming to perform a strip dance in exchange of being allowed to buy his CD Pro 2. Okay, there’s a small part that is taken from 大只佬 Running on Karma.

Part 5

GY Lin learns that his ex-girlfriend ditched him for Dulan Ming and decided against finally selling CD Pro 2 to him. Mr Wong meets with GY Lin to persuade him to sell.

Part 6

Mr Wong reveals to GY Lin the truth about Big Brother’s arrangement with Dulan Ming. In the end, will Dulan Ming be able to buy the coveted CD Pro 2?

Okay, to be honest, I have forgotten about this parody until I got my new phone. The mi3 craze where people waited in front of their laptop screen and fought to buy this phone when Xiaomi was still doing their limited stock trick? For many people, it was a similar situation with Dulan Ming’s struggles for his CD Pro 2 😀 .


  1. Alamak, I don’t understand Taiwanese Hokkien. Can’t read Mandarin. I miss out so much 🙁 Anyway,this Infernal Affairs movie, was it the one subsequently re-made and starring Jack Nicholson/Leonardo DiCaprio/Matt Damon?

    • Yes! That is the one! But I think the original HK version is much better.
      I thought Taiwanese Hokkien and Malaysian Hokkien is close enough? I see a lot of Penang people enjoy watching Taiwanese drama. You should be able to understand most of it 😉

    • Let me see. My posts is always a spur of the moment thing. I only write things that I feel inspired to write about.
      This Hokkien parody is totally a different story, you should watch it 😀

    • Why you so pannai one? I have a scheduled post for it tonight. I wouldn’t say which is better, but it does have a few features that I like.

  2. Dulan Ming? Haha, am laughing so hard la just reading what you wrote.. Errmm, voice over thingy ahh? Call me jakun, but I only know something from HitzFM doing it, that JJ & Rudy started it, they sang hit songs in their own language, now every station is following it.. Same with SK, I’ve never heard of these parody before, other stuffs maybe la.. Actually there are many voice over parody in the tube, some are really funny, but some are very political.. Macam-macam ada..

    • Hahaha, do you know what GY means? Ask the slightly naughty boys to tell you XD
      I have the Mat Rempit song by JJ and Rudy hahaha! You are right lah, macam-macam ada nowadays in the internet 😀

  3. I am same like NuxV so only watch the clips a bit only. I don’t know about these clips either. Those people really put in a lot of time to find the clips that are suitable to be used.

    • I guess I could say: one of the benefits of knowing more languages is that you get to enjoy more funny things in life 😀

  4. LOL…I dun understand hokkien nor read Chinese, but I find this amusing…Whoever who did this is so creative with the story and able to mix the scene and dialogue and make it jive with the “CD Pro 2” story. thumbs up!

  5. This is a bit out of topic, but when I first see the picture I thought about undercover cop, then it started to link to the “Line Walker” drama, hahaha……

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