Why I Watch Youtube

Question: What was the first video that you watched on Youtube that made you become a Youtube addict?

Answer: This one.

This video is a combination of sad, suspense and funny. It was the first time I watched a Thai commercial. It was so different from the boring commercials that I have been watching on mainstream televisionΒ (RTM1, RTM2 and TV3 back then). And don’t talk to me about animal cruelty and those shit, I don’t wanna hear it. I was like 10 or 12 when I first saw this video.

The Thais are really good and creative when it comes to marketing products. Malaysians (and to a certain degree, Singaporeans) are just not able to produce advertising stuff that leaves a deep impression on people on a regular basis. I suspect it is due to our education systems. We have been trained to pretend to think out of the box but when we really try to do it, we will be pulled back into the box harshly.

I was skeptical at first. Maybe it was just one Thai video that was awesome. I searched for another one. And I found this.

That was it. I was hooked. I made up my mind that I needed to explore the creative contents of other countries. Thus began my Youtube quest which lasted until today πŸ˜‰ .

The videos are about 1 minute each, it won’t take you long to watch them.


  1. hah..hah…nice commercials πŸ™‚ I can’t remember my first Youtube video. But when I started baking, I watched a lot of baking demos there like Laura in the Kitchen and Joy of Baking. That was how I learnt how to bake. I agree with what you said about TV commercials. I always like the foreign ones as they are so punchy and incredibly creative.

    • I watch Laura for a bit, then I stopped. Yeah she’s prettier than Nigella (oops), but her recipes are worse than Jamie Oliver! My worse here means more tedious. “It is so soooo easy to cook this”, then she proceeds to transfer her creamy stuff around 10 different pots, that kind of stuff >.<

  2. Breaking my rules again to come comment here coz I said I wont be commenting for the time being. Guess I miss you.
    Ok, you can assume that was a typo.
    Back to your post. My FIRST YouTube was Namewee’s N******* song that went viral during that time, I guess you know which one hor..

    • I don’t think you need to worry about breaking rules or not breaking rules la, my dear. Just comment or blog whenever you feel like it, don’t set any limitations. Do what makes you happy πŸ˜‰
      Hahaha of course I know which video. I am still a big supporter of Namewee, even as many people are scolding him now. I don’t get those haters, they basically hate him for trying to make a living for himself instead of continue taking risk being hauled up to jail for scolding the government. Bunch of moronic cowards.

  3. I watch for the songs, very rarely for the movies…and sometimes, for some sad, touching, meaningful commercials and I love watching clips from the singing reality shows – American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, *** Got Talent, Rising Star. Even if they show it here on the same day, it is much later – would be able to see almost instantly on youtube, minus the commercials. I love it!!!!

    It also amazes me that they have the original video clips for some of the really old songs – like The Green Green Grass of Home. Never had the chance to see those before – no TV then. πŸ™

    • Yeah, nowadays you can basically watch anything on Youtube πŸ˜€ . It’s so amazing that I am not even bothered that I don’t have a TV in my rented place.

  4. Yes, I find it amazing too that you remember the first youtube clip you watched. I have also seen a few Thai adverts. All very touching. Speaking of Thai, there is this Thai movie called Teacher’s Diary. It is very well made and touching too. You should watch it.

  5. wow, you can still remember your very first video on YouTube??!! you are amazing man, unbelievable!! i really have no idea at all.. but that Thai ad, i have to say, i have watched numerous and they are all so creative!! i love Thai ads, why don’t we have something similar here??

    • Most things I can hardly remember, but certain things that left a profound impression, I will never forget πŸ™‚ . Over here we have a lot of limitations, you cannot do something that suggests 18SX, cannot touch on “sensitive” issues, cannot this, cannot that, etc. I suppose people hardly bother to be creative anymore.

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