Why I Watch Japanese Anime

Many of my peers are addicted to Hong Kong’s TVB series, and more recently Korean drama series (eg My Love From The Star 来自星星的你) and shows (eg Running Man). For me, I watch them, I like them, but my most favoritest shows are Japanese animes. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if you call me an otaku, as long as I get to watch those awesome animations.

Here’s a few reasons among many why I love Japanese animes.

1. They are awesome!

I started watching Japanese animes when AXN became part of the channels offered by Astro. I was in early secondary school, I think. Can you imagine the impact that it made to my life? The change from American shitty cartoons to Japanese anime was so shocking! And it was a very wonderful shock! Japanese anime opened my eyes to the fact that cartoons can be cool and awesome.

The best thing about Japanese animes is that they always involve cool guys performing realistically impossible feats to save the day. Top it off with flashy effects and explosions. Any teenager or young man worth his salt would be hooked.

I mean, imagine watching Popeye, Tom & Jerry and all those Nickelodeon/Disney channel shit and suddenly being served with these,

Cloud Strife vs Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Hiko Seijiro vs Fuji – Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

By the way, Hiko is my favorite character in this anime series. I think he is much cooler than Kenshin which I will feature next.

Himura Kenshin (Battousai) vs Shishio Makoto – Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

Rukawa performing a dunk that will put Lebron James to shame – Slam Dunk

I mean, seriously, how do you expect me to go back to watching crappy American cartoons? Power Rangers? Gimme a break, man…

2. It is a cool way to learn the language!

Watching Japanese animes is the reason why I can declare that my Japanese is more proficient than my Hokkien despite living in Penang for 6 years now. While I more often than not still have no idea what is going on when being with a bunch of people speaking Hokkien, I can grasp words here and there when listening to people speak Japanese.

The dialog in the animes is quite simple. When you watch enough of them, you will be able to figure out what individual words mean. When most people only know how to scold people using baka, I learned bakayaro, aho, kisama and teme 😀 (all words to scold people). Some other words that I can easily recognize nowadays: ningen (human), kaze (wind), umi (ocean), kanojo (her/girlfriend), atsui (hot), samui (cold), taosu (defeat), korosu (kill), hakkai (destroy), dekkai (huge), tsuyoi (strong), yowai (weak), etc.

Hokkien? I can’t even count one to ten properly 😳

Nowadays when I get impatient waiting for English subs of new animes, I would just stream the raw versions (without subtitles). On average I can catch 20% of the words, and make out 50% of what is going on when putting those words in context.

There’s a downside though. I think the anime language is not the proper polite language. For example, when a boss makes a request to employee:

Polite language:

Yarimasu ka? (Can do it?), Yarimasen! (Cannot!)

Anime language:

Yareru ka? (Can do it?), Nai! (No!)

I think you should be fine in Tokyo, I’ve heard all those simplified language being used all around. But I once talked to a Japanese lady from Nagano many years ago (we were attending the International Youth Conference for BLIA 佛光山, it was held in Shah Alam that year). I was trying to show off the Japanese words that I learned from the animes, but she immediately set me straight. She said the anime language is how yamanjin 野蛮人 (barbarians) speak, it is very rude.

I guess in Japan, the rural people see Tokyo people as barbarians with no manners when speaking 😐 .

3. The girls are hot!

Animes are drawn by horny Japanese geeks who always fantasize about the perfect women that they can never find in real life. Is it a wonder that the anime girls are either cute or hot?

Belldandy – Ah My Goddess
Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Hayasaka Yukari – Paradise Kiss

I love this anime Paradise Kiss. The story revolves around a group of arts college students designing their showpiece dress for a competition.

Dita – Vandread

Well, I can’t think of other reasons after spending some time drooling over hot anime girls.

I’ve watched a lot of animes so far, but not all of them tickles my fancy. For example, I never really warmed up to Naruto and Bleach. Watched 2 episodes of each and gave up. Let me try to list down what I watched, see how far it goes.

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Slam Dunk
  • Sakura Wars
  • Ayashi no Ceres
  • Ah My Goddess
  • You’re Under Arrest
  • Rave Master
  • Initial D (all of them)
  • Gate Keepers
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Vandread
  • Ragnarok (adapted from the online game)
  • Death Note
  • Paradise Kiss
  • Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
  • etc. I’m sure I left out quite a few

I am currently chasing Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Wangan Midnight.

I think I qualify as an otaku


  1. Oh, you are travelling to KL this weekend so therefore no post for today. Are you having a long weekend by taking AL on Monday?

  2. My wife is a great fan for anime movies too and could watch non stop during the flights from KL to overseas. I do admire at their very well drawn characters and animations but not so addicted. I am very glued to watch only Korean dramas!

    One day I was shocked to see someone used my office PC to watch the anime pornos!!! I am sure you would too.

    • I am one of those people who would do the watching on other people’s PC in the office if he forgot to lock the screen 😎

        • It’s a shark’s world in my office. The moment you forgot to lock your screen and went away, anything can happen. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end on pranks such as:
          1. Resignation email to the boss,
          2. Confessing love email to single ladies/married women,
          3. Email to the entire team claiming to belanja lunch (it will be followed up relentlessly until the claim is really fulfilled),
          4. Rock songs on owner’s playlist being played and speaker turned on for the entire duration the owner was away,
          5. Keyboard hardwired to some useless place to make it not working so that prank 4 cannot be turned off,
          6. Pre-launch porn video on video player, then keyboard hardwired so that the Enter button will play the video, then help the owner to lock his screen.
          6. etc..

          New hires are most prone to these pranks, seasoned pros like me know better than to let your guard down 😀 .

      • Wow, your office really keng to play pranks like this. I always windows+L my laptop whenever I step away for a while but sometimes I forget – oops! but luckily not a culture here to play pranks like that.

        • That’s why we play pranks, to ensure the new hires never forget 😀 . We also have a culture to “torture” people who resigned at their farewell lunch, but not that creative for this, either throw him into the pool or throw a bunch of flour on him if there is no pool in the viccinity 😀

  3. Errr call me jakun.. I don’t watch and I don’t like anime.. Sometimes ‘sau har’ (terjenguk) from the tv got la, but won’t spend another second looking at them.. Call me hamsap, the only thing I know about anime is hentai, those kinda thing.. Cartoon but in hamsap version.. Well at least I’m honest rite..

  4. errr, i am not a fan of Japanese anime woh, if you don’t consider Doraemon as one of the type.. HKTVB?? anytime welcome.. Japanese or Korean drama series ah, errr, call me jakun, i really have not watched any before.. find it very tiring and stressful to read the subtitles while watching lah~~ :p

  5. I watched anime last time, but lazy to read the subtitle so didn’t watch it anymore!! I remember the last anime I watch was detective Conan and fairy tale! =]

    • It means you haven’t watched enough, if you watched enough, you won’t rely on the subtitles that much anymore 😀

        • How on earth did you come across this video? But I have to say I’m not a big fan of these. For songs, I always prefer the original music video, or the live versions where they sing in concerts.
          Final Fantasy is awesome, but that one is mostly video game, they only have a few animes.
          Your daughter seems to be as awesome as mun 😀

  6. I watch them because my local cinema (spouse) is showing them. I remember watching Ayashi no Ceres until my head almost burst but now I don’t remember why my head wants to burst when I watched it.

    Another one that makes my head wants to burst is “Experiments Lain” and the one I did not finish watching is Monster (“Naoki Urasawa’s Monster”) – just too long.

    I am surprised that Love Hina is not on your list.

    When I was a child, I watched all the series of Macross. I was around 5 years old when I watched Blocker Corp Machine Blaster.

    The saddest anime series that I have watched is “Wolf’s Rain”.

    Those that I have watched when I am older and are not in your list are:

    0. Saiyuki
    1. Getbackers
    2. Naruto
    3. Inuyasha
    4. Scrapped Princess
    5. God(?) Save Our King!
    6. speed grapher
    7. Last Exile
    8. Fullmetal Alchemist
    9. city hunter
    10. vampire hunter
    and many others that I have watched and remember a bit of the storyline but not the title. I think I have watched too many until I burned out already so nowadays when local cinema is playing it I also don’t watch anymore.

    The most recent one that I have watched is Eden of the East.

    Not to mention the movies:
    1. Princess Mononoke and all Miyazaki’s anime movies by Studio Ghibli.
    2. Ghost in the Shell
    3. Akira
    4. Metropolis

    If you are into horror anime, Requiem from the Darkness is a series of supernatural horror stories – really scary.

    • Out of your 11, I have watched 8 of them (0 2 3 5 7 8 9 10), but only 1 or 2 episodes each. They just didn’t connect with me, for whatever unknown reason. LOL for someone who only watch because of local cinema, you sure know your animes! I am impressed 😀

      • Hahaha, my sister and brothers all watch these anime series so they will have discussions on the plot, style of drawings and etc so I also join in, therefore can remember loh.

        You should try a few episodes of speed grapher (for adult audience) if you can still get it to see if you like it or not. Love Hina is more for the teenage boys, did you watch a few episodes of it?

        • I think I watched Love Hina before, but it didn’t leave enough of an impression for me to remember it. Is there a cute turtle in it?

      • Yes, there is a turtle in it so you do remember it after all. Hahaha, there is another school kids anime that I watched, just remembered it – azumanga daioh – now I remember I also don’t know why I watched this kiddy anime when I was already 29 at that time, hahaha. 🙂

  7. I have watched anime before and I’ll have to say that the graphics is really awesome. Some of them have very good storylines too. But I did not get to the point of becoming addicted hah..hah…

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