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This is going to be a 100% words, 0 pictures post. Feel free to skip it. Also I just updated a way for you to contact me ninja style (without anyone knowing). Check the top bar.


I started blogging in July 2006. This was one of my first blog posts. There were a couple of meaningless ones prior, but all on the same month. Back then I was on Blogspot. My blog URL was http://realgunners.blogspot.com. Don’t try to visit it, it will redirect here anyway 😉

I joined a forum/community of young people based in KL. It was called Kakilang. Or was it Potatoship? I remember the word Potatoship appeared somewhere. Don’t bother trying to find it also. It has been inactive for many years now, although I still keep in touch with a few of the members. I was the youngest member as far as I can remember. The thing was, some of them were blogging, and it seemed kind of cool. So I started a blog myself.

It lasted for a few months. Then I broke up with my then girlfriend. Also I began to experience what it meant to fail the exams when you do not study hard. I kind of forgot about the blog for 2 years. I did not return to blogging until I graduated and started my first job in Shah Alam. It was 2008 then.


My first job was not my dream job. It was me being desperate. I had a Kojadi loan and a PTPTN loan staring me straight in the face. I had to grab the first job offered to me. Needless to say, I was depressed. I turned to blogging as a form of distraction. Of course soon after that, it became a record of the disaster that was my prolonged job hunt in Penang.

At about the same time, there were these 2 things called Nuffnang and Advertlets that showed up in Malaysian blogosphere. I learned that the famous bloggers were raking in some serious dough through blog advertising. I’m not going to lie, I dreamed that I could also achieve that with my little blog. I thought I could make it, because I was going to blog about my UK and Europe experience. I was sure people would want to read those.

I was working hard. I was turning in new blog posts daily. Sometimes 2 or 3 posts a day. I spent hours Nang-ing posts and Dang-ing morons on Innit (I’m sure some of you Nuffnang users will remember this Innit thing). I commented on many famous blogs and even more not-so-famous blogs. I was constantly checking my email to see if anyone commented on my blog posts.

I did not make it big obviously. At my peak, I think I got 20 regular readers and a couple of occasional visits. I spent more than 1 year to get my first Nuffnang cash out of RM 114.89. It was… fucking pitiful not very much, if I may say so myself. To make matters worse, I began to feel that girls are generally more successful in the blogosphere. Good looking girls just need to make some blog posts with all their cute photos and selfies and will instantly get more following than me. My little sister started a blog that talks about FT Island and shared a few piano sheets. She got more following than me within 2 weeks!

I was depressed with this situation. It felt like I was wasting my time and effort. At the same time I was given more responsibilities at work. It felt smarter to focus on working hard at my job, giving better performance and getting promoted more quickly. So I started blogging less and less. And the reason I was blogging at all was to keep in touch with the 20 or so of my regular readers. In 2012, I was making an average of 1 blog post per month. I only make continuous updates when I have US photos to show off. In fact I went once without any updates for 9 months. I lost all my regular readers as a result.

This inactive period is what I consider my 2nd time abandoning my blog. I made a 2nd comeback on June this year.


The first serious post that I made, that I think properly marked my second return, was about a moron.

I started writing again after I got myself reading some travel blogs and some AMWF (Asian Male White Female) blogs. It was these blogs that gave me renewed hope that blogging can be fun. Then as I explored some Malaysian blogs, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a new breed of blogs that I previously did not know existed. Now I am glad that I am part of this awesome community of matured and insightful internet people.

If you pay attention to my blogroll on the sidebar, you will realize that they are made up of Malaysian married women/married moms/old uncles blogs, AMWF blogs, and international travel blogs. I purged all the blogs that I used to follow but got bored with.

[One of the reasons I lost my mojo with blogging was that I began to notice bloggers my age all became part of the sponsored posts community. Instead of reading 100 blogs with 100 types of unique content, I found myself staring at 100 blogs that blogged about the same Samsung event or Castrol event or Transformers screening in The Curve. It was super boring! How the f**k do you expect me to read 100 blog posts of the same things, not to mention giving 100 unique comments to the same contents?! In the end I just couldn’t be bothered anymore…]

I also got myself into those freelancing stuff. I need some sort of an online resume. What better resume than a blog to showcase my writing capabilities? I even got myself a personal domain and got rid of the .blogspot.com thing. Looks more professional doesn’t it?

Making money through blog advertising is no longer my main motivation. Sure, you see the Google Adsense banner ad on the sidebar, although I removed the local company’s one not long after I migrated to the personal domain. I have no intention of making big bucks with these, I just place the banner for the sake of it. If at the end of the day, the revenue I get from Adsense is enough to pay for my domain hosting fees, I would be mighty satisfied.

Of course I’m not saying that I am against any form of advertising on my blog. If I accidentally have enough following and anyone decides to engage me for sponsored post or rent some banner space, I would consider doing it obviously. After all, who in their right frame of mind would say no to money making opportunities, right? 😉

This seems to be longer than I expected it to be. I guess I better stop here.


  1. I also started blogging in 2006, then it was my ex-colleague who helped me to set up the template in BlogSpot, I only had my breakthrough in 2012 when I started visiting other people’s blogs and leaving comments, but still my blog is just a humble blog with I think only less than 20 followers, before 2012, my blog was like just talking to walls, haha, but I am glad I have a blog to keep me company

    • You might have some silent readers, you know. There are many people who love reading blogs but are shy to leave comments. It happens to me, so it probably happens to you too 😉

  2. Hi darling, I had to come here again.. What a detailed post.. But I like.. Haha.. I dont usually fancy reading long post, but for you, I give exception a bit ok.. Ok why I blog? Or how it all started? Well just as a diary, for my record, never intend to make money from it, I dont know how anyways.. Blogging is just for fun, and for me to pass the time in office 🙂

    • Ah.. you’re making me blush again 😳 . That’s what blog is supposed to be originally. Weblog, online diary. It was not a money making tool, until a few bastards decided to exploit it, and then many morons (including me) jumped on the bandwagon. You are a true blogger, doing it for fun 😉

  3. Oh this is such a wonderful post! I too, started my blog because I heard about people making money through it. I felt pressured to find another way to make money since I’ll be quitting my job, so I started one as well. Needless to say, I’m not doing well at all, as in making 0 and not gaining as big of a following as I’d like. Turns out it’s not that easy after all! I think I’m just not as committed as other bloggers to comment on 100 blogs a week or be on a dozen social media platforms. And I don’t have the energy to push out daily posts. I’m learning to be ok with that and now I write mainly for myself, to keep my memories alive.
    I’m glad you’re motivated to blog again! I think in the end, this kind of “work” really needs to be passion first and foremost, because otherwise no one would spend hours a day doing it!
    And I also want to say a thank you for listing me on your sidebar. I’m very very honored, sincerely. 🙂

    • I think you are doing quite well now. I put you in my blogroll because I really like reading your posts. I’m very very very honored that you are very very honored, very sincerely 😀 😀 .

  4. This is a good topic too! Blogging… hmmm.. I started in January 2008.. and what triggered me to start blogging? It is due to a HK TVB series, if you are a fan of that “Abalone King”.. you will remember Linda Chung and Raymond Lam.. they blogged..and from there, it inspired me in a way… Another reason is also my son, he started his blog when he was in Form 4 and he created the “Reanaclaire” for me.. hahaha… It was blogspot then.. then I changed it to dot com after a couple of years when I am more “pro” .. ahem ahemmmm… still amateur la.. cannot make lots of money like those famous bloggers in Nuffnang.. NO one notice me there, after all.. (so sad) Now I blog at my own pleasure and lately become a pressure because it is like doing homework daily.. If I don’t blog, it is like something is not done for the day… is this called Blog Addiction? :p

    • I always wonder, is Reana Claire your real name or just blog alias. The name doesn’t sound very Chinese to me 😐 . Blogging is not an addiction if you ask me, addiction is something that you cannot stop doing even when you want to. You keep blogging now because you still enjoy it, when you don’t enjoy it you will find out whether it is addiction or not 😀

      • Reana Claire… initially I didn’t know what name to put.. when my son asked me, I thought putting my name there would be nice.. if I have known, I would like to put “Havefoodwilltravel.com” hahahaa…
        Ok, Reana is my Pen Pal name during the 1970s… and Claire is my baptism name.. so I just joined them together and Reanaclaire is born. 🙂

  5. i started blogging since 13th March 2006, just a couple of months earlier than you!! i started because friends around me were doing, but sadly i think ALL of them have already gave up blogging, i am the only one surviving.. similar to you, there was once i almost gave up, but then i told myself i must keep on, and from then i have my blog updated regularly..

    of course, i am never aiming for churning extra income from blogging.. it’s just a pastime but not a source of income to me.. i don’t quite enjoy being very commercial and i hate reading commercial blogs, if you get what i mean.. the best part in blogging is to get to know more people and interact with them, just like my “chatroom”, haha..

  6. Got money from blogging is good. No money from blogging also nevermind. Blogging for me just a diary.

    Yea…kinda hard to read 100 blog about the same thing …wanna comment also dunno how to comment. Cut and paste aje la. LOL

    To earn big money on blogging, i think u know already la. cannot depend on click click. Have to attend events and stuffs like that. Pay very high leh. Attend one event can be a couple hundred rm leh

  7. I started blogging due to depression and in a way it saved my life. And I enjoy it a lot, a kind of de-stressing activity. I’m glad you returned to blogging because you write very well and you do have interesting things to share. I enjoy reading your posts and thanks for putting my “old auntie” blog on your sidebar hah..hah..hah… 😀

    • It’s interesting to see that many people who blog has a story or 2 about depression. Blogging saves lives! Hahaha I don’t know how old you are, never seen your picture before, are you sure you are really that “old”? 😀

  8. You have matured a lot in blogging as you have your own domain now and your blog is more of a website than a simple blog like mine. Do continue blogging as I find your posts interesting as you talk about a variety of subjects. I started blogging to remind myself that I am alive and to pass time and that’s how lifeafter38 got started. I made my spouse promise to post about my death on it. Lol!

    • Sheeshhh… when people die, there are many things to worry about, and you worry about updating your blog one final time :-/

      • Not worry, just want to make sure my blog is updated with news of my death. Other things I already make plans already – where to be cremated, what sort of coffin to used, my will and etc. 😀

        • Seems like you are another evolved Asian. Usually Asians will avoid talking about death until it is staring in the face.

  9. “One of the reasons I lost my mojo with blogging was that I began to notice bloggers my age all became part of the sponsored posts community. Instead of reading 100 blogs with 100 types of unique content, I found myself staring at 100 blogs that blogged about the same…”
    I am 100% with you on this. Even the photos they take look near identical. At one time, I even just cut and pasted my comment in each of those blogs – they’re all the same anyway. I don’t frequent those so much anymore – so far, I think I only have one who blogs mostly on such events that he goes to but at least, USUALLY, I will not see the same event in the other blogs that I visit.

    I started later than you and actually, I was forced into it by some blogger friends as I was commenting everywhere – a mysterious character without a blog…and no one knew who I was! That was fun! LOL!!!

  10. You are so frank and funny….. I like your honesty and you learnt many new things along the way that there is no free lunch in this world. I started blogging because friends pestered me to share about spiritual and ghost encounters. I slowed down because ghosts also read our blogs if you talk too much about them or any topic they like. Example is FOOD!
    I don’t crave for income from the ads tru blogging as I do know some hidden truths behind. Anyway the best part is that I learn many new and latest happenings besides food havens and travel places.

    • I haven’t read back all your early posts. Thanks for warning me not to now. I don’t look forward to reading about spiritual encounters :-/
      I think the hidden truth is not so hidden after all. If we know someone who worked with those companies before, we more or less know what’s going on behind the scenes. Just enjoy reading interesting blogs and don’t bother about those boring stuff 😀

  11. darn, I hv been MIA from blogosphere for some time now. Anyhow, keeping up with regular readers need commitment, I dun see myself to be able to do that (even on short run), I dun blog mch, but instead blog hopping reading people’s update…in another word sort of kepochi la..
    Keep on posting, will be dropping by regularly to kepochi!

    • Yeah, but it was more interesting back then, nowadays those interesting bloggers gave up and moved on to Twitter or Dayre >.<

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