Three Idiots

Anay and Thambee‘s camaraderie reminds me of this movie, 3 Idiots. As a result, I spent the whole of tonight watching this movie again and did nothing productive. By the way, have you watched this movie before?

This is a 5 years old Hindi movie. It was highly popular when it was first released and quickly became the highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time, until it was surpassed by some other movies last year. Engineers in particular would connect well with this movie, but I think this is overall a very educational and funny movie.

How educational, you might ask? Very! Well, throughout the movie, we are taught to deal with various real life problems in very creative ways. Here, let me show you a few snippets of the movie as example. The clips are all 1 to 3 minutes, and they are all my favorite scenes as well.

1. How to ground a flight when you desperately need to get off due to unforeseen circumstances

2. How to overcome an overbearing, big bully senior without using brute force

3. How to offend your teacher/lecturer is a properly smart ass way that embarrass him comprehensively

4. How to earn an extra 5 minutes in exams and get away with it

5. How to threaten a man with a gun into submission

See? All practical real life tips that can potentially save your lives when under duress 😉

If I have got you interested in this movie, well, good news. The full movie is available on Youtube, with English and Chinese subtitles. But take note that the entire movie is almost 3 hours long.


    • It is. It was the highest grossing Hindi movie when it was released. And isn’t it refreshing to see a Hindi movie without the exaggerated fight and dance scenes? 😀

  1. Yes, I have seen this a couple of years ago, recommended by my son.. he took his laptop into my room and connected to the TV and all of us watched and laughed so much.. the picture you showed on top was one of them…. I cannot remember much of the storyline but for the first time, I enjoyed watching this Bollywood movie.. 🙂

  2. Heard of the movie around the time it was released. Everyone praising it to the skies, saying how good it was…but I never got down to watching it. Sigh!!! Old man…lazy!!!

  3. Call me jakun, same like mun, never heard of this movie, 3 Stooges (spelling ngam mou) got la.. But very interesting of you to talk about being street-smart using this movie, haha.. But you so creative, sure always know what to write to make your post interesting one la hor.. But those examples can use in real life mou? hehe..

    • Aiya you watch the video clips first baru ask lah, once you watched it then you will know whether it is practical or not 😀

  4. I have not heard or watched this movie before. Guess I have fallen behind on recent popular movies.

    Wah, you are so pro – even link to those clips that have educational values.

    • Actually I was wondering if any of you have clicked on any of them. Did those clips load? A few of my friends said the clips doesn’t work. I just uploaded them an hour ago. Maybe need to wait for a few hours 🙄

      • Yesterday went to sleep so just watched this morning. All the 5 clips will stop playing after about 30 seconds and I have to stop and replay them and then all are ok.

        Clip 1. Very effective to fake a heartattack to get the plane to turn back after take off immediately.

        Clip 2. Don’t think it works. The electricity will not be transmitted from the metal spoon via urine back to the body of the person urinating.

        Clip 3. Wow, he knows the long definition of books but I don’t think his teacher will accept him back into class even with that.

        Clip 4. Definitely works! Very funny and effective to jumble up all the answer sheets with theirs.

        Clip 5. Don’t think all people with guns will have their papa’s ashes there so not applicable to all cases.

        Looks like a very funny movie from the clips. Will introduce this to my brother, hahaha.

        • I just took off the Youtube links and uploaded the videos to my blog directly. Apparently there is some licensing issue that prevented my Youtube uploads from being played by Malaysian accounts.

  5. wow, what an honor i’m being blogged about by another blogger!! haha.. of course i know just “borrowing” me to kick-off your topic only, but at least i saw my “name”..

    i have heard of this movie, in fact it was quite a hit huh?? but then i have not watched it, guess i must also find a nice time to sit down and give it a go one day.. anyone who looks like Anay or Thambee in the movie?? :p

        • Huh? Anay said from Chennai, although I dunno Chennai is Tamil or Hindi also lah. Not same one meh, Tamil and Hindi? 😀

      • Yengga Porreng Ngeh! hey do you know that nearly all the Indians here who watch the Hindi movies of Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan do not understand the Hindi Language at all. They just watched for fun like you and me.
        What you just posted are Tamil and i had a good laugh. They are silly like 3 Stooges.

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