Random Saturday Post

I think I am experiencing a symptom that is scientifically known as nobloggingsulkingitis. I spent the whole day thinking of things to write, drawing blanks, and feeling annoyed at my lack of inspiration. As the day is drawing to a close, I’m feeling more than a little desperate to blog about something, anything at all…

Of course, it didn’t help that today was one of those Saturdays that I have to go back to work. Instead of being out people watching, the only thing I got to watch was my computer screen. I did not even do my grocery shopping, nor did I do any cooking today.

So, instead of reading about something insightful, or about more of my cooking misadventures, you now get to read about my boring Saturday.

I had a quick breakfast of bread and blueberry jam, then head off to office in t-shirt, short jeans pants and slippers. It is Saturday, there’s practically no one working in the office, nobody really cares how you dress.

I bought a little something online and finally received a tracking number a couple days ago. I have been logging in to the courier website and check every few hours, but this morning I saw this:

Fedex tracking
The damn thing is in Bayan Lepas already!

So I kept the website open and refreshed every 30 seconds, all day long. Unfortunately, nothing changed in the status for the entire day. I wonder if that Estimated Delivery date is a typo, or if they really intend to keep me waiting for another 2 weeks, after already waiting for a month. Those words like Future delivery requested and Package not due for delivery did not reassure me one bit at all. Bugger them.

The reason I was in the office was because I was running some tests that require physical interaction with the machines every 40 minutes or so. To maximize efficiency, I only had 40 minutes to grab a quick lunch: 5 minutes to walk to my car, 5 minutes drive to the coffee shop, 20 minutes to eat, 5 minutes drive back to the office, 5 minutes to walk back to the office. I had no choice but to have fast food.

Mixed rice
Malaysian Chinese fast food a.k.a 什饭 zhap fan (mixed rice)

You see, I am trying to eat healthy even when eating out. 1 vegetable dish, 1 tofu dish, 1 meat dish is pretty healthy, right? Unfortunately, there’s 1 piece of evil thing that jumped onto my plate by itself, trying to hamper me. I tried to place it back on the tray where it belonged, but it jumped right back onto my plate 😐 . And then it started to hypnotize me into accepting it. I succumbed to the hypnotizing within 3 seconds!

The thing is, the task that I was doing today required me to press some buttons on machines every 40 minutes, but that’s about it. I then spend those 40 minutes interval reading blogs, refreshing the tracking page, and watching Youtube. When I watch Youtube with no sense of direction, I always end up watching different things that are totally unrelated to each other. For example, here’s what I watched today:

I started with a series of 范玮琪 Christine Fan‘s music videos,

And then somehow got distracted into watching Airwolf clips,

By the way, Airwolf is awesome! As is MacGyver and also The A-Team!

Somehow I was then led to watch weird creative recipes videos such as a French guy making Japanese okonomiyaki,

Before jumping back to watch something more mainstream like Wong Fu‘s newest short.

By the way, in case you do not know, Wong Fu Productions is an online based film producers. They mainly make Youtube videos, mostly short films and music videos for other Youtube artists. They are pretty popular in the Youtube fraternity. In fact, they are good enough to have even worked with Leehom for a few times. They are currently producing their first full length movie.

Okay, I’m not going to share all the videos that I have watched today, there’s probably 50 of them.

I clocked off at 7 PM, came back, did the usual things people do like having dinner (of oats) and shower and sitting down procrastinating and many other things.

Oh well, I guess I’m done here. Sorry for boring you with this random post 😐 .


  1. What a silly company to work on Saturdays when no staff but only you would show up to play at work. Wakakakaka
    You spent whole day wAtching YouTube in the office? Goodness Umai.

    • Well, that’s the beauty of flexi working hours. Real flexi working hours I mean. You relax when there’s not much to do, and you clock in crazy hours when there’s much to do.

  2. Haha I keep laughing when I read about your luncheon meat keeps jumping back to your plate.. Moderation is ok kua.. I also have luncheon meat like once every two weeks.. When I dunno what to cook, or when I ‘kak ngang’ have to cook something, luncheon meat can never go wrong.. Oohhh so you went back to the office yesterday huh.. No big deal la, not everytime ma.. Nice random post, not boring, at first when I thought ‘sei la, you wana kak ngang publish something, dunno boring mou’.. But now I can say it’s not boring, and I can know more about your daily working life too 🙂

    • If working full day on Saturday is my daily working life, I already jump from Suntech tower like that fella previously. It used to be when I was a freshie though 😐

  3. I must have such a sad life because I find reading your post today very interesting for I am always thinking about how other people live their lives daily.

    Pushing a button every 40 minutes? Wow, sound like the TV series LOST. Did you watch it?

    Can’t you tapao some food back to the office to eat instead of rushing like that? I wean myself off luncheon meat after brainwashing myself that the luncheon meat is made of rat’s meat or human’s meat or trash or discarded or rotten meat just to keep myself from eating it.

    Again, I say your post is not boring. Are you watching the game now? Ars gotta catch up, 1 behind now but you don’t need me to tell you this as you already know, right?

      • LOL I was too tired to watch. Anyway I don’t watch the North London Derby nowadays, every time I watch, we will lose, so better sleep than jinxing the team. Turns out it was useless 🙁 .
        Nope, never watched Lost, apart from a couple of random episodes.
        I didn’t really thought about bringing food back to the office to be honest. Maybe I should do that next time!

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