Postcard From Across The Sea

I was greeted by this postcard as I was going through my postal mails that were delivered to my KL home address. This came from overseas, literally. They came from the islands nation across the entire span of South China Sea. I meant the Philippines.

Smokey Tours
Look at their bright smile 🙂

I donated €25 to a certain Smokey Tours, a Manila based charity foundation that operates guided tours to the slums in Smokey Mountain. The money they make goes back to that slum in the form of food, medicine and school books.

This is their token of appreciation.

Smokey Tours
Handwritten appreciation note on a postcard

Well, I didn’t join the tour actually. But, let’s overlook that minor detail 😉 .

Given my non-existent capability in maintaining souvenir and trinkets, I suspect I will misplace this postcard sooner rather than later. Might as well store the soft copies on the blog, because, why not?


    • I just do whatever I can, which is not much, but then, if everyone do their not much, then collectively it will be a lot, won’t it 😉 ? I think those people who do volunteer work are more worthy of the term kind soul compared to me.

      • But then those volunteers are living their dreams volunteering and getting utmost self satisfaction with their work. It is people like you who do their “not much” while working as wage-slave aka “ta gong chai” who are generous and kind.

  1. Nice of you to give a donation and appreciated in a way too! Yes, like you, I also like to put up my memories up here in the blog.. at least it won’t go lost as in hard copies… That reminds me, I must back up my blog now! 🙂

  2. Morning morning.. Rained heavily lastnite and this morning.. Wah syiok dou.. But with a baby round, I won’t have smooth sleep one la.. So guess you are back at your parent’s place in Ampang now, saw the postcard, then blogged about it eh.. Like SK, I love the personal hand-written note from the sender, very yau sum.. Rather than just sending an email..

    • Thanks. It was actually a spontaneous decision. I had a set aside budget to buy something but didn’t happen, and I saw another blog mentioned this place, and it just happened.

  3. what a nice gesture!! I love the lovely faces on the postcard, it’s beautiful!! and I even love the handwritten note, so personal and so full of heart!! 🙂

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