中秋节快乐 Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Never let it be said that I am a bastard that did not wish my readers well on this auspicious day, especially when many Malaysian blogs that I visited today have some sort of wishing going on, one way or another.

Heck, even a couple of AMWF bloggers did it.

My Hong Kong Husband
My Hong Kong Husband
Linda Living In China
Linda Living In China

See? When even “white people” cares about our Moon Cake Festival, while I did not even bother to go home for the big dinner (sorry mom, I’m going back this coming weekend!). In fact, I went to Sushi King for lunch. It makes me feel like I’m an asshole of the highest order for not caring about this Chinese festival more when I am a Chinese myself. 🙁

By the way, Sushi King’s RM3 per plate deal is back for this week. If you want to go there for lunch/dinner, DO NOT expect to sit at your table and wait for the better sushi plates to come passing you by on the conveyor belt.

Sushi King
Everyone is waiting by the kitchen window to sapu all the good plates.

So, to insincerely atone for my non caring attitude, let me show you some beautiful 灯笼 lanterns:

Happy Moon Cake Festival

Happy Moon Cake Festival


I wasn’t able to buy any moon cakes. I was too late and the moon cake stalls have all closed shop 🙁 .


    • I wasn’t doing you any favor, I really thought that video is interesting. Well, mostly your responses are interesting 😀

  1. RM3 is a deal but the quality sucks…I will stay away from sushi king during such promotion period coz of the crowds & disappointment when did not get the desired sushi plate.
    I purposely bought one Shanghainese mooncake for myself on last Saturday, coz no one at home wants it except me. The usual mooncakes that I had at home are the normal conventional ones, mostly given by others.

    • Ah, any friend who likes Shanghai mooncake is a good friend of mine 😉 . I couldn’t find this type of mooncake in Penang. The proper ones, I mean.
      I seldom have sushi when I go to Sushi King. In fact I seldom go there at all. When I do go, I will just have their rice meal. Yesterday was my first time going there on a RM3 promotion day. I was pretty disappointed that they don’t do menu orders on RM3 days.

  2. So you are going back to mama’s cooking this weekend? I am sure your mom will whoop up a special meal for you! I might be going to Penang too this weekend.. see jadi or not.. not yet book hotel yet… nowadays the rates have gone up… well, everything goes up, right!

  3. I am guilty myself for not wishing anyone on my blog. I guess I am not the traditional type and my partner always likes to chide me by saying that I am an “American” hah..hah… I don’t like Sushi King anymore because it was not as good as it was years and years ago.

    • I too, suspect I’m secretly an American/European at heart. I don’t really fancy rice like most Asians do 😀

  4. We have SK here, expensive, not nice (those on the carousel – they always have the same ones – the cheap ones) and the service sucks big time. Ok, they have some nice stuff on their menu but be prepared to wait an hour or two…or maybe three. Went once, never again.

    Nice, beautiful lanterns. I wonder which mall that is…

    • Here, SK (Sushi King, not the blogger 😛 ) is like the McDonald’s of sushi. Cheap and fast food level (aka lousy) sushi. Well actually not that cheap, just less expensive compared to others. I rarely go there anymore, unless being dragged in by others. You are right, if you want good sushi there, you have to wait. Other Jap food chain allows you to order from the menu if you are tired to wait.
      The mall is Queensbay Mall, the only mall near to where I stay 😀

  5. Aikks so fast another new post? Woke up coz G made noise, couldn’t go back to bed so blog visit for a while.. Might make me sleepy after some time.. Errr yeah I agree everyone’s blogging something about mooncake festival yesterday/today.. And I didn’t even buy one mooncake.. I have two boxes of mooncakes though – given by others.

    • Unplanned one, just for the sake of wishing you Happy Mooncake Festival ma 😛
      So good lah you, nobody bothered to give me mooncakes at all 🙁

  6. Thank you thank you for taking the trouble to write a post just to wish us. Same to you too! This festival is not that seriously celebrated by Chinese here unlike CNY.

    Too bad you did not manage to buy any moon cakes but it is a blessing in disguise so you don’t need to eat so much sugar but if you are planning to buy for your mother and family, tomorrow some shops like Bee Cheng Hiang (don’t know whether there is any outlets in Penang) or Baker’s Cottage may still be selling the mooncakes.

    About Sushi King, the last time I went to their RM3 promotion, the sushi is really below par that I have since banned them from my food list.

    • I’ll see if I got go to the malls later today. We do have both these shops in Penang. It’s just that I prefer to look for Oversea’s Shanghai mooncake. This one probably no, there’s no Restoran Oversea in Penang as far as I know of.
      It was first time for me going to Sushi King for this promotion. I was actually dragged into it by colleagues. I thought I could order the rice set from the menu while they have their sushi. Turns out there’s no menu during this promo period. I never really liked Sushi King’s sushi anyway, fast food level of sushi.
      Why are you awake at 3.00am?

  7. Mid autumn festival is just another normal day for me, last year my neighbourhood still got performance and event but this year I missed it

    • It’s not such a big deal anymore nowadays. Most of us not even bothered to go back to our hometowns for the big dinner. In fact, Christmas is celebrated with more fervor.

  8. errr, so am i also “bastard” like you?? oh, at least you blog about 中秋节 at the very last minute, haha.. ah, i read this “even white people cares about our Moon Cake Festival”, just noticed Google didn’t put up a special doodle today like (i remember they had) previous years~~

      • of course I know, and you know I’m not implying that you implied me also.. haha!! even if that’s the case, we know it’s just a joke and surely won’t sulk sulk in a corner and start a war lah~~ xD

  9. oh God my face XD
    don’t worry – I can be your reminder but in exchange of noms 😀
    btw. that photo reminds me of one of the videos taken at a buffet in China – someone put a plate with buns or something literally 2 sec later you could only see bunch of hands and empty plate 😀

    • Yes, that was exactly what happened just now. The sushi chefs couldn’t roll out the expensive type of sushis fast enough for all those hungry customers 😀

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