Lazy Man’s Herbs Chicken

I’ve been cooking all my dinners for the past week or so, without eating out at all. It’s the same stuff over and over again. Steamed fish/chicken with vegetables and tomatoes, lightly seasoned with salt, marinated with lemon juice and olive oil. My taste buds is on the verge of going stir crazy having the same flavor over and over again. I’m desperate for some different flavors for my taste buds.

Since it’s Saturday today, I can go grocery shopping again. I decided to marinate my chicken breast with some herbs today. Now a proper and hardworking cook will go search for the herbs that he fancy, one by one, and then make his own marinade. I am neither of those. I am lazy man. Lazy man’s solution?

Herbs Chicken
Pre-packed herbs and spices.

The instructions specified that each packet is for approximately 1 kg of chicken. Well, approximation is a very subjective art. By my reckoning, 2 slabs of chicken breast weighing 510 grams (or 0.51 kg) is approximately 1 kg. We learn rounding up in Maths lesson in school right? Less than 0.5 round up to 0, more than 0.5 round up to 1.

Seems like quite a lot, so I cut the bigger piece into half after marinating and kept one half into the fridge.

Herbs Chicken
Add a bunch of okras in the mix, because we need vegetables.

Don’t know what is okra? Ladies finger, know? Don’t know ladies finger as well? Bendi, bendi… know bendi? If still don’t know, go find a wall.

The packet comes with a plastic sheet and an aluminium foil. Instruction says to wrap the marinated chicken in the plastic wrapper, and then wrap with the aluminium foil, and then set it to steam in low heat for 2 hours.

Problem was, lazy man is also a hungry man. I haven’t had lunch. No way I’m gonna wait for 2 hours. Time to cut corners improvise.

Ditch the plastic wrapper, pour everything onto the aluminium foil, wrap the thing up and slap the package into the oven.

Herbs Chicken
160 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

While waiting for 25 minutes, why not listen to “25 minutes” by Michael Learns To Rock? Repeat for 5 times because the song is so freaking awesome!

It’s a good thing that I did not cook any rice to go with this. Even after cutting off some of the chicken, I reckon I still have almost 1 pound of meat. That’s what you get when you go for a full meal in the US. If I had any rice to go with this, I would be overeating again.

Herbs Chicken
Finished product



  1. Hiya, morning.. Ala who cares if it’s lazy man’s style or not.. Janji sedap and perut kenyang… Perut kenyang suka hati! I lagi lazy, no time go buy ready-mix packets, so it’s always the same stuff too: half a chicken marinated with (lots of) salt, some wolfberries and ‘yok zhok’ (always available in my fridge coz I boil chicken herbal soup quite often)..

  2. Muahahahahaha!!!! I remember a very young nephew came to town with his family and I took him karaoke-ing. When he went home, the mum asked what he sang and he said, “25 minutes.” The mum thought he did not get her question and exclaimed, “What??? You sang for so long!!!???” 😀

    My missus uses A1 products too and would do that same as what you did – no ladies fingers though.

  3. The packet of marinate must be expensive to come with a plastic sheet and an aluminium foil. I like this kind of no heavy seasoning food and I can go without rice too. But sometimes after too many days of light seasoning food, I get a craving for heavy tasting thing so I will just eat a packet of junk food like cheese twisties just for the taste. Mighty unhealthy but does the job.

    • Er, RM 5 for the packet. Probably more expensive than buying the herbs separately, but more convenient. Haha we are the same when it comes to food 😛

  4. hmmm, now that probably not lazy but witty, because if you can have something ready to use, why bother to do it from scratch?? hahaha.. looks good, but then i would hate those lady’s fingers!! phobia of the hairy outside and slimy inside~~ @_@”

  5. This is called “2in1″… a balanced meal too.. got meat, got greens.. no carbo? I must have a small bowl of rice to go with this yummy dish!
    By the way what is ITADAKIMASU! ? 🙂

    • It’s the Japanese version of Bon Appetit. Pronounced as i-ta-da-ki-mas, su is pronounced without the u for Japanese spellings.
      I don’t need carbs to make me feel full in my meals nowadays. I have had 6 years of training to set my mind free of that “I must have rice” illusion 😀

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