Lazy Man’s Instant Noodles

Once in a while blue moon, for whatever reasons, I might have to put in an all nighter. Today is one such day. On occasions such as this, oats or steamed fish is just not going to cut it. I need something more comforting and with an extra kick for dinner. So I went to the in-house convenience store to buy a packet of instant noodle. By the way, did I tell you that besides Bread History, the factory I work in also has an in-house convenience store courtesy of Sunshine (Sui Wah Supermarket)? Anything that 7-11 sells, you can find the equivalent here.

Shin Ramyun
Shin Ramyun, Made in Korea, RM 3.99

To prevent you from accusing me of being not lazy again, let me preempt you by admitting that Lazy Man’s instant noodles is anything but lazy. In fact I will readily admit to the fact that Lazy Man’s instant noodles is more tedious to prepare than your typical instant noodles. Just let me be Lazy Man, okay? It is my cooking alias, okay? It is like Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minutes Meal is not really something that can be prepared in 15 minutes, but you still allow his recipes to be called Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minutes Meal without kicking up a fuss. So, just let me be Lazy Man, okay?

Before I go into details, let me first tell you why I prefer Shin Ramyun over the cheaper local instant noodles like Maggi or Cintan. Shin Ramyun is Korean brand, anything Korean brand must be superior, that’s why I prefer them over local. That would be what my sister (or many other ladies) will tell you, but not me. I will tell you:

  1. Those cheap instant noodles have really lousy quality noodles. They are tiny and not springy and does not have good texture at all. These Korean noodles are thicker and more springy.
  2. Those cheap instant noodles are so small that 1 packet is never enough for me. If I am to cook those, I would have to cook 2 packets. Typically those smaller noodles will be 350 to 400 kcal per packet, so 2 packets will be 700 to 800 kcal. Korean noodles are bigger per packet, 1 packet is enough, so I am effectively eating less calories.
Shin Ramyun
504 kcal only, only being a relative word here.

Okay, how to prepare Lazy Man’s instant noodles?

First, prepare the additional ingredients to go with the noodles. In my case, vegetables and 1 egg is default. Sometimes I would also throw in fish balls or pork balls or bacon strips or a sausage sliced up, depending on what I have in the fridge.

Then, bring a pot of water to boil, and throw in the piece of noodle. DO NOT THROW IN THE FLAVORING POWDER FIRST. Cook for 1 minute less than the instructions in the packaging. If the packaging says cook for 3 minutes, then cook for 2 minutes. You will discover why the reduced minute as you read on.

Shin Ramyun
You will be able to see this scene in the pot

Do you see the bubble foams forming on the surface? That’s 80% of the preservatives + oil. If you are less attentive and/or you added the flavoring powder in the beginning, you won’t be able to see these.

Eating instant noodles alone is bad enough for your health, you don’t want to compound it by eating all these bad substances together with the noodles. Remove the noodles into a separate bowl and get rid of the contaminated water.

Shin Ramyun
Can you see how unclear the water has become? All oil and preservatives

Bring a fresh pot of water to boil. This time, use half the portion of water suggested by the packaging instructions. If it says boil 2 bowls of water, then we boil 1 bowl of water. We don’t need that much soup with our instant noodles anyway. Have you noticed how when you finished your noodles, there will usually be half a bowl of soup left? And then because the soup tastes so great, you finish up the soup?

By using half portion of water, you can now use just half that sachet of flavoring powder and maintain the same level of awesome MSG taste. Cutting your MSG consumption in half = cutting the unhealthiness of the meal in half.

For this second round, cook the side ingredients first. When they are almost cooked, throw in the noodles and cook for that final minute (that’s why in the initial stage, cook for 1 minute less than instructed). The egg goes in at the same time as the noodles.

Shin Ramyun
Lazy Man’s Instant Noodles completed

I would definitely not claim this as healthy instant noodles. If anything, this is just a slightly less unhealthy version of instant noodles.


  1. Half soup. LoL. Pandai you. Healthy lah tu. I try my best not to eat instant noodles too often but kenot lah. Too sedap dy that I eat weekly -.-

  2. I first tasted Korean noodles and Kimchi during my student days in Pennsylvania when I only hung out with those K-Pop wannabes. It blew my mind and I became an addict. Now that brand you ate is my all time favourite too.
    One day I invited them to my apt and used their ramen to fry them into Mamak Goreng style! They were too shocked as the Koreans never fry them our style with eggs and chicken meat thrown in. They loved it and camped in my place every Friday night to eat them.

  3. I also cooked separately the noodles and the soup. But I prefer Maggi mee (yes, only Maggi!)…coz their noodles have tht ‘ngam’ level of springy-ness…well, that applies if u dun cook more than 1 minute (for the noodles). It says 2-minute Maggie, but normally I cooked for 1 minute (yea, by half of the recommended time). More than that, the noodles become soggy and texture not nice. With all the other ingredients (fish ball, ham, egg, veggies), one packet of Maggie is enuff already.

    • Huh? Not same taste then, I hate Maggi the most actually. If let me choose between Maggi and Cintan, I would choose Cintan 😀

  4. Yes you did it very correctly! When I cook instant noodles, I have two small pots.. one is to wash out the wax and all that.. and the other one for the soup base.. 🙂 No more dumping everything into one same pot of water ever since I read emails on how “waxy” the noodles are..

  5. your lazy instant noodles is indeed not lazy at all.. at least you bother to cook the noodles, discard the “wax” water and then boil it with fresh water!! and yes, more healthy to use just half packet of flavoring.. most of the time I’d just throw everything in – one pot cooks all!! ooopss, but then try to avoid eating if possible..

    second thought, not only instant noodles but many things we buy are all with additives and preservatives now..

    • No lah, I already said it is not lazy, just that it is cooked by Lazy Man, so it is Lazy Man’s instant noodles 😉

  6. Yes, I always boil the noodles and drain, cook the soup and add.

    I’ve tried the Korean ones once – RM2 a packet at the time, dunno now. VERY nice, big too…actually enough for two…but too expensive so I never bought again. Will just stick to the cheap ones, add own ingredients…will also taste good.

  7. Interesting title.. I’m thinking ‘hah instant noodles also got lazy man’s style’.. I know many people also will boil the noodles one time then discard the water and boil again.. But usually my style is boil one time only, haha.. Oohh egg and assorted balls are a must for me, no greens, teehee..

    • Even more people will be like you, boil one time only. Greens is good leh, princess, you don’t eat greens, how you get your vitamin C and fiber?

  8. Ok, ok, you are Lazy Man, I get it. 🙂 Actually I do like to eat all types of instant noodles as long as the taste is not too bad and sometimes I don’t use the seasoning at all. Eat them kosong also very nice. So yum yum from me but is that really as filling as say a McD value meal?

    • The local brands one, for sure not. One packet of those is barely enough to fill a tiny gap. Korean one, with some additional ingredients, why not? 😀

      • I think even with the Korean pack, I will want to eat more (because I am greedy and love to eat instant noodles, not because of being still hungry). Want only but most likely could not because stomach no space already.

        • So do you cook your own instant noodles? Since you said you don’t even have a kitchen, I wonder how you do it 😀 .

      • You are right. No kitchen now also no instant noodles. That instant noodles i cooked when in uk. Now when i go back to my mother’s place my sister will cook for me in my mother’s kitchen, hehehe. I am the true lazy.

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