Gender Discrimination

Some say Malaysia is a country with first world infrastructure and third world mentality, and that gender discrimination is still rampantly practiced. I couldn’t agree more. Everywhere I go, I can see obvious cases of unfair advantages being given to one gender more than the other. There is no such thing as 男女平等 male-female equality. One such case happened to me today.

You see, I work for an American MNC in a factory/office site of 8 buildings and a few thousand employees. Apart from the normal cafeteria, we are privileged enough to also have a slightly upscale cafe where we can spend more and enjoy nice coffee and cakes. That cafe used to be run by some guy, but his contract expired end of last year and the company opened the cafe rights for bidding. I guess we have enough headcounts to justify investment, three different brands tabled their bids: Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Bread History. The latter won.

So, nowadays, we have the privilege of having an in-house Bread History cafe. Apart from selling western cuisine and drinks, they also sell a selection of their breads, cakes and pastries, sometimes at a discounted price compared to their normal outlets outside.

I had a RM 10 voucher that was going to expire today. I forgot how I got that voucher. So I came here and bought something.

Euro Cheese @ Bread History
I bought this nom for RM 13 (voucher + RM 3 cash)

As I was paying, I asked the cashier: “没有 discount 咩?(No discount meh?)” which he promptly replied: “没有没有,cake 没有 discount 的。(No, no, cake doesn’t come with discount.)”

Alright, so I paid up, got my change and stepped aside. Then a sweet lady who was queuing behind me bought the same cake. She asked the cashier: “这个 cheese cake 有没有 discount 的?(Does this cheese cake come with discount?)”

I was already walking away when I heard his reply. Guess what was his reply?

有有!妳买什么都有 discount 的!这个扣 10%,11块7毛!(Yes yes! Whatever you buy will come with discount! This one discount 10%, RM 11.70!)”

What the…??

On a better day, I would’ve went back at him and demanded fair treatment and fair price. But I was tired and in a hurry to catch a meeting just now, it would not be wise to get into a confrontation over RM 1.30, so I let it drop. I guess I would have to comfort myself by ranting on my blog. Allow me to show you how I felt like as I walked away.

Kid fuck

I’m not showing this to you, I’m just showing it to that f**ker in my mind.


  1. LoL! The next time you wanna buy cake from there, try this: wear a wig, put on some lip gloss, a nice dress and ask for a discount. Let’s do this social experiment and let us know of the outcome 😀

  2. I think he forgot to say that.. or lazy to say too long… just say cake no discount… he forgot to complete the sentence.. if he knows you are going to show the middle finger here, then it will be a different story… hahahaa…

  3. hmm, gender discrimination or “look” discrimination here?? ooopsss just kidding, no offence but I just want to bring out a message that, whatever reason it was, it’s not right to give discount to someone and not the other one.. this is not fair and not ethical.. ban them!!!

    • I admit, my “look” is found wanting, but I doubt that I would get discount even if I was handsome. The thing is, we usually only see favoritism when girls are on the receiving end of it. A girl barista for example, would be less likely to give a handsome guy customer any preferential treatment. Or at least that’s what I think. That’s why I definitely think there is some gender element involved 🙄

      • I know a guy charmer who is always given discounts by female sales or cashiers and I have never been given any discounts. So no, I don’t really think it is gender, I really think it is more to personality and looks. Sorry, no offence, I mean myself as I never get discounts too.

        • Oh no, so this horrible thing happened to you too 🙁 ! Nope, you see, guy cashier favors sweet lady, girl cashier favors guy charmer, of course looks and personality play a part, but the bottom line is, the same gender that is being unfairly treated. You need to have good looks PLUS be of the opposite sex to get favoritism. I will dig my heels in and refuse to believe gender did not play a part 😎

  4. I’m laughing so loud now.. Eh wait, you got RM10 voucher ma.. That sweet pretty lady doesn’t have a voucher, yes? Guess my opinion is the same as most commenters kua.. RM10 voucher better and more ‘dai’ than 10% discount wor baby! Am sure you know your maths.. ‘Dai dou larn’.. Don’t feel so f***ed up, weekend’s coming, have a good one, teehee..

    • Haha yala yala, I’m just trying to sound a bit dramatic 😀 . I can accept it if he said: “no discount with voucher”, but he said “cake no discount”, that’s why so sienzz 🙄

  5. That’s terrible. I would never ever go back there again.

    Same thing with that cafe with the free dink offer that I went to here and they came up with all kinds of terms and conditions not stated in their poster – I have not gone back again, don’t think I ever will. So pissed off already…and I sure would not want to give them anymore of the free promotion in my blog and on Facebook everytime I dropped by.

    • Not like I go there all the time, I only ever shop there when someone else ask me to, or when I have vouchers like on this occasion. I know that fella is sweet talker with the girls, but this is the first time I got a taste of his preferential treatment.

  6. that’s not really gender discrimination..but more of favouritism..
    I guess if any less-better-looking women asking the same discount, perhaps she will also get the similar reply “no discount for cakes” as well. That fella favour ‘leng lui’ obviously…. favouritism happens all the time also in my working place…those darn sweet-and-innocent-looking-gals gets all the privileges..some even got promoted in an ‘express way’.

    • Sighs.. still, you only see guys favor leng lui in these situations, we can hardly see girls favor leng jai in same situations. Not that I know, I’m not leng jai by any measure 😀

  7. oops, you have just announced where you worked already. hope you don’t mind us knowing. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

    P/S Next time, wait for a female cashier and then only go and pay, sure she will give you 10% discount for anything that you buy.

  8. I think it is because of the no double dip policy. You already used a voucher mah, maybe behind the voucher, in fine print is written – not valid with other promotion such as discount and etc.

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