Lazy Man’s Supper – DIY Strawberry Yogurt

Today’s post is rather late, or shall I say early. I got off work at 9 PM, came back to grab supper (super late dinner), then went back out to petrol-up, pump my tires, and top up my Touch n Go for the morning drive back tomorrow.

So what happens when lazy man have super late dinner? Heavy food like rice, noodles or even baked chicken is out of question. This is where my DIY fruit yogurt comes into play.

You know those ready made fruit yogurt being sold in the supermarkets, they are not really fruit yogurt. They are more like fake fruit and sugar yogurt. If you want a real fruit yogurt, you gotta blend it yourself. For my case tonight, strawberry yogurt it is.

DIY Strawberry Yogurt
Ingredients: Strawberries, Natural yogurt, Raw honey

It is really easy to prepare. Lazy Man’s easy is not like Laura Vitale’s or Jamie Oliver’s easy. When I say it is easy, it really is easy.

DIY Strawberry Yogurt
1. Add 1 tablespoon of raw honey into yogurt, and mix it well.
DIY Strawberry Yogurt
2. Cut up strawberries into big bite sized chunks and add into mixture.
DIY Strawberry Yogurt
3. Mix everything up, and it’s done!

Did you realize there’s only half of the yogurt left? I used half the other day trying to  DIY a sour cream dip for my grilled fish using yogurt + lemon juice. It looked and tasted like shit. I probably won’t tell this story in detail, don’t even have any pictures of it.


  1. I don’t like plain yogurt because of the smell. And I have stopped eating the fruity ones due to the high sugar content. If you want sour cream dip, you must use sour cream. Yogurt does not taste the same.

    • Actually I don’t know where to buy sour cream. I went to the cheese/yogurt section, I only manage to find cooking cream. Are they the same?

      • Oh no! Cooking cream is not the same! It should be at the cheese/yogurt section but most times at Aeon it is not available. I don’t know why. I get my sour cream from Tesco. The Pauls brand.

        • Roger that! I will try Tesco next! Actually not just Aeon, I went to Cold Storage a few times and couldn’t find it as well. Funny these more “high-end” supermarkets doesn’t sell sour cream 😐

    • Apart from the plain yogurt, there is nothing similar! If wanna compare, yours is the deluxe luxury version, mine is simple poor man’s version 😐

  2. I used to make similar stuffs too when G was younger.. I steamed+blended+pureed fruits, then mixed into plain yogurt and feed G.. Then 3 minutes hot only, so mafan, so I ended up just buying Calciyum fruits flavoured yogurt for the boys.. hehe. But to make yogurt popsicles, yes, same like you.. Plain yogurt, icing sugar or honey, strawberries or blueberries, then blend, and pour into popsicle moulds and freeze.. Yummmmzzzz ….
    Yat lou soon foong.. Taking Monday off too I supposed for a long holiday back to hometown?

    • LOL if need to blend then really mafan. But I think if don’t blend, they won’t eat it right? My colleague said now she cut the vegetables or those fruits that are not sweet into small pieces to add into her 1.5 yr old baby girl’s porridge, but her baby is adept enough to “filter” those veges out with her mouth. And when cooking, need 2 people operation, 1 person to play with her girl to distract her while another person cooks. If not her girl will go to kitchen to see what she is doing and notice the veges being blended into the porridge, then she will refuse to eat 😐
      Yeah, I taking Monday off too 😉

  3. Wah, you really “say tak” buy strawberries. I must be more “kedekut” than you since I “ng say tak” buy them. Tonight my dinner was water and quaker oats and one orange. Now very hungry, will go to sleep after drinking plain water.

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