Brand New Pans

I have a friend. Let’s call him Mr Douchebag. He was at work in KL yesterday, then got a call at 5.30 PM and got himself an appointment for a job interview here in Penang this afternoon, so he quickly went home, packed up, and drove all the way here. He showed up at my rented house at 11.00 PM asking to bunk in my room for the night.

So I left him with my house keys and went to work this morning. I told him that if he wants to cook, he can use anything in the kitchen. By the way, he is only working in KL, his hometown is elsewhere, and apparently he has not been cooking because his own rented place has no kitchen very ill-equipped kitchen. So we made plans to do some home cooking for dinner before he headed back to KL after the interview.

So I came back to the house at 5.00 PM, but my mojo was totally destroyed as I was greeted by this:

New pans
Bloody scratches on my non stick pan!

Fuck, fuck, fuckerty fuck! How did this happen to my precious pan?!

Apparently, Mr Douchebag was trying to make an omelette for brunch before heading off for the interview. He totally ignored my wooden spatula and went for my metal spoon instead when cooking. He had the nerve to say: “Walao! Why your pan like that one? Little bit then scratched!

WTF! Just because my pan is cheap, doesn’t mean that you have the right to destroy it!

I bought this pan 5 years ago. It has been following me through thick and thin, serving me splendidly without fail through wind and rain. And now it is destroyed! 🙁

Thanks to his douchebaggery of the highest degree, there won’t be any cooking to talk of, scratched non stick pan cannot be used anymore. Instead, we had to settle for a quick dinner at OldTown.

New pans
New dish – Grilled chicken with vegetables and fries

Or at least, new to me, I have not been having dinner here for quite some time. OldTown doing a dish with actual vegetables is news to me. The main reason I hardly want to have dinner at this franchise is because of the non-existence of vegetables in their dishes. I might come back more often if they keep this grilled chicken dish in their menu for long term.

Over dinner, thanks to my sulky face, Mr Douchebag began to feel some guilt. He asked: “Come on lah, it looks like a cheap pan to me. How much can a pan cost?“, in which I retorted: “Well, what do you think? It is a non stick pan!

Mr Douchebag has no experience in shopping for cooking utensils. He promised to pay for a new pan. So he gave me 100 bucks before we went our separate ways, him back to KL while I went shopping.

Here’s what I bought:

New pans
Small pot a.k.a sauce pan – RM 59.90

This means I can relegate the rice cooker into the corner again. I can use this pot to cook rice. Never really fancied the rice cooker, the rice tends to stick all over the bottom, wasteful. Also, with this, I can give frittata another go, since it is smaller in diameter compared to my old pan and the eggs can be thicker in here.

New pans
New frying pan – RM 39.90

Same diameter as my old pan, but deeper and with the wok like curve on the edges. I think I can do some tossing when stir frying now.

Total cost: RM 99.80. They’re all TopValu a.k.a Jusco brand, the cheapest of them. If I went for DuPont or Tefal, it would look classier (probably better quality too) and weigh heavier, but the price would be triple.

Actually, my old pan was RM 29.90, it was really a cheap pan, albeit a reliable one. Mr Douchebag overpaid me by more than 3 times. And he doesn’t read my blog. I don’t think he will ever find out the truth.

Makes me feel so much better now

Well, I suppose I could return half of the money to him when we meet up again in KL, or treat him to a meal or something.

Or maybe not. If he ends up getting the job here, I foresee he would be coming over for dinner more often than not. If that happens, might as well consider these pans as his contribution to my kitchen.

In case you are worried Mr Douchebag might read this and take offense, no need to worry. Mr Douchebag and I go way back. We met in a Buddhist camp when I was still in secondary school. He is one of the closer friends that I have. Close enough that we frequently try to out-douche each other to strengthen our friendship over time. In fact that’s how we roll most of the time 😉 .


  1. This post name caught my attention as I was looking for a good non-stick pan. I have use Maxim and Tefal, all got easily scratched even though I use wooden ladles/spatula. I dare not buy the cheap brands as I was afraid that it scratch easily. Any recommendation, esp. the one you have been using for 5 years? One tip I like to share with you is, you can steam rice using the rice cooker if you are afraid that cooked rice sticks to the bottom. I always steam rice and we finish every bit of it. No wastage at all.

    • I’ve never used the expensive ones like Maxim or Tefal because I’m a cheapo, so I don’t know whether they are really good or just look good. I don’t have any special tips on using non-stick cookware, what I do know are all basic non-stick cookware care that I find online:
      1. no using metallic tools on the non-stick surface,
      2. no cooking at over 200 degree C,
      3. no putting the pan into oven,
      4. allow the pan to cool before washing/in touch with water

      I suppose it works better for induction cooker than the usual gas cooker as we can control the temperature.

  2. If he stays with you long term, you might end up getting a new kitchen wardrobe in no time! hahahaha… Good deal!
    So what did you do with the scratched pan? I am using Maxim, there are two spots where the paint seems to be coming out… I think these type of non stick pans are very delicate.. never scratch also the paint will also come out eventually… now only I know it has two years life span only. I guess I have to hang mine up too…

    • He will NOT stay with me long term, unless one of my housemates decides to move out all of a sudden. I sent the old pan into a glorious burial in the garbage bin outside the house after 5 minutes of mourning 🙁 . I heard the coating will come out more easily if you use it on high heat (over 200 degree C). Higher risk with those gas cooker because you cannot control the temperature. I use induction cooker, so I can set the temperature to 150 (low) and 180 (medium).

      • Oh thanks for sharing… next time I will lower down the fire then.. I am still using gas but I heard that the induction cooker is much better, cleaner.. safer… too…

        • For me, the main advantage is convenience. Don’t need to worry about calling the gas man for delivery all the time 😛

        • I don’t really feel it, maybe because I don’t cook a lot. My electric bill remains about RM 30 every month whether I cook daily or when I was away for 2 weeks for working trip. Maybe the difference is just 1 or 2 bucks that I don’t notice.

  3. Ouch! so painful leh… ya …cannot use metal to cook with the non-stick pan leh.

    But nice of him also to ganti pan for you.

    think of it this way…if old dont go, new wont come.

  4. hah..hah…so you got yourself a new pan plus a new saucepan with glass lid. At least your friend compensated you for the pan he scratched. I would have been very mad too if someone destroyed my stuff. But if they made a gesture to replace the item then all is forgiven 🙂 I need to buy a new non-stick too because the old one is scratched. By me of course. Wait for sales 🙂

  5. Non-stick is very delicate. Even chicken bones will leave scratches. And they do not come cheap! All my non-stick woks are free gifts though – one came with an aircon…and the other one, I claimed using my credit card points but I have yet to use them – still clinging to my very very old out-of-shape (very heavy, missus keeps dropping it!) TEFAL wok – the coating all gone but so well-seasoned, nothing will stick.

    • I thought the coating is not supposed to be gone? That’s why we’re not supposed to scratch it. Apparently the coating evaporated would be toxic that encourages cancer or something like that?

      • The understanding is that without the coating, it will stick. The coating is the dangerous part, worse if scratched and exposed…and even worse if you get bits of it in your cooking. There is also the question of what metal the pan is made of – aluminium is bad, usually light…so once the coating is gone, you will be cooking on that. Look for cast iron.

        • Hmm, I didn’t think too much about the type of metal. So far the only thing I’m worried about is whether the coating is scratched or still intact. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I was laughing so hard towards the end of your post! I kinda guessed it coz I use cheap pans too.. You know why, I heard it’s good to change non stick pans every 2 yrs so there’s no need to buy an expensive one.. I buy Jusco brand too and they’re so affordable.. Peng Leng Cheng..

    • 2 years? Then my old pan was overdue for 3 years. Have you also heard why 2 years then? Wonder if I might be in trouble 😐
      I’m very cheapskate one, I like convenience, but I will not be willing to pay a lot for it, unless if it is for a girl 😀

      • Yep, I heard 2 yrs.. My aunty-colleagues and si-lai colleagues told me.. But never ask from who, or is it true. Based on instinct too.. If I see my pan starting to have scratches like yours, I’ll buy another one lor (depending on how long I’ve used the old one la, if baru buy like for 1 year, then I will still “kak ngang” use it first).. Scratches is ok.. But when the coat comes off, it’s time to buy a new one..

        • Huh? I thought scratches are not ok. They say once there’s scratch, then the teflon coating is not structurally intact anymore, the edges will evaporate more easily when cooking and release toxic (cancer high risk) fumes.

    • LOL, he was not trying to save money, it was too last minute and he did not know much about Penang to know which hotel is the right location for him. He called me when he was on the way (he said he just passed Ipoh when he called me) asking me if he could bunk over.
      Actually, I should’ve refused the money when he wanted to pay me back, I wasn’t really expecting him to pay me back anyway, I probably made it sound more dramatic in the blog. But then I am not good at refusing when people insist, so… 😀 .

  7. He must be trying to save money. Why cook before an interview? Just go out and eat lah.

    But he seems quite decent to pay you RM100 to get a new pan. He should have just gone with you to get the new pan together and you would then buy an expensive one, right? Hahaha.

    • He’s not familiar with Penang, and his interview was at 1.00 PM, not good timing for me to come back and take him to lunch.
      You are so right, if he came with me, I would’ve gone for a Tefal 😀

  8. What a blessing indeed. You notti lah. Make long face over a RM29.90 pan. That has got to be the most expensive omelette Mr Douchebag ever had. I don’t think he’ll wanna touch eggs for a very long time now 😛

    • Hahaha, I was really feeling quite down one. That pan is cheap, but it follow me faithfully for 5 years already 🙁 .

    • He’s gone back to KL. If he really gets the job and moves here for long term, I would make sure he stays away from my kitchen until he learns his stuff 😀

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