Have You Ate Rice? 你食咗饭未?

This is the standard greeting between Cantonese speaking people. It is equivalent to “Hello” or “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” or “Yo, what’s up?”

Now you know why we are so fat. Food is the most important aspect of our lives.

There’s no point avoiding the fact that I bought rice the other day. When there is a problem, we find a solution. In my case, the problem is having a kilo of rice sitting around, so the solution is to cook and eat rice.

Time to bring out the rice cooker that I have packed away and thought I would never see again until the day I move away from this house.

Miniature rice cooker

Double rinse the rice to eliminate dirt and foreign particles, then fill up with water. 2 portions of water for 1 portion of rice. For example, if you are cooking 1 inch deep of rice, the water to go in would be up to 2 inches deep. Usually when this is the case, the rice will eventually rise to 2 inches deep as well. Gauge the amount you need to cook that way.

Steamed chicken
My cheap rice cooker comes with “steam steam” compartment on top

So while the rice is cooking, I can simultaneously prepare another “steam steam” dish. For example, steamed chicken with cherry tomatoes and lemon juice. I have been using this recipe for quite awhile now, it’s lazy-man proof and nutritious.

Steamed chicken
Cover the lid, let the cooking begin

Takes 20 to 30 minutes for the rice to cook, don’t know the exact time, didn’t use a stopwatch to time it. With the rice cooker, you don’t need to check. It’s done when it’s done, and it will trigger itself from COOK to WARM setting by itself.

The usual me would spend the 30 minutes relaxing in front of the laptop, watching Youtube videos or blogging or doing something. But since today is supposed to be a public holiday (replacement for Merdeka/Independence Day) and I had to work, I felt sorry for myself and decided that I have to compensate myself by cooking another dish separately. Hence you didn’t see any vegetables slapped together with the chicken.

White and purple cabbage
White cabbage and purple cabbage

I decided to do a stir fry. Problem was, the stir frying was a spontaneous decision. I did not stock up on garlic and onions. Shit.

Don’t care, just whack the vegetables into the pan and fry away anyway.

White and purple cabbage
Crack an egg into the pan for good measure

I didn’t even have soy sauce or oyster sauce, the thing was just lightly seasoned with salt. Thank goodness that I buy organic vegetables, they have a built-in fresh vegetables sweetness by themselves.

Finished products

So, have you ate rice (nei sik jor fan mei 你食咗饭未)? I did (ngo sik jor 我食咗)! 😉


  1. Whenever people ask me have you eaten, I would always answer yes, because sometimes if I answer no, they would say “我请你吃” then I would be very embarrassed because if I turn them down, it may sound rude but if I accept their treat, I would feel very paiseh

    • Yeah, when people ask that, it is usually a rhetorical question. “Yes” is the correct rhetorical answer 😀

  2. Are you trying to be funny here? You do know that Have you ate rice is wrong grammar yet why do you write like that?

  3. How clever to use the rice pot as a steamer too! That was a quick and simple meal. So I guess you have to eat the rice quite often to finish up the whole bag.

    • Haha, that steamer compartment is part of the rice cooker. Apparently nowadays all the rice cookers on sale has this thing.
      I’m halfway through the rice at the moment. 1kg, probably need to take 10 or 15 meals to finish.

  4. Haha, had never heard that phrase before! Food looks delicious though, especially the stir fry (even if it was missing a lot of the essential components!).

    • I actually don’t really bother. It’s just what people usually do, and I follow. They say by saute-ing some garlic and onions on the oil before adding the vegetables, the flavor of the dish will be enhanced. For me, as long as it tastes fine, it’s fine.

  5. Very true. Vegetables have their own natural sweetness. Hahaha, when people ask me “have you eaten rice?” when I am fed up with that question I will answer them literally by saying no, I only eat bread now.

    Very healthy food. I love eating steamed food like your chicken dish. Yummy!

    • I sometimes go “Not yet, let’s go”, or “Not yet, waiting for you to eat together”. Then can see their awkward faces 😀

  6. Wahhhhhh!!!! Ho chiak!!! Oo chia bor? (Nice to eat! Treat me or not?) And that’s what they will say when they see you cooking something or bringing something to eat at work….and you say Lai! Lai! (Come! Come!)…and they’re not supposed to come, must not take it literally. Funny but true! LOL!!!

    • 仲几好味添! I never tried frying purple cabbage to be honest, only had them as part of salad to be honest. The taste is quite okay when cooked.

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