Aston Villa 0 – 3 Arsenal [20-Sept-2014]

I’m glad I watched the first half. I’m glad we went somewhere with TV for our late dinner.

Three quickfire goals in the space of 6 minutes, Ozil put in a Man of the Match performance, and Welbeck finally scored. What a perfect night! Hell of a great way to kick start the season now.

I’m setting up a separate category for Arsenal related stuff. This is where I blog about anything related about my beloved football team for my own pleasure. For example games such as this one where we won splendidly, or for games that we got comprehensively beaten, or when the Totscums does something idiotic and deserves my heartfelt non-sympathy and mocking 😀 .

For the non-football fans, feel free to skip commenting when you see these posts, I would not appreciate “commenting for the sake of commenting” on these.


  1. Aikks football post ahh? Gonna be frank, not a fan, dunno wat’s going on.. I don’t watch the tv or Astro.. There are only Baby Einstein, Barney, Dibo and Baby Bumble Bee in my house, haha.. All the time.. By the way, I love your ‘commenting for the sake of commenting’ statement at the end of your post.. I comment coz I wanted to, not just for the sake of wana comment something only ok..

  2. I just mentioned to my spouse that Arsenal may win the premier league title this season after being so close last season but he said, no, it will be Chelsea this year. Ah, I think he just said it because now Chelsea is topping the after winning 4 out of 4 but then still very early, only 5 matches, so do you think Arsenal can do it this season?

    • I hate to admit it, but based on the squad and current form, I agree with your spouse. Chelsea has a more balanced team and stronger backup players, and they are playing consistently. Arsenal of this season has the same issues as previous seasons. Great in attack but soft spine, defending like headless chicken at times, and have no backup defenders. I hope no more players get injured 😐

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