Google AdSense Disabled

You may or may not have noticed that the banner ads have been removed from my sidebar. Well, here’s the story for those of you who might be interested.

I received an email from Google AdSense on Saturday morning. I was driving back to KL, and was at Simpang Pulai R&R when I got this Gmail notification.

Adsense disabled
AdSense account disabled

Wonderful news to destroy my mood. I was at $80-ish (USD) when I checked last month, I reckon it would have been over $90 at the time of this email notification. The minimum cash-out limit is $100.

Bloody fuck. I was looking forward for my first Google cash-out. Great of them to pour cold water on my anticipation at the eleventh hour.

When I reached home, the first thing I did was to submit the appeal form. I even attached my Jetpack site stats for good measure. Actually that’s the only stats I keep track, I don’t maintain all those high tech tracking stuff.

Surely there must be some mistake? I never clicked on my own ads, and I have never encouraged or misled my readers to click on the ads. You guys didn’t blindly click on my Google ads, did you? Unless Google considers all those spam visits and comments are my fault.

Here’s the reply to my appeal, it came when I was driving back to Penang.

Adsense disabled
Computer generated rejection of appeal

Apparently, when you are banned from AdSense, it is a lifetime sentence, meaning you will no longer be able to see any AdSense banner ads on my blog ever again. And unless I sue Google (which I am not going to do, who hires a lawyer to chase $90?), I will never know what is the actual invalid activity that caused my demise.

I’ve been searching the web to see if there are similar cases as mine. Turns out there are a lot of people who got the same shit, from similar small time blogger like me, to some serious website owners who were making $20 000 per month from AdSense. I have yet to see anything about anyone suing Google for this. Apparently it is a losing battle, because when we signed up, one of the clauses specify that Google reserves the rights to terminate us and withdraw all our payments for whatever technical reasons that they find.

Oh well, if people who are making five figure income from AdSense are not bothered to chase their money back, I suppose I should just move on. It is intriguing to try and guess why I was banned though, isn’t it?

From general consensus, these are the few main reasons why AdSense bans their publishers (bloggers/website owners):

1. Artificially inflating ad banner clicks – Could be self clicking, or asking friends to click repeatedly, or buying clicks from other internet people. This one is out, never did this.

2. Causing readers to accidentally click on ad banners – classic example would be embedding the ad banner into a bigger misleading banner, like those YOUR COMPUTER IS AT RISK, DOWNLOAD THIS: banner where inside is a Google ad banner. This one is out too, never did this.

3. Click-bombing – Competitor website owner causing artificial inflating of ad banner clicks on your website to screw your income and make you go bust. Don’t think this applies to me, at least not that I know of. I’m a personal blogger, what competitor?

4. Abnormal web traffic growth – Unusual amount of traffic to your website compared to usual trend. Well, well…

If I am to make a wild guess, I would guess that I was banned from AdSense because of reason #4. You see, I have been blogging and having AdSense banners on my blog since 2008. From then until 2 and a half months ago, early July 2014 (6 years), I had about 35000 page views. That translates to about 6000 views per year, or 500 per month. The AdSense account was at $50-ish.

Then I migrated from blogspot to the current personal domain and began to blog with renewed passion. In July 2014, my total page views was 1327. Last month (August 2014) it was 3656. It is halfway through September now, my current page views for the month is slightly above 2000. The AdSense earnings almost doubled in the space of 2 and a half months.

Don’t get me wrong, in terms of serious blogging, these are still peanuts figure. Those money making blogs are usually talking about 100k, 200k views per month at minimum. But it still is many times more than my usual. Growing too rapidly for AdSense’s liking it seems?

Of course, I’m just guessing, I will never know the real reason, but I suppose a simple advice for anyone who are aspiring to generate income through AdSense, don’t do it when you are building your website. Do it when you feel your growth has been maximized and your monthly visitor count has stabilized. Else you might end up like me and countless others 😐 .

For me, I’ve lost interest with these banner advertising stuff. Initally it was just with that local company, now it includes this international big bully. I’ll create a separate Affiliate page to house that Zalora banner when I have the time and keep the rest of my blog squeaky clean. Maybe I’ll do more affiliate programs if and when my blog grows bigger. We’ll see 😉 .



    • Not too sure about that, most of the complaints that I read in the forums are worldwide. I don’t think the traffic location is the main criteria in their screening.

  1. My Heartiest Congratulations for discovering this pile of rubbish so late! It is so easy to harm your foes, just click his blog’s ads 10 times a day and presto! His bread and butter gone. Anyways, they are too sensitive like your didi and accused everyone like a cry baby.

    • Ah, seems like you have a story. Have you ever blogged about it before? I want to see!
      LOL so the click bombing theory is not a theory but a fact. I would say they are even more sensitive than my didi 😀

  2. Realgunners, join in my club! Mine is also deactivated few years back.. I have received $100 from Google before, that was the first and last… the second time was already in the $80ss.. or $90s.. when it said my account was “blacklisted.” I was numb but I cannot do anything.. no more.. unless a new blog is born…

    • Not really, even if you have a new blog and new account, Google would be able to track you down as the same user and ban you again. The only way is to create a company and register the Google account under the company with no ties to your personal account.
      LOL, don’t bother with this thing anymore lah 😐

  3. I have heard of cases similar to yours. And this “In order to protect our proprietary detection system…” really takes the cake. In other words, it is a “nice way” of saying “don’t ask us for the reason”. Let them to take a hike lah. You don’t need these kind of people.

  4. ah, this is not uncommon.. it happened to me, the same thing!! when i got like over $100 and almost wanted to cash out, it was DISABLED!! i remember it was the similar email i got, hahahha~~ at least they bother to respond to your appeal, but they didn’t even bother about mine!!

    • It’s a computer generated response apparently. I’ve read a lot since yesterday about how they are not even bothered to investigate the appeals.

  5. Happy Malaysia Day! Guess you are back at Pg now? Errrr mine’s not a money making blog, I don’t know anything about ads and what-not, call me jakun.. Used to have a NN ad previously but I took it down, coz I mean for what, my account still shows zero after 2.5 years.. Errr call me jakun or sour grapes, so I didn’t bother about ads and how to make money online thingy at all..
    By the way, just to liu-gai you a bit.. You are posting daily? Coz I just commented at night last night and today morning there’s another post liao.. Gosh so fast.. Scared can’t catch up jek..

    • I arrived late afternoon yesterday lo. Today need to check in to office Zzzzz…
      I made RM 180 out of NN over the course of 6 years LOL! I took it down since I moved to personal domain. Well in hindsight, they are still better because they did not wallop away my earnings when payout is almost due.
      I blog when I got the mojo, usually I don’t schedule posts, so the timing is all over the place, unless I’m expecting to be busy for a few days, then I will schedule something. Otherwise sometimes 2 posts a day, sometimes 1 post in 2 days. Aiya catch up what la, I’m not expecting you to compete to be the first comment or what lah. Here no prize for being the fastest or most comments 😀

      • Ala, can’t catch up in terms of catching every post la.. Might miss or overlook a post or something leh.. Not in terms of first commenter or comment frequency chart or something la.. I not that free to keep hogging the phone/pc to do that ler sweetie..

    • Well mine is not exactly one either, it is just something on the side. But it does piss you off when the advertisers take away your payout due to “technical reasons” without further explanation.

  6. Actually all people should unite not to put ads on their websites for those ads that pay per click. Without clicking on that ad, the advertisers already gain exposure and mind share of the people who visit your blog when they just glanced at the ad (without clicking it). Advertisers pay through their noses for space on billboards by the roadside. Why should not advertisers pay for space on websites? Why do they need the clicks? Without clicking, we the readers of your blog are already exposed to their ads. So unfair. I say boycott ads that pays by clicks. Make them pay for just the space.

    • You’re right. They used to have pay per click and pay per view, but since who-knows-when, pay per view is no longer an option for us. Anyway if your blog is big enough, you will get opportunities to work with specific advertisers that pays you for monthly space. When your visitor count increases, so do your options and bargaining powers.

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