Healthy Food Can Be Yummy Too

Having oats for breakfast everyday can be a very daunting prospect. Gotta have some variation to make life more bearable.

Bread and Jam
Bread and Blueberry Jam

I’m supposed to avoid bakery products such as white bread and pastries because they are rich in trans fat. And I’m supposed to choose complex carbs such as whole grains.

7 grains bread
Perfect combo

Many a times, people fall into the trap of relying on the main packaging graphics and wording gimmicks when selecting their food. When you see words like HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE or REDUCED FAT, it does not necessarily mean the food is healthy. HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE normally means this particular version has less additives compared to their normal counterpart (still unhealthy). REDUCED FAT normally means the content has reduced fat percentage, from extremely unacceptable to moderately unacceptable (still unacceptable).

Of course, when the food is delicious, and you have not much concerns, then just screw it and eat the bloody real thing. The real thing tastes better than so called healthier alternative anyway.

What I mean is, when you want to eat healthy and are actively hunting for healthy food source, DO NOT trust the main packaging. Go to the detailed section with all those fine prints.

Blueberry jam
Blueberries are supposed to be good for me too

Know what you need, and what you need to avoid, then check the ingredients and nutritional value table. Do this and you should be fine.

I’m not so sure about how exactly the advertising law works here, but it more or less goes along something like this: as long as they do not tell an outright lie, product manufacturers are allowed to use gimmicks and misleading words in the main advertisement spaces on their packaging. However, they need to report the 100% truth in the fine prints. If they lie in the fine prints, you can sue them. But if you are fooled by the packaging and did not check all the details, then you are a blithering idiot and have only yourself to blame when your health goes south.

When I was in the US, I have seen many Americans drink Diet Coke religiously because they think Diet Coke is Coke specifically manufactured to help people reduce weight. Idiots, but true story. Diet Coke is not meant as a diet supplement, it is just Coke with zero sugar and replaced with artificial sweetener. It does not add to your calories, but it sure does not help to reduce it either. And those artificial crap will lead you to other health concerns.

It’s a good thing that I ditched YES 4G and got back a Streamyx land line. My reason was that I needed the unlimited data for the stuff that I am doing.

Good call. I usually go to McDonald’s for my live footie (football!). Since I have to avoid this place for awhile now, I can stream the matches live from my laptop. I need a healthier snack while watching though, but I’ve got it covered.

The healthier snack while cheering Arsenal on

Good, I should be all set now 😉


  1. I love Adventist bread! It is very nice toasted. And St Dalfour is my favorite brand for jams. I also check the fine print and one of the things I avoid besides trans-fat is high carb content. You like strawberries? I find that most of the time the strawberries we get here is either very sour or tasteless.

    • I don’t really know how to choose, usually I buy my strawberries (actually all my fruits) in Jusco, I will just select the box that has no moldy pieces inside.

  2. ah, wheat bread with fruits preserved and some strawberries!! and certainly a nice change from the routine bland oatmeal for breakfast huh?? and yes, healthy food can be yummy, and yummy food can be healthy too!! 🙂

  3. “When you see words like HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE or REDUCED FAT, it does not necessarily mean the food is healthy.”

    I do think moderation is the key…though I can’t say I’m a shining example and the living proof of that. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. I eat oats daily too and this adventist bread but without the jam. Just bread kosong. There is another type of adventist bread – the red colour packaging – 3 seeds sprouted bread – I switch between these two bread rather than sticking to just one type.

    • Yeah, I saw both types, mom buys them at home too. I picked the green one this time because the expiry date is 1 day later 😀

  5. Great post! Healthy food can indeed be yummy, and I often have a western omelet for breakfast, which consists of two eggs, chopped green and red bell peppers, chopped onion and chopped ham. It is delicious, nutritious and very filling, too. I also love fresh fruits for breakfast as well. I love your photos, and the jam from France…I have tried it and like it a lot.

    • I love fresh fruits too, but I can’t have them for breakfast, my tummy sort of disagrees with it in early mornings and I will always end up vomiting the food out. I love omelet too! But I totally suck at making it, always ended up with scrambled eggs and stuff 😛

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