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This feels like such a girly post, I’ve been procrastinating for 5 seconds whether to blog about this or not, but… I might be taking a few days break from posting new material soon (going to be occupied by another project for a few days, so to speak), so… might as well post more for now…

I’ve done more than my fair share of online shopping when I was in the US, with Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy etc. This is the first time I’ve done it in Malaysia.

Package arrived within 24 hours

Seriously, it is hard not to click into Zalora to check them out, they have been invading every corner of my Facebook ad space for the past couple of months.

I was pretty depressed that most of their clothes do not come with XXL size. It’s not their fault that I am tall and fat though 🙁 . Their items are kind of cheap though. So I bought 3 non clothes items from them. All 3 are something that I kind of need right now anyway.

The Triumvirate, so to speak

What I am wearing now:

Shoes: Unlike all the girls and some guys, I only have a pair of work / casual shoes, and a pair of jogging shoes. I wear the same pair of shoes until they get broken, then buy a new pair. I currently have a pair of Skechers that has been serving me reliably for more than 2 years. I love it very much, bought it for US$ 35 in the Outlets at Castle Rock. It has started to fall apart since a few months back though, with bits and parts peeling off occasionally.

Belt: The one that I am currently wearing has also served me for about 2 years, bought it from a Levi’s Store in Cherry Creek Shoping Center, it was in their clearance section, US$ 9.90. The part that goes into the buckle has deformed beyond recognition, I just could not get around to replacing it. Too lazy and waiting for my next trip to the US.

Wallet: The one I am using right now, a friend bought it for me, from the US as well, as a birthday gift. It has been, 4 or 5 years now, the outer skin has basically been peeled off 80%. Again I was holding out hoping for another US trip to buy it.

The thing is, I am slowly coming to terms that I might not get another US trip anytime soon, or maybe at all. No news of any new collaboration project in the pipeline. So it seems rather pointless to keep waiting while wearing broken stuff. So I just went ahead and bought the new stuff.

What I bought from Zalora:

Shoes: RM 39. I am pleasantly surprised that the shoe pad is thick in the middle. It will encourage me to walk with my whole foot rather than using the side of my foot. Going to try it for a few days to validate the comfort level.

Belt: RM 23. The belt feels quite thick and solid to me, not like the cheap stuff sold in Giant / Tesco. No offence.

Wallet: RM 39. I’m the least confident with this one, the metallic plate is glued onto the wallet, I suspect it will fall off very soon. But it is not broken as yet, so I don’t have any reason to return it without feeling like a moron. I’ll probably hang on to it, use it for a few weeks or months and see.

[EDIT: I left out, first time buyer gets RM20 off your purchases when you register on their website. So the total price is RM81 instead of RM101.]



  1. Great choice! I’m glad you are happy with your purchase. I don’t like shopping, so I often do it online. It saves me a lot of time and money, but you never know if you like it or not and whether it’s the right size or not :P.

  2. I never shop online for apparels or shoes coz it seems risky if I dun get what is as expected or the size doesn’t fit right.
    Belts, wallets are still ok, jst that I prefer seeing the real stuffs when buying, hence I will rather pick my choice from the store.

    • Still, the cheaper price and the convenience. And the bigger online shopping sites usually do offer refund or some sort of compensation for unsatisfactory goods returned. Online shopping is like a drug, once you start using it, you will be addicted (well, for most people) 😀


    Hello realgunner,

    Please dont publish this if you feel this is sensitive in nature. If you are interested you can read the link above. He also studied in tar same as you but he went to sheffield uni. I have been reading his blog since 1 year ago before he went uk. Do you think you can gelp him since you both are guys and studied in same place before?

    • Nah, if he willing to post in his blog, I doubt there is much concerns about sensitivity. You see I left a comment on that Harvey post, and his response. I need some time to read through all his posts, but the few posts that I flipped through so far gives me a feeling of “You can only lead a horse to the water, he choose whether or not he want to drink it”. What I feel his problem is, is the same problem that I feel most of the younger generation than me has: the sense of entitlement. Like they all think they are entitled to this, entitled to that. I’ve had my fair share of interviewing fresh grads, so I can say this is a common trait of the younger generation.
      When you are the one desperate looking for a new job but you can somehow think the company “beg” you to go for interview, something is not quite right in your mindset. I don’t know, maybe I will come to a different conclusion as I read more of his posts.

      • OK. Thanks for looking into this. (Ooops, sorry sound so formal). What I am saying is he will thank you for taking the time to read through his blog – I mean the most interesting is the link I sent above – when he came back to post again after his January incident (he likes to refer to it as his January incident).

  4. Ahhh, another post about Zalora.. Been seeing many posts on shopping with Zalora recently.. Wah your shoes very yau ying and stylish.. I like.. Stylo-milo heh.. Before I reached your price section, I thought it was gonna cost a bomb, but eh, ok wor the price.. I like..
    Eh, but you so berani ahh, buy shoes online.. Not scared they won’t fit meh?

    • Standard size 10, unless they ship me wrong size only. I am a cheapo, I won’t buy things that I feel is not super value for money 😛

  5. i would say, you have bought a nice pair of loafers, and good looking wallet and belt.. all so match in color, hehe!! and what’s more, all in less than RM100~~

  6. hahahaha, why did you say this is a girly post?? aiyoh, men also shop and men also buy stuffs wat, hehehe!! in fact i like to browse all these online shops to hunt for good deals, many times can find good surprise you know?? and with just a few clicks, the stuffs are delivered to your doorsteps the next day~~ holy!!

  7. Ahhhhh!!!! You bought something from them too! I’m old school, a dinosaur – not into online shopping – except for air tickets and even that, the process would get me all stressed out and worried. LOL!!!

    • But you should probably try it a bit, nowadays online shopping is usually cheaper compared to shopping in the shops. Their source is usually the same, and they eliminate a lot of physical cost, like shop rent, bills and hiring promoters.

    • Yeah, I’m using Akismet for spam block, they default all comments with link into spam folder for my approval.

    • I thought that blog looks familiar. The other day he messaged me on my FB page asking me to add him as friend. Felt weird suddenly got people make such request, I thought, if you like my blog, just Like and Follow my blog’s page lah.
      Sadly, I don’t think he will be able to get a new job easily, and the problem is him rather than the companies.
      I noticed he got that Donate button on the sidebar. Donate for “poor people” who feels sad not being able to play XBox for a week? LOL!

  8. Seems like their online adverts really work to entice people to buy from them. Since these are the things you will use daily, no harm buying from them. Sure, if you have their links, if ever I buy from them, can click through your links.

    • Hard not to click when they dominate all your ad space in FB. But if they are not cheap, I probably won’t buy anyway. I rarely buy anything that I previously have no intention to want.
      We’ll see if they approve my registration as affiliate, when I fill in the registration form, they asked about my website’s traffic, mine is currently at the lowest band, so I am not hopeful LOL!

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