My Type of English Pop

Okay, this will be the last of my music preferences posts. After all those Asian stuff, it is only appropriate that I do one for my English music preferences.

If you missed them and are interested, here is a list of all my music preferences:

  1. My Type of K-Pop
  2. My Type of J-Pop
  3. My Type of Canto Pop (Jacky Cheung)
  4. My Type of Canto Pop (the rest)

1. Michael Learns To Rock – Paint My Love

Michael Learns To Rock, rocks. Literally. And this song means a great deal to me. I’ll tell you why.

When I was in primary school, I once joined the school’s singing contest with a few other boys. We sang this song, and we won first prize. Here’s proof:

Singing certificate
This is an old certificate, so the words are a bit faded, but you should still be able to read it

If it wasn’t for my parents telling me singing is useless only I had pursued this talent, I could’ve been a rock star today 😉 .

2. Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me

Any 90s teens would know these guys. Seriously, who doesn’t? It was the age of boy bands, and these guys were THE boy band.

3. N Sync – I Drive Myself Crazy

Another highly successful boy band. Justin Timberlake is from this group. Honestly, I prefer him with the group than him solo. Actually, I don’t like him at all as a solo singer.

I’m a sentimental old fool, as you may have already known. Maybe not so old, but definitely a sentimental fool. So instead of Bye Bye Bye, I decided that my favorite N Sync song is this. Partly also because of the music video which absolutely made no sense whatsoever. Back then, my main source of English music was MTV or Channel [V], so visual attraction counts a great deal.

Okay, if we don’t take the videos into account, then I would say my favorite N Sync song is this one instead.

4. Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

This is not a boy band. They are a duo, but only one sings, the other mainly plays the instruments. I remember when we first started to know what is Red Box (karaoke), this song is a definite fixture. Usually the girls will pick this song so that the boys can sing the song while they go crazy staring at Darren Hayes in the video. He broke so many of my female friends’ hearts when he announced that he was gay.

5. Limp Bizkit – Rollin

I don’t listen to rock and punk, much. But I do listen to Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. You see, the 90s and early 2000s were so awesome that I can tolerate and even like some of the rock songs of that era!

I was having a hard time picking between Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, but in the end, this song got the edge, just because of so many censored lyrics. I was in my teens, and back then, it was sort of taboo for us kids to use the F word openly, so to get a song with so many F words was pretty exciting.

6. Spice Girls – Two Become One

It wasn’t all boys. I loved Spice Girls too. When they were active, they were young and fresh, with a good combination of sexy and classy. It’s not like the sluts that we get nowadays.

7. M2M – The Day You Went Away

For a brief moment of time, I had a major crush on Marion (the long dark haired one). I dreamed about her for many nights. I remember seeing an email address that was supposed to be for fans to write to M2M, and I remember writing her an email, which of course got no response whatsoever. I got over that crush some time later, but last year when I read about her marriage, I still felt a little rueful.

8. Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle

So far, I have been covering groups and duos. Surely there must be some solo acts that I like? Yes, I do. Her name is Christina Aguilera.

I remember she debuted about the same time as Britney Spears. Even from the start it seems like there is a rivalry going on between them. I love both their songs at the start, but after seeing their videos, I had already made up my mind fairly quickly that Britney will eventually become a slut. Turns out I was prophetic. So my heart remains loyal to Christina. She has a healthier image, and has better vocals. Heck, she’s even become a coach for The Voice.

I also particularly love her duet with Ricky Martin. It blew, and still is, blowing my mind away.

9. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now

I took an extended break from English music after my dad decided to terminate MTV and Channel [V] from our Astro (satellite TV) subscription. The songs that I heard from Hitz FM and subsequently Fly FM were not inspiring, so I didn’t feel like I am missing anything. I only started to get in touch with English songs again after my move to Penang. Glad that I did because it was about this time that Lady Antebellum came into prominence. This song marked my re-entry into the English Pop scene.

10. Sam Tsui/Chrissy Costanza – Heart Attack

As I explored Youtube more, I discovered something previously unknown to me: there is a thriving Youtube artists community! There are a lot of talented Youtube singers who does great covers of other people’s songs, as well as wonderful original songs of their own. David Choi, Kina Grannis, Megan Nicole, Rebecca Shearing, Caitlin Hart, Jason Chen, Alex Goot, and so on, and so on, and so on, and on and on and on…

This one though, is my favorite cover. Sam Tsui and Chrissy Costanza covering Demi Lovato’s hit song. I suppose many of you will know Sam Tsui, I saw the crazy reception he got when he visited Malaysia like a couple months back. For those of you who don’t know who Chrissy is, she is part of a band called Against The Current. Youtube based as well. To be honest, I think 90% of the people support ATC because of Chrissy. Some stats about Chrissy: her official FB page has more than 800k Likes (me being one of them), her Instagram photos command at least 20k Likes per photo (usually 40k), each and every one of them.

You might be wondering why no Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey, they were quite popular in the 90s…

Well, I’m not old enough to remember the glory days of MJ. I like some of his songs, but ever since I start listening to songs, every single piece of news about him has been negative. Never really warmed up to him.

Mariah, well, I’m sorry but I have to say, the first moment I saw her videos, I thought she was a slutty porn star rather than a singer. In most of her videos, she takes every available opportunity to be clad in bikini and reveal as much of her skin as possible. In fact she is still doing that now, even when she is a 40 something fat woman. I mean, look at her latest music video, I really feel that she is really too fat to be flaunting her skin like nobody’s business! Nope, doesn’t turn me on at all. The only significantly older woman that I have ever had a crush on will always only be Faye Wong.


  1. my first fav English pop is MLTR, I can sing along almost all their song in their album…Followed by the rest of boy band, such as Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, N’Sync and Westlife…
    Yea, Spice Girls are good too.

  2. hmmm, so looks like these songs you have picked are more of the 90s and from the boy-bands and girl-bands.. and i believe you love each song not only for the rhythm but also how meaningful the song mean to you, and how it may relate to some stories of yourself..

    • There’s even 2 guys with the same name as me, but different surnames. We always get “crossover” emails >.<

  3. Morning pretty boy.. Wow, I like today’s post.. Coz I listen to the same songs too, except some noisy ones.. Wah, our taste-see very similar, but for Spice Girls, I like Mama.. And as for M2M, OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pretty Boy.. Ok, now you make me wana listen to the songs over and over again..

    • Me not pretty boy, me fatty boy lah 😀 . I wrote this and Cantopop part 2 over the weekend, I spent all day listening to all the songs while writing 😀

  4. Okee…I get an idea of what sort of songs you like. Michael Learns to Rock (but they don’t really rock do they?)was quite popular when I was younger (can’t remember when hah..hah…) but sorry, I couldn’t stand their sappy songs. So you can sing, huh? My type of songs you can’t find on the radio, I am not mainstream. Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are more to my liking from your your selection up there.

    • Yeah, MLTR are not a rocker band, but they rocks! (Rocks means awesome hahaha).. I can sing like an amateur only LOL! Never followed up that cert with training or anything.. N years ago story..

  5. I know no 1 4 6 8 9 the rest no. Maybe I have heard the songs of the rest on the radio but I don’t know the singer and song name. No 9 is quite current so you are back listening to english pop songs? A few years back I started watching the Voice so I know current pops from lady gaga, pink, kate perry. The recent duet by christina aguilera is very emotional.

    • The song is “say something” – she only sang a tiny part only but I like watching the mtv especially when it shows the old elderly persons.

      • Yeah, I was stunned too when I first saw this video. But I tried putting the song in my USB drive and listening to it in the car without the MV, it just doesn’t feel right. Need to pair with the video. And if it wasn’t for the video, I wouldn’t know it was Christina, she has a major part, but mostly is both of them singing together and the guy’s voice overwhelmed her, I think she was just there to complement him.

      • Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! A favourite song of mine! I love Christina’s Beautiful and Hurt too. And I love PINK!!! And Emile Sande, Clown, Beneath your beautiful…and Chritina Perri too! Ya, our ages are definitely wide apart…but my taste in music is definitely more current. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  6. I would say that our personal selections of favourite songs are miles apart but I would agree with you on one thing – I can’t stand that Malaya Curry either! LOL!!!

    • Hahahaha Malaya Curry! First time I heard this nickname, took me a few minutes to understand what it means 😀
      I guess it is understandable, from your pics, it seems our age is miles apart too LOL!

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