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After posting shit, let’s balance it out with something happy. After all, as Barney Stinson says:

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Sometimes, when I am in meetings, people who walked past me would catch a glimpse of my laptop’s wallpaper and make remarks like: “Wah! Wonderful view! Where is this place?”, followed by: “So lucky lah you, get to travel to so many nice places!”

Yes, I like to use some of the nice views that I managed to capture on camera in my work travels as my laptop’s wallpaper. When I feel depressed about work, I would look at the nice view to calm down and be grateful that I have a job.

Yes, this is going to be a show off post, I will show off the pictures that I am using for my laptop’s wallpaper. They are on rotation list, I rotate them once every 2 weeks or so. There’s 13 of them, so the playlist repeats every half year.


Damai Beach
Damai Beach @ Santubong


Morraine Park @ Rocky Mountains
Morraine Park @ Rocky Mountains


Columbus Ave
Columbus Ave @ San Francisco
santa monica
Santa Monica
Kids at Universal City LA
Little girls @ Universal City, Los Angeles


blackfriars bridge
Blackfriar’s Bridge @ London
big ben
Big Ben @ London
london eye
London Eye @ London
Newcastle night
Tyne Bridge @ Newcastle
Lucerne @ Switzerland
Venice Gondola
Gondola @ Venice
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam @ the Netherlands

I don’t know about lightings or exposure or angle or whatever photography jargon there is, I just somehow love these photos when I stare at them. Feel free to commandeer them if you like them as well. They’re F.O.C. πŸ˜‰


  1. Waahhhh… I also like!! Very refreshing to the eyes.. and also brings back sweet memories, right? As for my laptop I put my family picture there… cannot slide one.. (cos I don’t know how)… and in my office desktop, I put my own picture there to “frighten” off the one who uses it when I’m not around… hahahaa…

    • Hahaha your office also got pranksters going on huh. Where I work, if someone forgets to lock his laptop or PC, he will automatically send out resignation email or love emails πŸ˜€

  2. Ah wallpapers and screensavers are great for reliving memories of our travels. Sadly my work computer is locked down so I can’t have these to brighten my work day anymore.

    A few years ago I had a picture of the Sydney Opera House as my wallpaper. It caught the eye of a colleague in the US whilst I was on a trip there. She is a highly educated, smart lady but had no idea about the Opera House. It was a real conversation starter and we talked for ages about travel.

    • It must be a very spectacular picture! I don’t remember ever seeing a picture with the Sydney Opera House and/or Sydney Harbour Bridge being bad. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing what the Sydney Opera House is though, usually that is the first thing that comes into mind when people mention Australia.

  3. one doesn’t need to be a professional photographer to take nice photos.. it’s actually what the photo makes you feel that is important!! and wow, you really have been to so many places huh, such a globe-trotter..

    p/s: i seldom use scenery photo as my wallpaper, i prefer to put cartoons one, like that i feel even happier like i’m in a kid’s world!! πŸ˜€

    • LOL, I don’t watch much cartoons, the anime that I watch, all robots shooting at each other or people slashing at each other, cannot use those πŸ˜›

    • I didn’t have much time in Tokyo, mostly work, the only photos I have are the crowds in Shinjuku, they won’t calm me down πŸ™

      • LOL…in japan is all about work, so gotta jive with their ‘workaholic’ attitude? haha
        looking back, most of my previous biz trip are all work…no chance for jalan-jalan:-( So, most of my pictures are taken while on the way to office, or when the biz partner bring us to some places for makan. That would be my only chances to absorb into the local environment when walking down the street…

        • True. That’s what happens on short trips. The reason I can go around in the US was because I was there for weeks, I have many weekends for myself to explore. Europe was 3 months summer semester, even more time πŸ˜€

  4. Damai? I found Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan really very nice, the white sand…but that was 1986, dunno now. The ones in Sabah…and the islands too are the most beautiful places I’ve seen but unfortunately, the ones to the south of the state aren’t exactly safe these days, Best to give them a miss.

    • It is in Santubong, near Kuching, I don’t know, the signboard said Damai Beach LOL. Yeah, better to give Sabah beaches a miss nowadays. It is similar to MH17 case, declared safe, until someone shot you down or kidnap you..

      • Yup, Damai is in Santubong, Kuching. I do not think much of our Sarawak beaches – not white sand so somehow, they don’t appeal to me much. Anyway, I’m not a beach person – more into mountains – nice and cool and peace all around.

        • Hmm, I thought Damai beach is alright, at least from what I’ve seen. But not many people hangout there, maybe it is some ways out of Kuching. I wonder if you have seen Batu Ferringhi’s beaches, if you haven’t, don’t. It’s worse.

  5. Haha laughing at your statement after posting shit.. Not shit la, just some very long winded granny stories but I like.. Can know more about you ma.. You are still a mystery to me (ewahhhh ewahhhh, mystery, kelas babe!)… I love that two little girls @ LA the most!

    • Nah, nothing mysterious about me, I’m just a boring guy. I love that 2 little girls too, that’s why they are the only non-scenery wallpaper for me. I was supposed to be walking around sightseeing in Universal City (the city that they build to surround Universal Studio in LA), end up I spent more than 30 minutes standing there watching them running about in the water and laughing πŸ˜€

      • I think some parents don’t like photos to be taken of their children so better be careful next time. Don’t want to be mistaken for a p*d*ph*l* as Americans are very sensitive about this. Even mommy bloggers mask out other children faces when they blog about their own children. Small Kucing does that too.

        • Oh, no worries, I asked their parents before I took the photos. I even asked for permission to post on my blog πŸ˜€

      • Wah, you are really a law abiding guy. I know in USA, there are some places with local laws that say “no adults are allowed on playgrounds unless they are accompanied by children”. Granted that you are not in a playground but just better to be safe than sorry and you did just that by asking permission from their parents. Did you send a copy of this photo to their parents? It is so nice, they would love to have it I guess.

        Anyway, what camera did you use? Definitely not a point and shoot one. The quality is good. If you have blogged about it before, just let me know, I will go and look up your old post.

        Happy weekend!

        • When I was shooting photos, daddies were shooting videos. I told the mommies, I’m a tourist from Malaysia, they didn’t know where that is, they thought Singapore’s neighbor is Thailand and vice versa πŸ™ . I guess they gave me permission since I came from somewhere that did not exist in their geography.
          I got add some links in the pictures’ captions, you can check them out if you want. And my camera is definitely a point and shoot πŸ˜€ . I bought a Nikon P520 last year, so half of my US 2013 photos are using that, prior to that I used a Canon Powershot A3000IS.

    • Exactly, think like that better than think: “I’m so jelly of him, he can go I cannot go πŸ™ ” … That’s why I follow so many travel blogs, they satisfy my craving before I pack up and go myself..

        • Hahaha not aimed at you. I get this frequently in office… “Wah so lucky lah you, fly here fly there all the time, you all engineer lucky bunch lah, bla bla bla, I should’ve become engineer instead!”

    • The professionals will be able to tell. But then, I do not need to please them πŸ˜› .. Some say, if the view is good, even noob photographer (like me) will be able to get a good shot πŸ˜‰

  6. Aiyo, now I am so jeles of you. I have a 10 years USA visa which just expired this year and I have never used it even once! *so sad*

      • My spouse business trip was canceled 10 year ago and I was supposed to tag along. πŸ™ Then my spouse does not want to go to USA anymore because he went there like more than 10 times for business trips so I can’t find anyone to go with me since the airtickets are so expensive so no chance to go lah. *sulks*

        • 10 times?? If he is on those frequent flyer program, can exchange a pair of return tickets d… But visa expired, sienzz

      • Never mind. When I retire at age 60 and if I am still alive, I will apply again for USA Visa and force my spouse to go with me, hehehe!

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