My Type of K-Pop

I am deeply slightly perplexed by a certain comment part of a comment from a certain someone in a previous post.


I am actually just a normal person with normal needs and normal interests. Why would she think that I am a mystery? It makes me feel restless and cannot sleep at night. I guess maybe I should slowly reveal more and more about myself, then she will see that there is in fact nothing mysterious about me.

I say Some say, to learn more about a person, you first look at what food he eats, and then you look at his music preferences. Since I am actively blogging about my cooking (or mess, depending on how you look at it), I suppose the only thing mysterious about me is my music playlist.

I recently had 2 female passengers who heard part of my playlist when being a passenger of my car. You probably know who they are if you have been reading for the past month or so. Both of them heard Korean songs, and both of them accused me for being a hypocrite. After all, I did blog about my non-preference for K-Pop (Korean Pop).

Let me first set the record straight. I don’t hate K-Pop. I just don’t worship anything Korean like most of the younger kids do nowadays. I can tolerate them once in a while, but I generally won’t download the songs and put them on my playlist. There’s one problem with all those Korean songs for me, I feel that they are too similar.

The first Korean songs that I got in touch with are Girls Generation’s Gee Gee Gee (I don’t know if this is the correct song name), and then Wonder Girls’ Nobody But You. Sure they are catchy, but after awhile, I just felt that their MVs are nicer than the songs. The rest of the newer bands and songs that came are similar, catchy but somehow lacks substance.

I only have 3 Korean songs in my playlist, out of the very many thousands of songs circulating around. And I have them because they are nothing similar to the general Korean songs that we usually come across on the local radio stations. Which three?

1.Kim Ah Joong – Byul (Star)

This is the very first Korean song that I fell in love with. It is one of the main soundtrack from the movie 200 Pounds Beauty, also starring Kim Ah Joong herself. Her being pretty is a big bonus, of course, but the song itself is so full of emotions (at least it felt that way to me, I don’t care what you think). Did I mention she is so pretty? I actually followed up watching one of her newer movie, My PS Partner. PS = Phone Sex in this case. I think both movies are available for watch on Youtube, and with subtitles. Both are interesting to watch.

2.Hyorin – I Choose to Love You

You might recognize her as the singer for the Korean version of Let it Go (Frozen song), but I first saw Hyorin sing in Immortal Song that was showing on KBS. It was a singing competition involving various K-Pop artists. I thought she sang pretty well, so I went and Youtube-d her songs, and found this song, and was immediately hooked.

3. Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye

Another hottie that I saw in Immortal Song that I felt sang really well was Kang Min Kyung, when I Youtube-d her, I realized she was part of Davichi, a female duo. I clicked on a few of their songs, this is the only one that I felt connected to. So it remains on my playlist.

If you had the patience to click on each of the videos, you will find that they are all emotional songs, rather than the catchy dance tunes that our local radio stations and KBS prefers to feed us with. So that’s it, Gunners fact: I am less of a rocker / dancer, and more of a sentimental type of guy when it comes to music taste.

And don’t ask me what the lyrics mean, when I listen to Korean songs, I hardly know what the lyrics mean, I just listen to the tune and feel the emotions. Well at least Hyorin’s video has subtitles…

I suppose I might blog about my J-Pop preferences next. I have more Japanese songs on my playlist than I do on Korean songs.


  1. I am not a fan of K-Pop though I have to admit to a guilty pleasure – Gangnam Style hah..hah…hah…I only listen to English songs and I do not like those mushy songs as they make me sick, apologies. But I do like Korean movies especially the horror movies.

    • That uncle’s song, when I first heard it on radio, I felt: “WTF is this song? It is so annoying!”, and then it continued to annoy me for the next couple of weeks (or was it months?), then suddenly I find myself got used to it and start to sing along. Crap!

  2. well, why have to be bothered with what others comment about you?? just be yourself, and blog what you like to blog.. as “that someone” always says “this is your blog, your own like, your own sukak”!! by sharing about your fond of K-pop, not necessarily can “satiate” their curiosity on you also, hahahaha!!

    BTW, me no fans of K-pop.. Uncle still listen to English and Cantonese and Mandarin songs~~ :p

    • I listen to all sorts of songs, sometimes even Latin or German or Polish, although I hardly know the meaning of those lyrics. For me, when it comes to good music, we cannot be racist and territorial. Actually, we cannot be racist in pretty much everything, except for football club allegiance if you ask me 😉

    • And…. Well, there’s something about you…. which I wana know more.. I don’t know, just something, hehehehe (suspense mou?)…
      I’ve never followed any (new blogger’s) blog like how I’m following yours now.. Your posts attract me (altho some I dunno how to komen la), but well, that’s why I say, mystery…. All your posts, the (Kimberley) song, I think we can click..

    • Don’t share me drama titles, they are poison! I already worked very hard to purge my addiction to that 2 drugs called Running Man and The Return of Superman! (I think you might like The Return of Superman though, it is a show where the mom leave for a day and let the dad take care of the baby/kids. Then they record how the day went)
      Actually I really can’t sleep last night, but relax, I was not thinking about you, was thinking about something else wakakakaka 😀

      • I do think about you sometimes, when I’m listening to that Kimberley song.. Ya la of coz I know you weren’t thinking about me lah.. Duh… We’ve never met before, you don’t know how I look like also lah.. Watever that’s bothering you, I hope you are better today 🙂

        • I was actually thinking about mosquitoes, after the rain they come back with a vengeance. Buzzing around my ears and make me “pekcek”. Wake up in the middle of the night to deal with them, then go back to sleep, and they come back again. ZZzzzz..

  3. Eyewwwwwww!!!! K-pop! Not for me but yes, I love slow, mushy…sad songs. Call me a sentimental old fool, and I would say you’re absolutely right…and I would want to be able to understand what I am listening to. Can’t do that with K-pop songs, don’t understand a word. I did like Gangnam though…for a while. LOL!!!

    • I think deep down, we are all sentimental old fools when we reach certain age. That certain age might vary between people, but sooner or later we will get there. For me it is sooner more than later.

  4. I guess everyone is a mystery to everyone unless they know the other person well, no? Shouldn’t be losing any sleep or gaining any white hairs from that statement made by Princess Ribbon although she may be pleased to be mentioned in your post.

    I have watched Girls Generation MVs before and I could not tell the girls apart. They are all pretty and pretty much look the same to me. So you are a sentimental guy huh? for liking to listen to sentimental songs. Good, a sentimental person is always better than a cold blooded no emotion person.

    Will click on your links when time permits. I may have heard the songs before but am not aware of it.

  5. ur song choice is so sentimental, haha 🙂 I dun understand most song & still puzzling on why some K-Pop are so successful despite boring songs

    • Well, most of those boring songs are catchy, on top of so called “pretty boys” and sexy girls in visually satisfying music videos. I guess that’s what rubs the younger generation on.

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