My Type of Canto Pop: Part 2

Okay, here’s the rest of my Canto Pop fetish compilation. I must not be distracted by 1 single artist again, I must not be distracted by 1 single artist again, I must not be distracted by 1 single artist again…

1. 王菲 Faye Wong – 容易受伤的女人 Woman That Is Easily Hurt

I can easily list down endless of my favorite songs from this diva. She is up there with Jacky as the pillars of Canto Pop. If Jacky is the God of Songs, she is definitely the Goddess.

No! I mustn’t be distracted again! Mustn’t be distracted again!

Out of the many many songs, this one is the standout for me. I believe for her as well. She even claimed there is one song that she will never want to sing again because she sang it too much. This is the one. Of course sometimes this song is a sore thumb too, especially in wedding dinners where all those old women love to blaspheme this song by singing it with their lousy voices and make me cringe >.< .

I remember as a kid, I fantasized “this beautiful lady will be my wife one day”. I was like 7 or 8 back then.

2. 刘德华 Andy Lau – 一起走过的日子 The Days We’ve Been Through Together

This song is not a particularly great song in terms of vocals, I would admit that. But it still is one of my favorites, purely for nostalgic reasons. This is the first Cantonese song that I remember listening to as far as my memory goes back. But Andy can sing well, his subsequent songs are not bad at all. Out of the 3 remaining Heavenly Kings, he sings the best.

3. 郑少秋 Adam Cheng – 笑看风云 Watching The Wind And Clouds with A Smile

Again, I would admit this is not a particularly great song in terms of vocals. And yet it somehow manages to lodge itself deep in my heart and memory. I suspect the TVB series of the same name played a major part. I miss the good old days when TVB series were awesome!

4. 郭富城 Aaron Kwok – 爱的呼唤 The Call Of Love

Let’s face it, Aaron is not famous for his singing prowess. He was more accomplished for his dance moves. But he do have a few songs that capture my sentiments exactly. His songs’ lyrics always hit my heart like a wrecking ball (no pun intended). This one especially, it holds a special meaning to me.

5. Beyond – 海阔天空 Wide Ocean And Empty Sky

I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of Cou Mang 草蜢 (The Grasshoppers). The only HK band that I’m into is Beyond. The news of Wong Ka Kui’s demise was a horrible shock. I remember I was only like, 7 or 8 when he died in that terrible accident? And yet I felt really bad.

And this song is the bomb. I mean, this song is literally, the epitome of what being young and free is all about!

6. 谢霆锋 Nicholas Tse – 非走不可 Cannot Not Leave

Nicholas was superb as a singer, before those lawsuits. Contrary to what those old farts in EMI and EEG thinks, I always felt that him and Eason (which I will cover below) were the real bright future for Hong Kong’s music industry. Of course, then the lawsuits happened. Before that the rumors of him dating Faye Wong happened, which made me hate him for awhile. After the lawsuits, he stopped singing and focused more on his acting career. What a waste.

I had a hard time picking the song that I like most, ended up picking this. I love all his songs in his first and second album.

7. 陈奕迅 Eason Chan – K歌之王 King Of Karaoke Songs

As mentioned above, I thought he is one that represented a bright future for HK’s music industry. Then Nicholas decided to screw up and then stop singing, leaving Eason alone flying the flag. I really liked Eason’s vocal prowess. He is only second to Jacky Cheung in my opinion. No one else in HK and Taiwan can beat him in terms of singing.

Again, I had a hard time picking THE song out of his many songs. I settled for this, because this one has the best Youtube video out of many that I browsed so far.

8. 刘浩龙 Wilfred Lau – 绯闻男友 Rumored Boyfriend

They say he is from the same batch as Nicholas and Eason, but was somehow overlooked until much later. He only came into prominence like, 6 or 7 years after he joined the industry. Some say he has Eason styled vocals. I’m not so sure about that. Anyway, he didn’t stay famous for long. At least as far as I am concerned. What had it going for me was that his songs came to my ears at an opportune moment that made me appreciate them.

This song? Well, there’s a story to it. I might write that story in the future, or probably not…

9. 薛凯琪 Fiona Sit – 南瓜车 Pumpkin Carriage

I like Fiona. She was this young and sweet thing that gave Canto Pop a sense of fresh breeze when she came out. Apparently she is only good in the recording studio. She absolutely cannot sing live, it sucks! But then I don’t need to listen to her live versions. The recorded songs were really nice and sentimental and mushy for me. This song is my personal favorite.

10. 方力申/傅颖 Alex Fong/Theresa Fu – 自欺欺人 Lying To Self And Others

Alex have a few duets with various ex-Cookies members. The more famous K songs were the duets with Stephy, but I somehow feel more comfortable with this duet with Theresa. Not to say that I don’t like those duets with Stephy, I love them too, not to mention Stephy is cuter and hotter 😉 .

So yeah, there you have it, my Top 10 Canto Pop songs (after Jacky Cheung). It is a mixture of 1990s and 2000s, because, well, that’s my teens and early youth. We always love the songs of our youth, don’t we? That is also why I have no deep affinity with singers like Leslie Cheung or Roman Tam.

Oh, in case you are wondering, I have Jacky, Andy and Aaron. Where is the other of the Four Heavenly Kings? Well… sorry, not a fan of Lai Meng (Leon Lai), until today I have no idea how did he even make it into that Top Four.


    • That’s why I blog about it. 10 years down the road hopefully this blog is still around and I can easily reminiscent 🙂

  1. I think we belong to the same era, as I am familiar with the top 7, but don’t really know 8, 9, and 10. Don’t you think the Cantonese and mandarin pop songs of the 1990s are so nice?

  2. OMG! You were only 7 or 8 but already had fantasies of her! You must have fed many cockroaches in the bathroom! Muahahahaha

    Amongst all your stars above, I am most familiar with Aaron Kwok. He was good then but I was surprised that he looked different in actual person.

    • LOL! I don’t think at that age we can produce anything that can feed the roaches hahaha!
      You’ve met Aaron in person? Great. I’ve met Andy in person, he visited my dad’s shop in Central Market once to buy a traveler’s backpack many years ago (closed down the shop already now). I think I have an old old photo taken together with him.

      • I have met Alan Tam, Chin Han, Eric Tsang, Jacky Cheung and others whom I cannot recall at concerts, airports and hotels etc. oh yes I have blogged once about sitting next to Korea’s badminton star Lee Yong Dae onboard KALfrom Seoul to KL. The whole journey was so disturbing as all females kept asking for his autographs and photo selfies… Adoi…..

        • You seem to have fate with the stars. I’ve never met any of them randomly so far in my life.
          The females probably, that old man sitting beside him so disturbing, keep getting in the way of our selfies hahaha!

  3. I am always enthusiastic about cantonese song as well as the dialect itself(although I know only a few of the rudimentary words).For me,I particularly fond of those old-fashioned songs.I love HAI KUO TIAN KONG from Beyond and it is the first cantonese song that I have learned.
    红日(李克勤)is awesome too!

  4. I like Andy Lau, not into the rest. For one thing, he sings his songs in Mandarin too and I can understand that. Love his “Love you 10,000 years”.

  5. I know the songs 1 to 5. You lost me at 6 onwards. No Alan Tam and Danny Chan in your list? They are too old for you?

    • Yeah, they’re too old school for me. You see I was right, we only enjoy the songs of our teens and early youth. Since we got a few years gap, the songs we know also got few years gap.

      • When I get older I seldom listen to pop songs anymore unless the shopping malls broadcast those popular k pop or j pop. When young nothing much to do except study so the radio was always on.

        • Same same, I rarely listen to radio nowadays. But there is Youtube, so I am still slightly in touch, just slightly.

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