My Type of Canto Pop: Part 1 (Jacky Cheung)

I typically spend 30 minutes to 1 hour to make a blog post. Typing the draft, uploading photos, searching Youtube or other internet enhancements, proofreading and whatnot. If the post is long then 2 hours, max. After all, I am still dilly-dallying working on the project, and I don’t want to go to bed at 3AM or 4AM. It will jeopardize my work the next day.

So I was going to do my Canto Pop compilation today. I needed Youtube videos for the songs, so I went on Youtube, naturally.

With Canto Pop, the first in line is Jacky Cheung 张学友, by a million miles. So I started searching for my first song,

1. 只想一生跟你走 (Just Wanna Go With You Forever)

The problem was, once I got started, there were links to his other songs, so I clicked on another song, then another song, then another song, then another song, then another song…

[one and a half hours later]

… then another song, then another song, then another song, and then another song. I ran out of time to search songs from the other singers, and to properly construct my post. Hence the Part 1. I will do Part 2 tomorrow.

2. 妳的名字 我的姓氏 (Your Name, My Surname)

I mean, this guy is just, superb! All of his songs are super duper awesome! How am I supposed to choose my favorite song out of all of them? It’s practically impossible! There is a very good reason why he is called Gor Sun 歌神, the God of Songs. Anyone who argues that fact is either a moron or a retard, end of story.

I never really understood why people coin that term The Four Heavenly King 四大天王. Jacky is a million miles ahead of the other three in terms of prowess. They should have picked someone to be part of the four, and then put Jacky above them. No disrespect to them, it is just immense respect to Jacky.

3. 爱是永恒 (Love Is Eternal)

Oops, sorry, wrong video! This is the correct one 😀 .

Let’s go a few more…

4. 每天爱妳多一些 (Love You A Bit More Every Day)

Some of my friends asked me at various points in my past, why did I never sing Jacky’s songs when we went to Red Box or Neway (Karaoke). My reason? I love his songs too much, it would be too much agony to listen to his songs in my lousy voice and singing. Nope, not gonna do that.

5. 分手总要在雨天 (Break Up Has To Be Done On Rainy Day)

Not only is he fantastic at singing alone, he’s also awesome in duets.

6. 相思风雨中 (Missing Each Other In The Wind And Rain) – with 汤宝如 Karen Tong

And then, out of that Four Heavenly Kings (actually out of all the Hong Kong artists), he is one of the few that can speak and sing in Mandarin properly. I mean, I am bilingual myself on Cantonese and Mandarin, every time I hear how most of the Hong Kong artists attempt to speak Mandarin, they are a constant source of laughter. Do what you are good at, and don’t do what you are not good at! ROFLMAO! Jacky is the exception, his Mandarin songs and speaking is perfect.

7. 你最珍贵 (You’re The Most Precious) – with 高慧君 Francesca Kao

8. 忘记妳我做不到 (Forget You, I Cannot Do It)

Okay, okay, I know, these few are Mandarin instead of Cantonese, but so what? Jacky is from Hong Kong, his songs means Canto Pop! At least they are to me.

9. 吻别 (Kiss Goodbye)

I’m not sure if you guys know this or not, this song is so awesome that even MLTR did an adaptation of it. Yes, Michael Learns To Rock! Don’t believe me?

Okay, this is getting quite long. One last song. You know about that highly successful musical by Jacky, right? Snow Wolf Lake 雪狼湖. This duet song is my personal favorite from the whole play.

10. 花与琴的流星 (Flower and Zithern’s Meteor) -with 林忆莲 Sandy Lam

Too bad there’s no decent Youtube videos of the musical, had to use a substitute. I had the VCD, but I lost it a few years ago. An a**hole borrowed it from me, and then brought it with him when he migrated to Canada, and then he misplaced it 🙁 .

So…? Never mind, I’ll continue with Part 2 tomorrow…



  1. I still like some of Jacky Cheung’s songs. He is good and croons well. I recall when his old song “Amor Amor” was released in a movie, my office devils used to sing this with vulgar lyrics added inside. It was so funny!

    • What? Jacky’s song with vulgar lyrics? I cannot imagine it! I would like to see that edited lyrics LOL!

  2. Wow.. you are really His Fan-cee! I also like Jacky Cheung.. seen his movies when he was a young man.. together with Stephen Chow, both cops.. hahahaa.. he can also act.. but after that, he focused on singing only.. Too bad I don’t know mandarin otherwise I would like to sing karaoke on his songs too.. can only listen to my friends singing (not murdering) his songs.. hahahaa…

    • LOL yeah, his movies are funny 😀 . But I still prefer him in the God of Songs mode, freakin awesome 😉 !

  3. jacky cheung is indeed the ‘Gor Sun’…they hav already crowned him of ‘God’ status…so who cares about the four heavenly king now?
    I started listening to Jacky Cheung even during my primary skool days..back then was mostly sentimental songs in Cantonese…his Mandopop only surface later.

    • Yup yup yup! In fact those jokers in HK are trying to crown the New Four Heavenly Kings, and then the New New Four Heavenly Kings. Gimme a break! Can’t be bothered with them anymore. There will always only be one Gor Sun 😀

  4. Hmmm….Not my type of music again but surprisingly my brother listens to this. I remembered being quite surprised when I discovered he had CDs and VCDs of Jacky Cheung. Or was that Leslie Cheung. Whatever.

    • Hmm, so you are 100% English songs person.. I like a mixture of all, the English songs generally has more powerful vocals, but for sentimental fools like me, Cantonese and Chinese songs (at least the older ones) are more subtle and emotional (or like you said, mushy) 😀

  5. Morning morning, oohh today you are starting the Canto-Pop liao, yay! Oh yes, I very very agree with you, when I search in YouTube for a song, there will be suggestions and links to other songs, then other, other and other! It’s like a snowball la, snowballing non stop, teehee..
    I listened to all the songs.. Oohh lala, #1 is “king dim” song, who doesn’t know about this song? Hehe.. I like #3, #4 too..

  6. I’ve attended his concert twice. Love him. Actually I’ve attended concerts from all four of the heavenly kings – Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai but only Jacky Cheung I went twice 😀

    • Awesome! I’ve never been to their concerts, but I have a lot of their DVDs. Their concerts are definitely more enjoyable than most 😀

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