Lye Lee Pork Noodles 高渊利猪肉粉 @ One World, Penang

I’ve told you about the only pork noodles outlet that I can find on the island. It’s called Lye Lee Pork Noodles, and it’s located in One World, Bayan Lepas.

Now here’s the photos. They don’t only specialize in pork noodles, they serve various porridge dishes too. Strangely, I prefer their pork porridge more than their pork noodles. Never bothered about their other porridge dishes, so I don’t know whether they are good or bad.

Pork Porridge Lye Lee Pork Noodle Lye Lee

Both costs the same, RM 5 per bowl, for the option without the innards. If you prefer to have it with all the innards (intestines, tripes, tongue, blood, and various other pig organs), add another RM 2, as well as a tag of [Moron, certified by RealGunners].

Seriously, a proper bowl of pork noodles should come with the noodles, pork balls, minced pork and shreds of pork meat. The only pork innards that you should have in a proper bowl of pork noodles is a piece or two of the liver, and MAYBEEE a piece or two of the intestines. Anything else, please go look for Penang kuay teow th’ng and f**king leave the pork noodles alone!

The only grief I have with the pork noodles they serve here is that they put taugeh (bean sprouts) in it instead of green vegetables. Otherwise the soup is still pretty decent.

By the way, if you ever come looking for this shop, take note that there’s two shops in that area has the same Chinese name 高渊利and offers the same menu. The only difference is their English name, one is called Lye Lee and another is called Ju Lie. I don’t know why there are 2 shops of the same Chinese names, I heard a story from colleagues that the owners were originally from the same shop but got into a fight, so they split up and open different shops to kill each other off. I think its probably just a story, and a rather sensational and stupid one. I mean, this kind of childish act, adults won’t do it, right? It only happens in those cheesy comedy movies, right??

Anyway, you’d want LYE LEE. You DO NOT want JU LIE.


Ju Lie’s pork noodles is a big big cock up, I went there once, and the owner (or at least I think he’s the owner, he just sits there and chats up the customers) claimed that their pork noodles are superior because instead of using pork, they use anchovies and prawns to make their soup base. What a load of bollocks! Only a Boss level moron of the highest order can spew such crap! It is the same as saying [We serve the best fish and chips in the world, because we use beef instead of fish!], or [We make the best tiramisu in the world, because we use strawberries instead of coffee when making it!]. It doesn’t work that way! Maybe this was the reason why the Lye Lee owner split up and opened his own shop, in which case, nice move, mate, you made the right decision!

[On a side note, I received an email asking me what does the word Halal mean? The easiest way to say it would probably be: okay for Muslims (Moslems if you’re from the US) to consume. Halal is to Muslims, I suppose, what Kosher is to Jews.]


  1. Youm! Yummmmmm!!!! I like!!! Drooling plus-plus!!! I love Penang’s kway teow th’ng also. Gotta make a visit soon, miss all these hawker delights.

  2. I love pork noodles.. Chue yok fun kan? I love all their chue yau char, intestines and liver.. I always order two bowls.. One noodle, and another just the ‘liew’ (and soup).. Slurp*

    • Why do you all love the innards with zhu yoke fun? *Sweats* I love it with just the meats, liver and intestines just a tiny piece or two will do.

  3. Here in KL, the pork noodles here have liver, kidney, intestines in them too. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway I am not a fan of pork noodles (I never eat them) but my spouse is a fan.

    • Kidney? Noooo… Liver and intestines yes, but only a small piece or 2 each. Any more innards and the soup will be called zhu zhap 猪杂..

      • My spouse likes to go to a special pork noodle stall especially for the kidney. Of course give kidney to people who don’t like to eat it is just wasting kidneys. I think most people will tell the stall owner what they want to be included in their bowl of pork noodles. If zhu zhap, they have pig blood too. I don’t eat any blood kind of food.

        • Sighs.. don’t get me wrong, I do like a good bowl of innards soup myself (my mom says only old people likes that though, so if going by that analogy, I’m probably older than you). But, I’m kind of stubborn when it comes to the proper way of preparing food when it comes to buying it. The only fusion cooking that I allow is those by myself!
          There is a reason it is called zhu yoke fun 猪肉粉 as opposed to zhu zhap fun 猪杂粉 or zhu noi zong fun 猪内脏粉. It’s about the meat parts. The innards have no business being the dominating part of a bowl of pork noodles.

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