Lazy Man’s Brunch: Steamed Fish Fillet

After 6 days of oats and spinach diet, I figured it is probably a good idea to slowly have some non-plant based food inside my tummy to get things going again. Better start things off with fish.

Let me tell you one of the persistent traits of a lazy man: he dislikes any foodstuff that requires extensive effort to consume. It is not to say he will never eat them, but when he is grocery shopping for himself, he actively avoids crabs and prawns. When he buys chicken, he only goes for chicken breast fillets. When he buys shrimps, he only goes for the more expensive isi udang (de-shelled shrimps). And when he buys fish, he only goes for those frozen boneless fish fillets, like dory or sutchi.

People say only fresh fish can be steamed if you want good tasting fish. Fish fillets are only good to be grilled or deep fried. For lazy man, he will just show his middle finger to the person who tries to tell him that.

So this is what I did for today’s brunch, I did not refer to any videos or recipes. But then, steamed fish is like so common, the recipes should all be more or less the same, no?


  • 2x frozen fish fillets
  • big bunch of spinach
  • some enoki mushrooms
  • a few cherry tomatoes
  • half a lemon
  • salt, pepper, parsley, mint, basil, clove and olive oil (leave those leafy herbs sh*t for Jamie Oliver and his not-so-simple simple recipes)


  1. Soak the fish fillets in big pot of water to defrost. Use warm water to speed things up. DO NOT use boiling water, the fish will be cooked before you do anything.
  2. While waiting, wash and cut up spinach and enoki. Spinach generally comes with a lot of dirt in them, so wash much more thoroughly.
  3. Lay the spinach and enoki on a big metal plate.
  4. Marinate fish with salt and pepper. Lay them on top of the spinach and enoki.
  5. Wash and cut up cherry tomatoes. Lay them on top of the fish.
  6. Squeeze half a lemon and let the juice flow all over the fish.
  7. Drizzle the whole mess with olive oil.
  8. Prepare the pot with water and the steaming stand.
  9. Put the plate of fish onto the stand and cover the lid.
  10. Bring the pot of water to boil, and let the fish sit in the pot for 10 minutes. This is if you put the fish in at the start, if you prefer to get the water to boil first before putting the fish in, then 5 minutes will do, I suppose. I don’t know, I’ve never tried it that way. Don’t like putting a plate with my hands on top of a steaming hot pot, my clumsy hands means high risk of the plate going to the floor instead.
  11. Done. Eat.
Steamed fish fillet
The ingredients
Steamed fish fillet
Pot of water and the steaming stand
Steamed fish fillet
I realized my pot is too shallow and the lid cannot close, so I used my big mixing bowl as a makeshift lid instead.
Steamed fish fillet
Finished product

I always have 2 fish fillets instead of 1, because I don’t have any rice with it, 1 fish fillet will simply not be enough to make me full. It is only enough to sip la (fill the gaps), so to speak.



  1. Lol …now I know why you said I’m another lazy man in my post as I’m too lazy to eat the fish head meat. And , you also cooked something lazy…Haa…. it looks great ! Healthy too ! Btw, I just had steamed cod fish today.

    • Wonderful! I love cod fish too, but the good cuts are too expensive for me to have on a regular basis.

  2. Not bad wor! Got decoration some more on top with tomato cherries.. I prefer to eat them steamed and cooked.. eating them raw tastes funny… Beneath the fish are the greens? Very innovative.. never thought of that.. yat wok sok.. (one dish cook) everything also got.. next time perhaps you try putting beancurd underneath..also very nice one.. 🙂 Thumbs up!

    • Innovative but bad move. I learned that spinach is a bad choice for this method, it makes the plate become overflowing with water, better use ladies finger or broccoli 😉

  3. Very cool, your cooking style! And I like how you improvised using the mixing bowl as the cover. Are you attempting to lose weight? (sorry for asking as I am new to your blog). A low carb regime plus some form of exercise is very effective. But hard to follow 🙁

    • I am always attempting to lose weight, since few years ago LOL. But these 2 meals are just because I have been on an enforced meatless diet for a week, trying to break it in slowly. What happen to your brother?

      • My brother need to lose weight. Has some health issues ie high blood pressure. He lacks motivations I think. Has been doing morning walks on and off. Also work stress gets in the way. He eats junk food and high carbs in spite of knowing that it is fattening. I love him to bits and I try not to be a nagging sister 🙂

        • I feel him, I am more or less the same I guess, I try to eat healthy and cook healthy and go for jogs twice a day, but I hardly can lose weight. I blame it on the Saturday nights McD/mamak sessions when watching football, and the occasional tea time snacks in the office. And the worst is business trips, every 2 week trips is a guaranteed 3-5kg weight increase 🙁

  4. Frozen dory? I used to buy frozen dory too lastime, out of convenience but not buying it anymore now.. Ooohh, I just like the baking tray with foil, then chuck the dory in, put a dollop of butter, sliced lemons, salt & pepper, and bake! Haha..

  5. Different from the Chinese or Teochew style. I’ve one steamed fish coming up…but it is in the schedule – will probably get to see it a week from now. Hehehehehehe!!!

    • LOL! I will definitely watch it! But still undecided, either streaming from home with some biscuits, or watching in McD with Oreo McFlurry 😉

    • Yeah, actually yesterday I took leave to let my leg’s muscle heal from some minor bruise. Today is 99% pain free, just trying to shake off the last bit of pain and re-adjust from the awkward ‘kat har kat har’ walking posture 😀

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