Lazy Man’s Breakfast – Bacon and Egg Sandwich

Most of the time, the best things in life are the simple things. A bacon and egg sandwich is one such thing.

In my opinion, a good and proper bacon sandwich can only happen at home. Only by making my own sandwich can I go hard on the bacon. Many a times, when I eat out and order something something with bacon, I get frustrated and disappointed and worst of all, unsatisfied with my meal and end up getting all prissy and prickly for the rest of the day. I mean, if you go to Subway and order a BLT, you will get a sandwich with a tiny half piece of bacon strip, and lots of lettuce and lots of tomato slices. If you go to a burger joint and order a bacon cheeseburger, you get the same tiny half piece of bacon strip on a normal cheeseburger. That tiny half piece is like a tease, it’s gone before you can actually savor the bacon experience!

So, today, I made my own bacon and egg sandwich that will satisfy my craving.


  • 4 x bacon strips
  • 1 x egg
  • 2 slices of bread

In my opinion, a perfect bacon and egg sandwich should only be made up of these 3 ingredients. F**k the lettuce, the cucumber, the tomatoes, or basically anything else. The veges have no place in a perfect bacon sandwich. Their existence only serves as pollutants.

I remember as a child, my mom used to make us ham sandwich. You know, with those cooked ham slices in packs. It would be a slice of bread at the bottom, a slice of ham, 100 slices of tomatoes, and unlimited amount of lettuce (that’s what my memory tells me anyway), and then another slice of bread on top. She thinks us kids love the ham, so to cheat us into eating healthy greens, she would mix those greens with the ham to entreat us into eating. Actually she does that on a lot of the food she cooks. Like she knows I love her peanuts and lotus root soup 花生莲藕汤, but I absolutely loathes those black fungus/white fungus thing, so she starts adding those fungus whenever she makes my favorite soup.

Nowadays, I am less enthusiastic about that soup, and she is perplexed. She sometimes ask: “I thought you like this soup. Why don’t you drink more like you used to?” I would smile and claim that I am already full, but what I really wanted to say was actually: “Mom, it doesn’t work that way! The only outcome of this cheating is that you will spoil the taste of things that I love! It won’t make the things that I hate look more appetizing!”

Back to the ham sandwich. I remember my way of eating them was to pick out the lettuce and tomatoes first. Then eat those lettuce and tomatoes first, so that I can have a “clean” ham sandwich last. Save the good stuff for last, eh?

Sometimes (I mean most of the time) this doesn’t work. When I was busy forcing those veges down my throat with milk, my mom would notice my sandwich has become devoid of the veges. She could remember everything, but she would never remember that she had already put veges onto my sandwich. She would always claim that she forgot to put veges on my sandwich and went back to the kitchen to prepare more. I would then rush to the kitchen to show her my mouth and prove to her that she already gave me veges. Then when I get back to my sandwich, the ham would be gone because my big brother has stolen it while I was away. He would claim that “I thought you didn’t want the ham, since you only eat the veges alone!”, and then I would end up crying because I could not have any ham. This happens almost every time. You gotta guard your sandwich from the evil clutches of the big brother!

Yeah, my childhood was pretty traumatizing, wasn’t it 🙁 ? Anyway, let’s get back to the point, sorry I got carried away 🙂 .


Bacon and Egg Sandwich
1. Cut bacon strips into halves and place them onto unheated pan. Fry them on medium heat until the oil releases, then turn to high heat to slightly char the bacon.

You don’t want to preheat the pan. Cold pan will allow the bacon to cook slowly and release all those wonderful bacon oil before the bacon sticks to the pan.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich
2. Remove done bacon strips, then crack an egg into the same pan with all those lovely bacon oil. Fry on medium heat.

You can do scrambled if you want, or take more care with not breaking the yolk, but I personally am not bothered with the looks. They will end up in my tummy anyway.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich
3. Remove done egg, and then dip a slice of bread onto the little remaining bacon oil. This will be the bottom bread.

No need for butter, the bacon oil is a good enough condiment 😀 . I don’t toast my bread for this sandwich, I want my bread soft to contrast the crispy and crunchy bacon.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich
4. Assemble the sandwich. Bread, egg, bacon strips, bread.
Bacon and Egg Sandwich

This must be such a shock for you guys who have so far seen my healthier cooking. The thing is, I enjoy eating healthy. I also enjoy sinfully decadent food. My motto is, these two are mutually exclusive. They cannot co-exist. If you want to eat healthy, cook a healthy recipe. Bake or steam stuff with veges. Make soup. If you want to enjoy a bacon sandwich, then you bloody make a proper one and screw the healthy stuff.

I mean, you can always prepare a salad or some fruits on the side, which is what I did for this breakfast. I had an apple before making this sandwich. I did. I really did!


    • The same pan also used to some healthier food. It’s not all bad. I just feel that delicious food and healthy food are mutually exclusive. I go either way, when I wan delicious I cook delicious, and when I want healthy I cook healthy, but I never go for delicious healthy cooking, for me that term is an oxymoron.

  1. haha, why always say “lazy”?? you are indeed very “industrious” lah.. given me, i am not even bothered about cooking, just walk out to tabao (even if i am already bored with what’s selling outside my house)..

    egg and bacon sandwich woh, so delicious leh, somemore very loaded also!! see, you have got 5 pieces of bacon to go with it leh!! hmmm, if you have added in some greens, then will be super perfect already.. 🙂

    • For me, if add some greens in it, it will be polluted. No greens is perfect. The greens come on the side as a salad 😉

  2. Homemade ones of course nicer la….can put as many strips of bacon as we like….and can fry till crispy if you like it that way…..

    alamak…..looks like tomorrow gotta make this for brekky

  3. Hou meang la you, eat bacon+egg for breakfast.. Me not as hardworking as you.. Weekdays I just drink Milo when I reach my office.. Sometimes if I have mood will tapau from cafe before going up the office.. Weekends pulak I boil porridge and make noodles for the kids.. For myself, I just eat their leftovers.. This time no kam ngam wor, hehe..

    • I think you are more hardworking than me, just that your hard work is for the kids. Ya sei hao mommy 😉 . If I just drink Milo for breakfast, I will faint before lunch time :/ .

  4. Ah, so cham. How can your big brother steal your precious ham? Yes, I think you must be traumatized by that incident.

    Bacon can only be pork bacon. Chicken bacon and beef bacon just don’t cut it according to my spouse so subway is out, dome is out, all places that do not serve pork are out but I see you can still accept beef bacon in subway sandwiches. 🙂

    • It wasn’t that incident, it was one of many many incidents. But I guess that’s the beauty of having siblings, sometimes you play, sometimes (most times) you fight 😉 .
      Beef bacon? There’s such a thing? I always thought they only have turkey bacon in Malaysia’s Subway. There are pork bacon in Subway US though. Subway there is like the zhap farn here, default lunch spot.

      • Turkey bacon? This is news to me. I know the default bacon in “no pork served places” are beef bacon.

        Oops! Pardon me, I must remember that you have been to USA many times so the places you referred to in your post could be places in the States so of course they serve pork bacon. McD there should have pork bacon too.

        • Next time, you can ask if you go to Subway. Turkey bacon is white rather than red, so you can identify it 😉 .
          Surprisingly, the McD in the US is not as porky as I would have liked. They only have those bacon cheeseburger options. Same goes to Carl’s Jr. Not like Thailand or China where you get pork patty burger.

  5. Yup, fully agree with you. You want bacon, buy and fry it yourself. And that is a good bacon sandwich though I would add some lettuce and tomatoes. And I love that bacon fat and I use it in my salad dressings.

    • No! You have not been reading! No lettuce and tomatoes on the sandwich! Do them as a side salad or something! 😛

      • I did read lah. I’m talking about my sandwich if I made this (for lunch or dinner). But you are right, I missed the part that says “breakfast” hah..hah…OK, I can’t face lettuce and tomatoes in the morning 🙂

        • I can face lettuce and tomatoes anytime. I just can’t face them together with my bacon sandwich. They need to be on the side rather than in the sandwich 😀

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